Snapchat s NEW Design & Dark Mode!

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“Snapchat has had many redesigns over the past few years and it all started off off a few years ago about 2016 to 2017 when they completely overhauled the app. Not many people liked it so since then people have grown to the new design and snapchats user base has continued to fluctuate from end of 2017 to last year. The designers were finding it more to make it more intuitive and easier to use for new users. So now we stuck on a kind of design.

That s been here for a while and it s changing its game. So it s been out for a while in beta testing on android. And for some irs uses as well. But this new design features an all white look with new font and different icons as well.

So. It s more simple. It s more simplistic as well it has white and yellow as the main two focuses. It also has a black text for all the fonts now as well there s no color headings as you could see in the chat tab and the stories tab and everything has a mobile find very similar design earlier this year.

And the end of last year..

Snapchat redesigned the profile page. Where you would see your snap code your bitmoji. Your friends. And things.

Like that. And this had an all white design as well not many people liked it but however. This whole new white design has been done on purpose get them ready for something coming later this year or in a few weeks time so they re all new white design features larger bolder fonts as well for all the titles. Most of it looks very similar to as it was before however they re a kind of more consistent design languages across the application now you can see that the search bar is on all three tabs.

So we go to the camera tab. We see the search bar. We swipe across to the chat tab. We also see the search bar and that s there and it s in the same position as well and the search bar you can basically find your friends.

As you could before oh..

It s more with fried design. And it s not got any more color in it either the only color. That s available is when you swipe down to refresh the chats list or the stories list and that will go yellow. That won t change to different colors either so previously it would go from yellow to blue to pink and then go back to yellow.

But now it s just stuck on up plain gradient yellow and it s more clean. I believe as well many uses are quite unhappy about this new design. Which is by the way running out this week. Too many users.

Although some people have had it for ages. It s now coming out to a wider group of people and many people aren t very unhappy about it because they re like snapchat. Why have you removed all the color out of your office. But it doesn t boring now and actually it s all because they re planning to release a dark mode for snapchat in the near future in june apple announced ios 13 android 10 was announced a few months before that they ve both been released.

Now and they have a system wide dark mode..

And many apps such as instagram and many other developers in the us will have updated their applications to support dark mode. So instagram did only a few weeks ago. But we re still waiting on what s up and snapchat. However it s really key to see that because snapchat has made the whole app white.

It s gonna be much easier for them to develop it into a dark theme as well so making it all white is much easier than just having the full color design with all the fonts or the colors or the different user interface elements. It s now all much refined cleaner and much easier to program. So it will all be white. However in a few weeks time we can expect it to all be dark gray or black.

We will be seeing a dark night soon and that is why snapchat have well rolled out this new white theme to the application as well he uses up were unhappy. But there is a reason behind snapchats doing and i think it s clever as well and it i do like the design. It s much nicer and more modern as well so i only just got the design a few days ago. However.

It is still rolling out right now and if you update your snatch application..

Even if you won the beta on apple s ios you can do this in tests right in google you can do this on the google play store you can also do this if you have the stable application that s what use from the app store. So you should be able to notice it you will notice it as soon as it comes out you will notice is less coloring. Yeah. Oh i don t have this don t worry.

It will be coming up soon. And if you have already had it then nothing s changed for you you just got put into the testing. A little bit earlier than everyone else let s hope. The snapchat dog mode is coming soon and that s all you need to know about the new user interface ” .


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“Snapchat s NEW Design u0026 Dark Mode! Snapchat is rolling out a new-white design with less colours and a more modern user interface. We ll be discussing it, alongside the Dark Mode that is in development (concepts in this video). What do you think about this UI?nnSOCIAL MEDIAn Instagram: Snapchat: SUBSCRIBE: n EMAIL: hellobenw@gmail.comnn This video is NOT sponsored, nor paid-for or a promotion.nn#Benzz #TechTips”,

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