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“My luck. Email marketing manager at virgin america and we re in burlingame california. Yeah yeah and so i basically my responsibilities include running our digital marketing programs search display email. What counts has been really big for us in terms of allowing us to scale over the past few years.

We re growing airline and so started flying in 2008. And so you know from that point our email program is can just change dramatically in terms of scope. So what counts per platform has allowed us to not only send more email. But be smarter about sending in terms of the way we leverage dynamic content.


The learnings we get from the data that we can pull out of what counts. And it just made us easier to do what we need to do to drive revenue. We ve also leveraged. The strategic services of what counts and you know our yearly audit.

As you know that we gives us a wealth of information about how are you most emo program performing. And what we re getting out of it. What counts has been has allowed us to scale to a level with within the email channel. Specifically that you know we we couldn t even imagine you know just from the past year.


We ve we ve got to a point where with the same headcount. We ve been able to send three times as many emails the few times as many campaigns. I should say so while about keeping our same efficiency level. You know at the same time double.

That revenue should have adam peddicord. Who s our account manager and nadia walter. Who s our technical technical account manager. They re both amazing in terms of service.


They re always they re always available. Which is unbelievable coming from the agency side. I know how difficult that is on a consumer basis. We re not we re sending the same amount of email.

We sent for years but from a content and rawson perspective. We re sending three times as many campaigns. So we re becoming more targeted you know more segmented so we re producing a lot more content. But it s it s more effective it s the only psp.


I recommend i ve had experience with quite a few and as as far as someone looking for an esp is no doubt looking for self serve you know kind of sign up and go type model you know. But the platform is extremely easy to use you can turn turn campaigns around in no time. And it s extremely powerful ” ..


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Hear Ian Medlock, Email Marketing Manager at Virgin America, describe his experience with WhatCounts.

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