We Challenge You Not To Yawn

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“Challenge you to watch this whole video without yawning for many of you see me me on just now is enough to make you want to yawn too. But can suppress it already you could feel a tightening in the back of your throat moistness in the eyes. A gentle pressure in the ears tenseness that you know can be relieved. With one simple.

Oh. It s a biological impulse. That contagious yawn even seeing a picture of someone yawning with no sound or motion can be enough to induce a yawn or maybe you re one of those people who can read yawn or hear the word yawn repeated john and feel the need to yawn yawn. But why is yawning contagious well before we get into that let me show you something sorry.

It s like when throw is thirsty prayer huh..

Feel much better now and that s exactly the point a yawn calms you down. If you re a pack animal contagious yawning puts the whole herd on a synchronized sleep schedule hmm of course others. Say the exact opposite that a yawn gives you a momentary jolt of energy and contagious yawning can keep the group alert. But one individual starts to get a little drowsy yep.

I m up feels good to yawn. Though doesn t it so good so good whatever the reason yawning remains. A powerful neurological info. Stephen across.

Species once that he found that a human yawning can make a dog do the same now you may be saying..

I have no idea. What you re talking about i could watch people and dogs yawn. All day long. And not feel that weird breathless.

Feeling in my chest. Or a vague buzzing in my ears. And if that s the case. You very likely have a neurological disorder that inhibits the development of empathy like schizophrenia or autism.

In fact..

Doctors use contagious yawning to diagnose these very conditions or maybe your doctors just bored with you i ve got this thing on my back. But maybe you haven t yawned and you really want to maybe this whole ordeal has been agony for you where you wanted nothing more. But to breathe deeply stretch your jaw just yawn and yes. It counts as a yawn if you do that weird thing.

Where you try to yarn through one nostril or if you try to yawn without opening your mouth. So you look like a frog. That s about to vomit. But if you ve truly resisted then congratulations you made it to the end of the video without yawning.

You also put yourself in a lot of discomfort just because some stranger on the internet told you to so i don t know who the real winner is here well i got you i got you you yawned you yelled in son of a bitch ha ha..

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