The 10 hot consumer trends for 2017

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“Your automatic software update is complete ericsson consumer labs. 10 hot consumer trends version 2017 2017 is now available. The trends are primarily based on a survey of advanced internet in 14 cities. Globally let.

Me guide you through. What s new 35 of people want an ai advisor at work and one in four would like an ai like me as their manager..

But almost half are concerned that ai robots will soon make a lot of people lose their jobs consumers are increasingly using automated applications. Encouraging the adoption of the internet of things two in five believe smartphones will learn their habits and perform activities on their behalf automatically one in four pedestrians would feel safer crossing a street. If all cars were autonomous and 65 of them would prefer to have an autonomous car. Almost four out of five virtual reality users believe vr will be indistinguishable from reality in only three years half of respondents are already interested in gloves or shoes that allow you to interact with virtual objects as autonomous cars become reality three and ten foresee.

Needing sickness pills one in three also wants motion. Sickness pills..

For use with virtual and augmented reality technology. More than half already use emergency alarms. Tracking or notifications on their smartphones of those who say their smartphone makes them feel safer. Three and five say they take more risks because they rely on their phone.

So if you forget to charge. My batteries..

Even i won t be able to help you today people willingly turn their social networks into silos. More than one in four value their contacts opinions more than politicians viewpoints over half of people would like to use augmented reality glasses to illuminate dark surroundings and highlight dangers and more than one in three would also like to edit out disturbing elements around them 2 in 5 want to use only encrypted services. But people are dividing more than one out of three believes privacy. No longer exists would you like to get all of your products from the biggest five.

It companies that s what more than two out of five advanced internet users. Say they want of those three in for believe..

This will happen. Only five years from now all of these trends show a shift towards a world where the internet is embedded in our experience of reality your 10 hot consumer trends. 2017 overview is now complete your next update is due in one ” ..


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“Taking a look into the future, Ericsson ConsumerLab presents the sixth edition of its annual trend report.”,

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