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“To this week in gifts. My name is andrew busine. That is matt ufford. We we re talking about did you say hello to everybody that was nice we re about animated sports gifts and the best ones of the week matt chipper gif gif yeah you re seeing jiff your communist.

What s your pick. I ve got the the grizzlies a team that i ve fallen in love with eyeballs the grit the grind the missing layup after layup after layup. This is not one two or three this is seven consecutive missed layups did you ever want to watch junior girls basketball game bunch of five year olds trying to make a basket for the first time. Watch the grizzlies at moments.

Zach randolph would destroy a little girl s team sometimes sometimes assuming. He was not hibernating assuming. So can t hit again the winner can t do in the winter months..


No not at all all right this week. I have ian kinsler. He s trying real hard. Texas ranger.

It might be his first time slider. Oh. Yeah. Someone told him to destroy someone told.

Me do the headfirst slide. Really ya know and and then he just at the end seats going right through ya ya. Then alright..


We go to joan boyce. Now for his pic matt and dan as always thank you very much in my favorite gift this week. We pay very humble tribute to this anonymous hero on the cincinnati bearcats being carried around and fanned by his loyal subjects. I don t know his name.

I m going to actually call him the king of florence for now not the king of florence. Italy. Who in the 16th century was actually proclaimed to be jesus christ the actual jesus christ through story uh. This is the king of florence kentucky near the cincinnati campus.

Florence. Kentucky is a grand grand kingdom uh best known for its florence y. all water tower if you ve never seen it it s a big water tower visible from i 70 one that reads y all..


Because it used to read florence mall. And they changed it because they didn t have enough paint to paint over it and they had just enough paint to change the m2. An apostrophe it s a grand grand place. And he is their king all right thank you very much john i wanted to go with that one to college baseball s entertaining that one that video had a whole bunch against in origin.

Which did you like the best um. I think the best one was the jousting. I like the jesting. I also like the cot pig on like the big that was a big one exciting.

I enjoyed all that alright for more please do vote on sb nation. For your favorite gift in this weekend gifts. This week..


Special prize. Matt and what are they winning a new half hour sitcom. Block. And abc s fall lineup.

Oh. And it was just cancelled. Oh oh. We ll see you soon.

” ..

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Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford select this week s best animated sports GIFs before handing the floor over to the one and only Jon Bois.

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