Teachers Reveal Most Disturbing Confiscated Items (r/AskReddit Top Posts Reddit Stories)

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“What s the most disturbing thing you ve confiscated off a student. One of my my favorite stories so a girl was getting searched for drew gus. I was the my male vp was going through her purse. Taking things out she had a deal down except that first he didn t realize.

He s holding it opening the back of it and looking into the battery compartment when suddenly he realizes what he is holding wish. I had a camera a student came running to me during a break once and wanted to drag me to a class to show me something i went along and once there he directed me to a student s desk. There was an open notebook lying on the desk. Detailing my full name birth date.

Address license plate and other insane stuff. We immediately took her to the office. After she returned police was called they confiscated her phone she had her entire album titled teachers or professors. Don t remember and quite literally every single teacher she had had was in there.

I was in four pictures. Some of which she took secretly in class. The others were old ass pics from mild facebook was a bit creeped out to be. Honest we found 15000.

In cash in the book back of a second grader. When i was a teacher turns out he was the runner for the neighborhood gangs. He was seven what s the protocol for that kind of thing. What happened to the money turned.

It over to the police there s a pretty strong gang task force in that city. So i m sure they worked it out somehow kid was back the next day. I don t think he had any idea what he was even doing when i was in high school. One of the percussionists in the lowest level banned class was suspended for a couple days.

After a dead squirrel was confiscated from his bookbag. He evidently was planning on putting it in the banned teacher s desk. My band teacher thought it was funny. But was otherwise generally unfazed by the news a cannonball.

It was in their locker. I guess. It s not really disturbing. But it is odd i once took a note two girls were passing back and forth they were talking about telling the principal.

I graped them because they didn t like being in study hall as i didn t allow them to talk in study hall that s horrible please tell me you reported them yep another teacher took the note and girls to the office and they were both suspended. My mom was a teacher and she had to take a lighter away from a student. After he lit his test on fire. I remember there was a report of a student having a gum in his backpack and he reached for it but the teacher broke the kid s hand with one of the textbooks before he could get to it once defended a kid who brought a gun to school the kid next to him saw it in his bag.

Told his friend and one of them jumped on top of him. While the other grabbed the bag and ran out of the room teacher started yelling at them for horseplay in class until. He figured out what was really going on turned out that the kid wasn t planning. Any trouble just had an unstable living situation.


Semi homeless. And didn t know what else to do with his stuff. Other than carry it with him still caused an ungodly amount of trouble human finger. She insisted.

She d found it by the ravine and just thought. It was cool so kept it until she decided what to do with it. But that means she died a found a lone finger or she was leaving out a part of this story. My two female classmates had a nice idea to bring matches and rubbing alcohol to school in eighth grade.

They had a plan to lure a bully girl to a secluded area outside the school pour bottles of rubbing alcohol on her from a tree and light her on fire the only reason they got caught is because instead of leaving their backpacks in their classroom. For an assembly. They brought them to the assembly room and some kid tried going through them to steal from them they didn t admit when caught. But like 2 3.

Years later edit because of the reply. This was 2002 barely after columbine they only got a four day suspension n08. I heard one was a meth addict. The other unknown.

The girl who was gonna be lit was still a bully to everyone after i m not a teacher. But i was in a class once and a teacher went to take a phone away from a student. When he heard it vibrating when he walked over to her. He said hand it over she was so embarrassed because she wasn t using her phone her vibrator just started going off a few kids laughed bit.

The teacher was the most embarrassed alongside the girl. Two huge hunting knives. From a first grader. Blades were six inches long and one was locked open.

He had taken them from his dad s hunting gear. And was showing them off in the boys bathroom. His mom had passed when he was four and his dad was doing the best he could to raise and provide for three kids. That s kind of sad.

Honestly he just wanted to show off an interest and he was young so that interest happened to be are allowed. And he didn t know adjudicated youth first dropped a bag of pot out of his pants. This was 20 years ago. It was his last chance after a string of several incidents.

None of which included drew gus. I never turned him in he graduated the program. He s married with children and has a great job good on you the guy probably thinks about it time and time. What you ve done for him.

Maybe reach out with that said. I despise overzealous teachers. Or whoever had authority who would ruin someone s life. Though the petty stuff like a bag of weed up how mundane your life must be to ruin someone for a small thrill.


I was with a vp as we searched a girl s. Bag and we found a burner. Phone 3000. Cash and her black book of clarke s she was 18.

So not much we can do but manet made sheet real. When you consider she had a book with about 20 mins names in it and what they liked second weirdest was the kid who brought three fish. He had caught that morning. He just wanted to heal them liked it and catch them for food.

But just to hill them student had brought a puzzle to school. But the pieces didn t match turned out it was a single piece from all the puzzles. We kept at school making every single one of them unsolvable obligatory not a teacher. But i was in art class.

When my teacher told a student to throw a note. She was passing around away. The note was a super graphic love letter sent by this girl s boyfriend detailing how he duck her asshole and a bunch of bondage type sheet. The weirdest part was this girl didn t have any friends in that class.

She just stood up and passed it around to the popular kids like she was proud of it this girl was pretty out there. So our teacher. Didn t even have a reaction to it at that point i worked as a percussion instructor think an assistant marching band director but just for the drummer s for several years there was one student who was a kind of tertiary friend he had a circle of friends. But he was on the outer edge of that circle a bit of a loner quiet and sensitive really nice a bit of a clown.

Intelligent and insightful but without direction or drive at the end of the marching season. It came time to turn in all the music binders. I was going through and making sure all the music that had been handed out had been turned back in and i found a handwritten suicide note that had gotten left in the binder that was about six years ago and he s fine. But it was the single biggest adversity i ever had to overcome in my time in the field of education not my story.

