Top 10 Times Celebrities Had To Apologize for Their Actions

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“That s just the what city it s just the worst thing because it hurt hurt so many people sorry seems to be the hardest word welcome to watchmojocom. And we re counting down our picks for the top 10. Memorable celebrity apologies actually someone s emotions. You know that i stepped on it was very it was just it was rude period for this list.

We re focusing on the most unforgettable and outlandish of public celebrity apologies. I love and apologies to everybody number 10. Johnny depp and amber heard australia is a wonderful island with the treasure trove of unique plants. Animals and people australia is a wonderful island well of course.

It is everybody knows that but in 2016. Johnny depp and amber heard found themselves legally responsible to remind the world of this fact trillions just as unique both warm and direct you disrespect australian law. They will tell you fun after a brazen attempt to bring their yorkshire terriers into the country. The couple felt the wrath of the country s agriculture minister.

Who threatened to put down the innocent. Pups pistol. And boo. This is no laughing matter on paper of course.

But as far as the bizarre video apology well you can almost see johnny and amber ready to burst out laughing well let s run. The rest of it through a snapchat filter. And see if it s better that way you disrespect the stream protecting australia. Is important number nine hugh grant let me start with question.

Number. One what the hell will you think. When a man cheats on his partner just laughing it off as a bad thing is not gonna work. But if you re a young british actor known for your charming ways and comedic banter well that s another story in 1995.

While dating. The equally beautiful and charming elizabeth hurley hugh grant dropped 60 bucks on a sunset strip hooker in his car well after he didn t drove around me for like to bowels right. He kept circling. He kept circling did you think that was funny you knew he was looking you over right thought he was a cop.

What s important however is his appearance on the tonight show where the actor owned up to his transgression with his typical brand of awkward charm. And just like that he was forgiven through the power of cheeky charm..

I think you know in life. Pretty much. What s a good thing to do and what s a bad thing. And i did a bad thing.

And there you have it number 8 chris brown. What i did was inexcusable. I m very sad and very ashamed of what i ve done today. It s all about personal branding for celebrities and in february of 2009.

Chris brown s image spiraled out of control after a physical assault on his girlfriend. Rihanna. There are a lot of women who ve experienced what i did but not in the public. So it made it really difficult as for the specifics well it was ugly and almost five months after the incident.

Chris released. A two minute clip. In which he wisely accepted responsibility apologized and even expressed a desire to be a role model. I intend to live my life so that i m truly worthy of the term role model.

Say what you will about chris brown. But in this case. He seemed to mean it only time will tell if he s truly changed his ways as i sit here today. I can tell you that i would do everything in my power to make sure that it never happens again.

And i promise that number 7. Jonah hill shortly. After appearing in martin scorsese s the wolf of wall street this comic actor turned oscar nominated performer found himself in the crosshairs of public opinion i personally vowed to never ever use that word ever again and i urge everyone to do the same while out. And about in la jonah hill.

Didn t find the humor in a paparazzo x. v use on his style and like a grade school bully. The actor fired back with grade school insults loaded with homophobic overtones real bully shortly thereafter hill offered up an emotional apology on the tonight show and though. It was a powerful moment.

Not all fans were ready to accept his plea for forgiveness. I know i m usually funny and stuff..

But this wasn t funny it was stupid and yeah. I deserve i m gonna get for it you know number six mel gibson. Any longer out on that road and i m you know crazy if we know one thing about mel gibson aside from the fact that he s a gifted director and charismatic actor. It s that in the past.

He liked a drink every once in a while whenever make him braveheart everyone said those ridiculous mel gibson planar scottish guy. That s not gonna be very convincing and look at him no an alcoholic racist. But when you drink heavily and choose to drive a motorized vehicle. Things happen were you drinking from the open bottle of tequila in the car.

I had a couple of slugs back in 2006. The malibu five o caught up with mad. Max and unfortunately. The celebrity had a few things to get off his chest expletive jews and to officer.

Me are you a jew and the jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Naturally. A public apology was in order and considering the rise of social media. He needed to go the extra mile.

