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“Isis wins welcome back to my channel. Where i help you create a life on on your terms. And today. I want to talk to you about effectiveness for b.

Personalities. See a types are people who tend to work. A lot and they have to be rather careful in what they put their effort in that they really think about things that they re doing. There s much more drive behind it b types on the other hand are much less stressed have a much more laid back look at life and have other challenges therefore so i m a b type and most of my viewers would be type so let s get into that so one of our main problem is procrastination and really getting into a state of i should do it we can tell ourselves as much as we want that okay i m not doing it because i don t nobody really cares it doesn t really make a difference like there s so many things we tell ourselves why we don t go for the things we want to do that will get us moving forward.

But in the end. It s because we re not self discipline. Let s say you want to get fit. And you know you re gonna get fit if you start going to the gym and you very well know.

It s not gonna work out if you go to the gym. Once a week for 30 minutes. And then everything s going to be great. So you say well why should i go then at all like i m not gonna be able to do that much more that s all i can do so you don t do it at all and then there s the other fraction.

Who says thirty minutes is not enough so i m just gonna start working out five times. A week well i ve seen both i have seen both declarations and i ve seen nothing happening. I ve seen people saying okay i m gonna go thirty minutes a week. It doesn t make sense i stay home and i have seen people who say i m gonna go five times a week and they never actually started although the day before they told me i m still gonna promise.

I m gonna do this i know i m going to do this and the next day. They re already flunked out of it or they were able to do it for a week. And then everything is going downhill from there none of these things work no matter. What we want in our life.


We have to continuously work on becoming a person for whom this new task is not something that is difficult so i right now go to the gym probably four to five times a week. And i was somebody who s exhausted at going to the gym once a week. But i knew that if i want to become somebody who s fit i need to go more often to the gym. It doesn t have to be four or five times.

That s just me and i love doing other things. But to do it continuously and i also know 30 minutes a week is not going to be enough. But i knew very well as well that if i want to become somebody for whom working out as normal. I have to be that person who says well i m gonna start with 30 minutes and i m gonna stick to 30 minutes.

And i m gonna do that until going to the gym once a week for 30 minutes is something i would never miss. Which is just as part of me as brushing my teeth is it s just something i can always count on and i become that person for whom. This is normal and once i became that person then i was trying to say okay. I m gonna put myself out of my comfort zone again.

I m gonna go for two times a week 30 minutes and then after i kept doing this this too became a new thing this too became like not only a want. But i need i needed to go through a gym twice a week in order to feel like i m being myself i became that person see those things are so important for b type personalities. Because you have to understand this is how we go through life. We re always in this laid back position.

We always observe more we just enjoy life as it is and we have to climb up one more ladder. One more podium one more plateau and then we can relax and we re always going to get back into this relaxed mode. Eight heights are different they re mostly in this go go go mode and they have to remind themselves look how far you ve come now lay down a little bit and observe like realize what you ve created and maybe through that realize that you need to change directions. So we have to understand that our natural tendency as b types is to relax.

And there s nothing wrong with that because that really allows us to enjoy life it really brings us so much benefits you know one of which is that you types have less heart attacks like those things really are not something we have to have a problem with but we have to be aware that we have to become that person that first off always puts ourselves outside of the comfort zone and then second of all defines. What is our comfort zone over and over again. So we have to be really honest with ourselves. Where we re at see so many of us say.


I m gonna do those five tasks this week. Watch me do it and then you re not able to those five tasks and then you say like well it didn t work out because i had so many other tasks to do or because that wasn t that important to me and this happens because you don t want to admit to yourself that you re not the person who can handle those five tasks they might seem small maybe those five tasks are done in half an hour. Doesn t change the fact that you re not able to do them and every time. You told yourself i m gonna be more careful with what i eat or i m gonna be more careful with the jobs.

I choose or i m gonna like really write three resumes a week. Well you haven t been able to do that maybe this takes half an hour only but mentally you re not that person for whom. This is normal. So first you have to accept where you re at and where you re at is probably that all you can do is work out thirty minutes a week.