But my psychology teacher used to work with underprivileged kids one student may be 6 8. Years old really enjoyed his class and gave him a jar as a gift. What s in the jar. Jelly gem.

No the teacher noticed cuts all over the boy s arms and slowly puts the jar down. It was full of old new blood completely filled. He figures that the kid saw it as a part of him and probably saw it as something very symbolic and meaningful. He says.

He was told when he started to never look up the kids he worked with because very few times is it a happy ending. The teachers a great person. I imagine he just got a counselor and had an ambulance check. The kid out and disposed of the jar.

The kid s mother was also a drug addict. Kindergarten teacher found a needle in a boy s lunch box turns out it was a used hero with needle that parents packed by accident. The boy now lives with his grandparents. The mother came enough to lose in custody and screamed at me for ruining her life and stealing her child.


I calmly called school security and she was escorted off campus. Very bright boys now in second grade and his grandparents are an absolute delight he is now in very loving hands edit small grammatical errors even teachers make grammar mistakes you twats law not a teacher a class picture fell out of a girl s desk who was in our class this was when i was in grade 8. So 2003. It said on the back of the picture people i want to hill all the popular people were circled on it and for some reason.

I was too i was shocked she thought. I was popular felt pretty cool for the first time to be included with those kids all and all a good day. Oh we turned it in to the teacher. They didn t do anything about it not a teacher.

But when i was in fifth grade our teacher tripped over a kids backpack. She was like wow they are having their bricks and he really did have bricks in there my crazy mom thought it would be cool to give me a coconut and a knife for lunch one day. I got in trouble for having a knife second grade. I was just hungry.

She thought it would be a cool thing to bring to school you don t wanna know half. And i explained to middle schoolers. That having news of each other on their phones and passing them around constituted child pornography. And that they could be charged had this happen at a neighboring school hundreds of high schoolers were involved at first they tried to confiscate phones.

They knew had on one kid even broke his phone completely to avoid trouble team player. But eventually they gave up and made a big announcement that they didn t want to charge a bunch of high schoolers with child pornography. Because it wasn t intended for those kinds of incidents. I remember when i was in middle school.

A fellow eighth graders. Dad was a tattoo artist somehow this kid had managed to bring his dad s tattoo equipment to school and it was confiscated when he tried to tattoo another kid whilst. His friends held this kid down petie sure. It was going to be a force tutu.

But a teacher was walking by and heard the screams and stopped it had to take about a dozen condoms from a third grader. Once. He was getting them from the older kids after school and playing with them. He had no idea how to use them.

But he sure liked blowing them up like balloons. I accidentally brought my camping bag to school. With me once it was the day after a one week camping trip and my camping pack looked very similar to my school pack. I had two leather remotes.

A pocketknife multiple fire stutters small game traps box of ammo. I realized after i got to study hall. First thing in the morning that bag was not opened or even left my back till. I got her not me personally.

But at my school. We had a sixth grader get busted smoking pot in the bathroom. So he was suspended on the day. He came back.


He had to report to the office and they told him they were going to check his bag. He immediately anything you find doesn t belong to me. They found something like a pound of weed out in his backpack turns out that was one of the local drug dealers and was trying to get his son to find him some new customers among the other sixth graders last. I heard the dad had been arrested and the kid was being placed into foster care.

Hopefully. He ended up with someone who would raise him better edit couple people have commented about the amount. I didn t see it myself just going off. What the security guy.

I balled. It as it was also described as a stupidly large amount. We once had a middle school kids bring a turtle to school a teacher heard kids talking about it in the hallway. She alerted me and sure enough in his locker.

We found a red eared slider in a gym bag. I kept the turtle in my office and he took it home at the end of the day back in high school. This girl brought a needle to school and was walking around the halls poking people with it it was confiscated. Obviously they were able to determine that it had not been used by her to inject herself or anyone else with anything they did have to go around and find everyone that had been poked though to make sure no one had any diseases in high school.

Some guy wrote out a whole plan on how he was going to heal me and taped it to my locker. He actually did try to enact his plan. But i was practically a foot taller than him and overpowered him then i reported him to the principal who called the police. The guy was expelled promptly once there was a girl in my class who was writing into her diary during lesson so.

The teacher took it off him turns out it was a hit list of all the people she wanted dead along with a motive for each person. I was honored to for some reason she also wrote down contacts for hitmen who she wanted to hire to harass. I m pretty sure she got mental health help afterwards colleague confiscated a porsche from an under agent licensed kid call. The parents who told the kid in language of origin to ignore colleague and just drive it home anyway illegally parent gave no docs eventually they had to come down and collect the car because there was no way colleague was handing the keys back to the kid.

There s a reason. I call her mouth. This story pretty much captures it beautifully entitled little duckers. I teach esl in korea for elementary and middle schoolers.

At an anime cram school first class of the day. I have gung ho. This second grader that just struggles with everything from learning to proper school behavior. None of the other kids like him we go at it a little bit sometimes usually because he tries to feed answers to other kids.

But he s backing a little point zero zero zero average. If anyone in that class is getting a timeout. It s him during the parkland school shooting. Aftermath gung ho comes in suspiciously with something behind his back.

And i asked him what he has little dude whips out a switchblade and stabs me in the leg. Before i can react not a real knife spring laid it retractable dull. He s laughing his ass off that he got me good while the rest of the class is playing mobile games on their cracked iphone x s but goddamn i came to korea to escape that kind of stress my boss had a talk with his mom music you ” ..


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