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“Guys. This is a free preview of the inside of a tool called up city. City. Which is like a do it yourself seo platform.

Now why do you need platform at all well. There are thousand activities and doing seo and building visitors to your website and how are you ever going to know what s next and what you ve done and you know how to do it. It s really hard to know all of those things even with my seo training course. Which is separate to this it does go over the basics.

But then there s still always more that you can do so this is the more this program here it s 39 us per month. So it s pretty affordable for a small business owner or even someone who s really wanting to get professional with their blog. So here s where you put your website address name of business. Where it is what it does and your competitors.

Then when you go the next step when you re setting it up they will give you a small keyword targeting tool. Which is quite handy. I ve already gone through and pick the best ones. Now that the score means that this is going to be easy to rank for if it s got a high score.

And it s going to be a little bit harder to rent for it s got a low score. But obviously i don t want things like minecraft book editor. So i just forget those so i ve chosen my words competition wise. It might be high to do some of them.

But then they are the ones that i really want so that i don t want to be how to be able get it up so that s that s why i ve chosen those and they also put the name that s on your website as well you can always upgrade. If you want more tracking..

So this is just the ones that you re tracking you know you might only find a couple of them really mean anything to you so. It s a book editing service. And you can also put your own in there. No problem.

If you ve got something specific you really want to be found for and rank for every week. They ll send you a little report a little mini report to say how you re doing even if i ve not done hardly anything season salgas so they ve stopped sinning mr. But i ve started up again. Now and also there s a bigger report he ll do seo report card.

And it will also schedule it out about once a month 15 days. There you go every 15 days so it ll tell you how you doing with a little smiley or friendly face hmmm. Obviously not great for that main keyword. There book editing service.

But i am coming up through the ranks for different keywords. That s fine. This is how we re your length. I ve got more than 10 backlinks from different websites.

But not more than 100. But i ve got 55. So kind of you that s comparison to other competitors has has mike is my keywords and my title visitors and my body mostly it s in my body and does my site light load fast yes. It does it s quite fast today some days.

Honestly i don t know why slower and so i m getting up there with my domain authority. But of course..

It is less than one years old. So i m having a bit of a trial getting on the first page of google. So i ve got a hundred pages index which is good but i ve got to work on trying to get them index them being in yahoo. Just in case up anyone ever goes over there unlikely okay.

So that is my final score of 50. I guess that means i m halfway there you can see how much activities you or your seo. I has done over the last 30 days so it s always good to see if you ve done tasks. And it s having an impact.

It should do so this is just the impact inside the tool. It s mean may or may not have that impact outside of in the real world. So you re added them site maps and things like that so attempted to get backlinks whether they give me in as another story so i can always go back to tasks. If i want something to do there s always something to do be starting off with establishing your presence and then you do the the basics with completed all those.

But it s like very easy tasks like ensuring your indexed. I haven t insured up the yahoo and venus done ensuring that robot settings are right and meditators all right um then you go on to make sure your google facebook twitter and linkedin accounts are open and working then you ve got to expand your presence and you start building on building your web directory. Presences and your social sites. And i didn t do them all.

But i did discover scoop it which has been quite good and also i already have an account at vimeo so that was easy the scoop. It was quite good for me to create your own pages free and then you ve got another section on expand your presence you don t have to do or 200 tasks that would be quite quite daunting. But they do explain everything so. So you can create account up in webmaster that might help you and get bing places done.

I did do they re being places. I did the gig..

Google webmaster all those other little things that you might forget so it really does remind you every stepped away to do this do this do this otherwise. It s not going to work. Okay. And i ve also just completed this mobile section.

So i can say tick completed. I have done that with due to mobile. Beautiful. It was so easy to do i could not believe how easy that was and it s going to have a great impact on my mobile optimization advanced haven t really done any of the advanced work yet.

16 open so there s a few things to make sure i ve done there i ve already got social bookmarking sites and things like that i would say it s already set up. But there s another whole list of things to make sure i m doing and i ve got an email subscription option already. But that s a great reminder rss feed. Sometimes you make a big bold rss feed.

Yes. I legs out to other bloggers. And your content. See a great reminder again obviously i ve got to contact us page and you know it s just going through all these little things that add up to one big thing manage your reputation section.

That s about getting reviews a lot of it s about getting refusing making sure your reputation is not being tarnished by negative reviews trying to follow those up with a really well thought out response if you do have any i found one of my competitors. Today had a very negative review and the head and responded bad karma. So you can also ask exclaims or customers to give you a review on google. Plus and all sorts of other things if you so dear and just like you and your business network.

People might want to just like you and send send out links from your from your twitter. So coming soon..

Things. Becoming authorities just a bit more about content marketing explains everything in great depths about how you can do it obviously you can do this social networking and conversations. But i don t find that that it really has a heap of you know payback for that so i stick with a blog writing make sure i m a blog blogs going out every week try not to skip too many weeks and yes so it s got a lot of things you can do upcoming events client success story glossary resources. All sorts of things that i can get my teeth into and really create the good blog.

Going and and it s also got an image sharing section. Some people have to share images. I m not one of those wonderful people yeah. But you ve obviously you ve got a million different ways there to get more visitors.

And so that s also going to be talking about conversion and the conversion basics. I haven t even got to that myself still working on the other basics. But you know symbols of trust. You ve obviously got a contact form otherwise you be not getting any context.

I m guarantees page great idea you know these are just suggestions really don t have to have a more goals and analytics. I always do that for my clients you know live chat to your website bit of an idea tester free calls to action can do that you know all these things are great ideas to test from time to time. Not you know doesn t have to be all at once yeah. And so there s another section called retain and grow with email and social media strategies.

So this is the one thing that you can just do the training and do that activities all in one go. It s so good for that ” ..

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“Preview of what s inside the D-I-Y SEO online tool, Upcity. It s for small business or marketing agencies. We go through the sections inside my own account. This SEO Tool is available from http://www.FixmyownSEO.com. nnYou can get a 7-day trial, and then access is US$39 / $50 per month, depending on whether you are a small business or an agency.”,

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