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But i love it better loving yo yo yo. What s good everybody thank you so much for coming over this is another episode of snapchat 101. With your main man emilio. And hey.


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Snap tag on a brand new update. And this update is about stickers that you can create yourself say what i m talking about you want kanye han floating around you can do it you want a hand that snapping somebody across the face you can do it you do a little you know saying all the little signs do the superman you can do that all by creating your own stickers. I m about to show you that right after this intro. So so so let s get started so what i m gonna do is i m gonna show you on this wall.

I m gonna take a picture of my hand all right i like to use this white wall cuz. It s really good background. So if you re creating um your own stickers you re gonna want to take pictures of something that s in front of a background that you can cut out okay you know what forget the hand. I m gonna do my head right now cuz that s gonna be real funny all right let me get let me clear all this out the way good my bearden alright and i m gonna be like let s get real crazy alright alright.

Okay so what you want to do is if you see the display right now. I m gonna get on this tool. It s gonna be right here. Can you see those scissors.


Right there. Oh yes so those scissors. Let me take that down not as you know where the scissors are you click the scissor tool. It darkens out the whole screen and all you got to do is outline what you want to be what you want to be cut off or created into a sticker.

So i did that says let go oh no they did it. Oh my gosh. So you can go into the sticker. Tool.

And you can actually create have your own sticker. So i can just have a whole bunch of my heads floating around my head like was good with y all. Oh. Man.

I am in love with this cuz. I won t be doing like some crazy stuff. This is this is getting a little gonna look crazy right now. But if you can see this is that simple you want to create a sticker you simply take an object you cut it out you create the sticker and now you got a bunch of stickers up you know whatever.


It is you want to make you know i ll take a. Yeah. Let s go ahead and abandon that let s go back in here. I m pushing buttons all crazy light so let s go out of here.

Let s abandon that i m back with you i am hitting all the wrong buttons right now okay okay we re back. I m gonna take this car. Right here. See if i can go ahead and cut that out let s do it right here take that picture to show you all this one more time hit that scissor and you don t have to color in the whole object you see how the center of it is still not colored.

I don t have to color that in it connects now all of a sudden i got the sticker. And it s gonna cut out whatever it needs to cut out well as soon as it wants to okay bam. And there we are i gotta cut out and you know if you you see how it cuts. Some of the shadow cut some of my fingers.

You want it to be in a great place. So that you can use the sticker. So use something that s going to be on a light background. You want to be on a light colored background that s obvious and you don t want to be any kind of other shadows and directions.


So just get direct light on it cut them out create your own stickers. Let me know what you guys are doing with them. What you make a stickers from i saw somebody have a budget kanye west heads all over them. And some quote like something about the ego you know saying.

It s big like this i wish kanye. You know i want somebody to love me like kanye love kanye. You know saying so again. Let me see those stickers send me them snaps.

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“SNAPCHAT HACKS: SNAPCHAT SCISSORS TOOL FOR CUSTOM STICKERS: SNAPCHAT 101. Once again Snapchat has created an awesome new update involving new custom sticker cut outs that can be created by you. Simply take a picture of something, cut it out and voila. You have you very own custom sticker. If you haven t heard about this new custom sticker cut out for Snapchat yet then you have no idea what I m talking about so you should definitely watch the video to learn about the Snapchat Sticker update and how to create you own custom stickers using the scissor tool. i would love to see you make your own stickers so add me on Snapchat. My snapcode is in the video as well as the link down in the description. Make your own sticker today. Custom stickers are the newest social media update. Stay up to date with my channel where I show you how to use Snapchat like a pro.n DON T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT u0026 SHARE n ADD ME BELOW u0026 CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE nnSNAPCHAT:n EMilio Mils”,


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