I ve apologized more than anyone i know is that getting old mel covered a lot of ground in his apology. But the most important topic wasn t the drinking itself. But the words that emerged through a major tequila binge and forgiving. My friend his trespasses offering him the same clean slate.

You have me and allowing him to continue his great and ongoing contribution to our collect bart without shame. He s hugged the cactus long enough number five paula dean. We can t see you standing against that dark mold in a 2013 lawsuit. This southern born chef was accused of being a racist and when she lost several promotional deals.

Paula dean gave the most logical response. She could muster. I am not a racist inappropriate hurtful language is totally totally unacceptable in her first apology video dean s colorful appearance distracted from the message and she later went on further in her public statement. Even noting that she wouldn t actually fire herself for such behavior would i have fired me knowing me no she admitted to using the n word on occasion.

But for some reason couldn t see how this qualified as racism despite its obvious racially charged weight and ugliness if there s anyone out there that has never said something they wish they could take back if you re out there please pick up that stone and throw it so hard in my head. That it kills me number four kobe bryant laughs love him or hate him kobe bryant..

Understands the importance of modern media. The nba superstar attacked her from behind grabbed her by the neck and forced himself on her despite her repeated protests and after the infamous sexual assault. Case in 2003. He seemed more willing to play the villain than ever before especially after coming clean to the world and his wife on national tv.

It s an awkward apology for sure yet. Kobe doesn t smile his way through and try to glide around the main issue. However. Bryan later had to apologize publicly again this time for using slurs in the heat of battle.

And while the cameras were on you clearly see him drop double f. Bombs. A slur and the f word. Number.

Three michael richards. Hey. I gotta feed the birds those mini riches by 2006. Michael richards may not have been as relevant as he once was but did he not understand the concept of youtube being heckled during a stand up routine richard s attempted to out heckle the hecklers drifting in an unscripted racial tirade against the black audience members soon after jerry seinfeld invited richards to appear on the late show with david letterman.

But the studio audience didn t seem up to speed on the situation and laughed awkwardly throughout his satellite apology and did you i mean your audience laughing on it s it s i m not even sure that this is where i should be richards has attempted to make light of the incident in later years at his own expense. But his career has never quite rebounded from it i m not a racist that s what s so insane about this i don t and yet. It said it comes through it fires out of me number two janet jackson. See me as the had no knowledge of this whatsoever.

And unfortunately. The whole thing went wrong in the end nipple clamp or no nipple clamp. It s not a daily concern for most but in 2004. Janet jackson had choices to make by the end of her super bowl appearance.

We all know what option she went with when the wardrobe malfunction of all wardrobe malfunctions was broadcast around the world in her apology. Janet said. All the right things i am really sorry. If i offended anyone that was truly not my intention.

But given the theatrics of the entire performance and the addition of justin timberlake. The nipple reveals seem to be the orchestrated conclusion of the international event before we unveil our number one hick here are some honorable mentions not what i m gonna do i want to be a positive influence..

So i feel like i let y all down. Which sucks. I am so sorry. I was so disrespectful to him and i have police officers in my family i work with police officers every day.

I know better the person. I love and respect the most rob i love him i love him i m so sorry. I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order.

I acted like a punk. I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that is hit harder by it than me i m truly sorry you know really i wish i wish we all could have gotten it right that night. I want you to know that number one tiger woods. Yeah.

It is in his prime this pga golfer was perhaps the most dominant athlete in sports. He didn t just golf. He destroyed the competition while captivating fans on a global level but in late 2009 everything changed for tiger woods a car accident mistresses and an image destroyed so when he delivered the inevitable public apology. It carried the tone of a sermon authentic.

But obviously scripted. I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior. I engaged him however by the end of what has to be one of the most unforgettable moments in sports history tigers acknowledgement managed to convey genuine regret. I asked you to find room in your heart to one day.

Believe in me again do you agree with our list. I d have to get loaded again and tell you what s your favorite celebrity apology. He said that if i hugged the cactus. I d become a man of some humility and that my life would take on a new meaning for more emotional top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom.

I was fortunate enough to meet your mom and talk with your mom a number of years ago. What do you think she would have said about this ” ..

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