Web Design HTML vs WordPress Which is Better?

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“Friendly debate nnever hurt anybody right. Right hey. Everybody this is roberto blake of. Robertoblakecom.

Robertoblakecom. Helping you create nsomething. Awesome today so today. We ve got another nrapid design.

We re going to be talking about websites specifically. We re gonna be talking about differences between html nwebsites and wordpress websites and which one maybe you nshould be building right now so ultimately. I don t think there s a right or wrong. Answer here.

I think there are pros and ncons to each of these things. And i want to dig down ninto them a little bit i actually do both i like a hybrid model. But that s for me and what my business has going on what my personal brand is doing. And there are other niche nsites that i ve created and things that i do and some of them hand coded others use wordpress others of them use different ntypes of platforms.


Instead. And so we need to talk about that here s some of the advantages of having a hand coded html website. One you have the full range nof control of everything and you don t have third party plugins that can compromise security or that could update and nbreak the look and feel of your website. So i really do enjoy that and more control is always better for me.

And that s why the front nend of my business website is mostly coded in html css and php. I m comfortable with that and it gives me that full nrange of flexibility. I can do what i like and i can make it look exactly how i want on the other hand. This is not nvery good for a large website or a content driven website.

I think this is best for websites that are limited to no nmore than 15 or 20 pages usually closer to five or 10. I think a small website nthat s very focused would be okay for hand coded html. But if it gets any bigger than 20 pages. It s gonna be cumbersome nto manage and update.

Even if you re using include files and you re templating out things nlike the header and footer. I still think it is a monster to manage it is a monster to redesign and to update. If you are building anything nbigger than 20 pages or even bigger than 10. I wouldn t want to go there.


If you re building a content driven site. Then i believe a content nmanagement system is appropriate something like wordpress. Nor. An alternative.

These are things that make sense to me because if you re doing something like an online publication. A nblog a magazine a podcast a video vlog a gallery nfor your portfolio. I really think that using a wordpress site is the most practical nthing that you can do i think that being able to modify. It and use html and php and css to make your changes and tweaks while playing within nthe overall framework is something that is just ngoing to make life easier and making a new page is as simple as the push of a button.

So i think that it makes nsense to do those things especially if you re uploading na. Lot of media content. And it s gonna make life easier. And if you re someone nwho s less technical and much more on the creative side.

This probably is gonna be better for you i think it just comes down to nhow you re gonna use the site. And what your priorities are and also what your individual skills are and i don t think there s na right or wrong answer and like i said. I don t have a preference. I use both just depending on the context.


And what s appropriate for the situation. And what i want to do now if you re looking nto launch your website. I have some recommendations for you these are not sponsors of ntoday s video in any way. But they are affiliate links that i use and they re systems.

I believe in and that i rely on if you want to get web hosting i highly recommend hostgatorcom. I have a niche microsite that ni m actually using over there so you go to robertoblakecom. Hostgator. It s really affordable especially if you don t have a big budget and you can set up ndifferent types of plans and they have great deals so i would definitely check them out if you re doing something na little bit more robust and professional and you have the cash to npay for a year upfront then i would recommend bluehost you can go to robertoblakecom.

Bluehost check them out they re something that i m using actually to move over a lot of nmy business websites to my niche microsites are going nto be over on hostgator. The majority of my business websites are gonna be over on bluehost and i kind of like nhaving multiple websites on different hosting platforms just so that you know nthere s a lot of reliability for me. There if one thing goes down. I m not completely screwed.

So that s just how i roll maybe you guys just want to nput everything in one place maybe. That s easier for you to manage if you want to build a nwebsite without coding at all you don t want to do wordpress its too complicated. Html is something you don t nhave the time to learn in the first place. Then maybe you should check out wix wix has a lot of drag and drop tools thousands of templates and you know dozens of ntools that you can use a lot of images.


And you can build something nthat fits your needs and you can do it relatively simply you can put together in na day maybe a weekend and i think it ll be a great solution especially if you re more of a designer and less of a coder so check that out at robertoblakecom. Wix anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have more nquestions about web design and web hosting and you want me to make nmore videos about that let me know in the comment section.

I want to know what you guys think also what are you using are you using html are nyou using wordpress or are you using something else let me know in the poll. I have that up here for you guys to vote and you can tell me in nthe comment section. Anyway like this video. If you like it don t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome ncontent on the channel.

Remember. Graphic design. Nvideos are usually on mondays as always you guys thanks so much for nwatching and don t forget. ” .


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