Step 15 Text from true type fonts, also shows how to add holes @ 3:00

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“Video is going to be about text so embroider. Where has the ability to insert insert text that is based on fonts in your computer. We have three options for text to turn into as drawn quad stitches. A satin and a fill basically.

Text is just like drawing graphics with lines and curves. But instead of you having to draw it we use the text to generate those lines and curves. So if we choose okay for this you ll notice that we have text that is a bunch of lines and curves. So if i turn add stitches to lines off you will see the base graphic.

Which essentially is points in the case of the t. It s just these points one two three four five six seven eight. But for the e. It increments around the e based on the resolution.

You set..

So we change the resolution in the text. We end up getting coarser letters and if we do. 5. Let s say you ll see that now the e is coarser than it was before and that s because the computer program estimates the curve by a segment of lines.

So essentially the graphic. That is here is all lines. There aren t any curves per se. So how you approximate curves is you can set that resolution different now you can just modify.

This letter or test. Because it is just like a regular old graphic in this case. It s five graphics. There s they re all grouped right now so if i ungroup them you ll see that they re all separate and they can be moved around in cetera.

So other things that you can do with the text to select the different text..

You press font and you choose a different text. So in this case. It s going to be a script type shape of text. My resolution still is pretty high or pretty coarse.

So i might want to use something a little more little better than that like one is usually what s it set to and you notice that in this graphic. There are a lot of points in some of the sections that might cause problems you notice that in this case. This text is sort of like script. And it kind of overlays itself in order for it to be a script.

So if we want to actually combine these for a fill. We can do that i ll just talk about that briefly here. I ll have another video about combining things. But right now i m going to ungroup this and i m going to add some holes and add some graphics together.

So basically the way the add in holes and add graphics..

Together. Work is you have to choose a base object. And then everything is added or subtracted from that base object so in this case. It s going to be the e.

So we re going to do an ad graphic. Which will add the e to the s. And then we ll add to eat the the t to the e and now we have a complete graphic and now we re going to take the whole of the center of the e out so we re going to add a whole will choose the base graphic. And then we ll add the whole now.

This doesn t look very much right now because we are actually in it s actually set to quad and you notice that the only thing that stitching out is oh there s another hole here okay so we ll choose both graphics and we ll add that hole for the s also to thee so add the hole to the e so now you notice. It s not a graphic that we can really use for stitching anymore. We can use it for fills because we created a one object and so if we choose fill you can see that that object now is completely full as if it were one object and so that s how you would kind of combines script text to make it look like you want you ll notice that since some of the letters go over each other you can adjust some of the points individually for each of the objects to get them kind of inside each other it s not entirely important sometimes it creates a strange fill because you have some strange discontinuities with the graphics that are undesirable so we just kind of make it consistent here you notice. But i take this out here.

You know that s just going to do that so that s how do you add objects together..

I have a different video about that specifically so we have that option so if we want to make it satin. We can just choose satin and automatically turn into a satin now it does some weird strange things because this graphic has a lot of points in these corners. That do some undesirable effects and i m not sure that this is the best candidate for satin. We can probably make the satin with smaller and get more of the desired effect.

Again you have to play with this because this basically is just the graphics are turned into lines and so it would just be like any other lines. You would draw to create some effects and then of course. The the you can and again. It s they re all graphics.

Anyway so they can always change it back and forth to various other things so we can choose with a single and then we have a single stitch. Now we probably would want to separate these graphics. Join them together do a bunch of operations in order to make that cursive if we re going to do like a red line effect. ” .


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