Maybe you re a person who can only look at job sites for 30 minutes. A week and then it s overwhelmed that is okay you just have to be honest with yourself. Where you re at i always kind of had difficulties with getting to know people that i could end up in a relationship with that was kind of difficult for me i cringed at the thought of it it was always so difficult and for example dating. Sites were something that just scared.

Me i every time. I would just look at it i would just cringe and it would be so uncomfortable for me. And i just pushed myself to lock in there just like maybe talk to one or two people and if i get uncomfortable. I get out of it right away because this is where i m at and then i pushed myself to maybe do it more than once a week maybe twice a week and then without me noticing.

I became a person for whom this is normal for whom this is not a big deal for whom. This is not something that makes me feel uncomfortable about myself. And this is such a mundane thing you might think because like okay we re talking about like dating sites who cares about that but that has so much to do with all of those blocks. You have built in your mind right.

It s just like this mundane thing. But if you don t push yourself to always get out of your comfort zone and in a way that is not overwhelming you re not gonna get anywhere. So i had to really accept where it was that which was when i started this journey. I hate my job.


I don t like where i m at i don t have anything that represents my life. I don t have anything that makes me feel good. I had all of these things that said okay. This is where i m at and then i had to start building something for myself.

And i had to say okay i m gonna build a vision board. I m gonna think of the things that i want to do the different facets of my how do i want to show up in life who do i want to be what do i want to represent what kind of things i want in my life. And i just built them i have a vision board and i just tell myself well what can i do this week. That will get me a step further to this and i m very much aware that i will not be able to do what my friend can do who s been in this forever.

So i have friends who are for example a lot more physical than me i m not comparing myself to them. And think i should be able to put as much energy into working out as they can i do the least heart exercise variation. There is and i do it until i get to a point. Where i feel comfortable.

It s all about the exponential learning curve that s a typical b type scenario. You have to become the person for whom. This is normal and this will only happen if you don t overextend yourself. If you re being consistent and if you set weekly goals for yourself.

So if you re at a point. Where you feel like okay. I want to change that i want to get a better job then each week. Do a little thing if that means i m gonna start looking at job sites.

That s all i m gonna do like the thought of me looking at that is already overwhelming. Because there s so many fears attached to it i m just gonna push myself to look at it for 30 minutes this week and then next week you re gonna force yourself to look at it for one hour and then the next time maybe even find one thing and then you start parallely writing a resume like it s all about steady slow progress while admitting to yourself or you in most cases. We do not want to admit to ourselves where we re at it s so much easier to tell ourselves well i m not gonna look in that direction. Because that doesn t matter to me or because i can t change anything about it then to admit to ourselves.


I actually want this thing in that direction. I m being really honest with myself i m somewhere down. There and then i m gonna start from that little spot right there because the more truth. The spot is the more it s gonna stick while you build it see i m so confident in what i talk about here and the things i do because when i started this i started in the most authentic and vulnerable place.

I could have thought i could start and i started at the bottom. I had built this great image of myself and that s all it was an image. It was not who i was it was like my safe way of going into the world and presenting this thing that people wanted to see and i couldn t get hurt. But if you can t get hurt.

It s because you can t be seen and that was hurting me inevitably so i needed to be seen and those were the productive things i need to work on see this is the thing that be types have as an advantage you re more aware of things be aware of the things that really matter to you they will help you be seen. They ll help you to create a version of yourself. That is as true to you as it can be and then you push yourself out of your comfort zone each and every week to be one more step ahead and becoming a version that can handle the next step. And you re not doing.

It with this one goal that will set you free you ll do it. Because you know that s the only chance you get at being happy for you to walk towards your happiness for you to walk towards your freedom your passion and your truth and you can very well decide how that s gonna look like i hope that helped you let me know in the comments. What kind of things you re doing as a bee type. And maybe as an a type.

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