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“You re curious what a data. Analyst nor. Data scientist does on a day to to day basis. This is the video for you i spent nyears working as a analyst managing.

Analysts. And data. Scientists and working nwith people in these roles at other companies. I ve summarized.

What you can nexpect in the day to day role regardless of what company you re working at so nstay tuned to get all the details. I m jen with the career force. We help smart ncareer minded people stand out in today s job market. We post new videos nevery week with all of the latest career.

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Nin data..

Analysis. Jobs consists of three major things process data and math. There s lots of other details that go into the day to day work of this job or nany. Other job.

But these are the three core pieces that are going to take up 95 n. 99 of your job. So let s look at each of them process when i m talking about nprocess. I m not just talking about the data analysis process.

But i m talking nabout the overall problem solving process your real value to a company as na data. Analyst is being able to take a problem or a wanted outcome and figure nout. How to get from here to there. It s really kind of like a math proof.

Where nyou re taking all of the things that you do know to find the answer to something nthat. You don t know and explain something that you don t know so. The nprocess involves all of the information gathering from the stakeholders. That are npresenting you with a problem that needs solved to investigating what the real desired outcome is not just what the question nbeing.

Asked is all of these pieces go into that process..

So this is probably ngoing to involve meetings whether it s one on one or in groups. It s going to be ncalling and talking to different people this process piece also is going to be nsome amount of research looking for if this has been addressed before or other npieces of information. You might need as inputs. The process piece is a lot of times mostly on the front end.

But there s a key piece nthat happens on the back end. As well that s how you communicate your analysis. Nand results back to the people that need it or to the people that are going to nmake. Some sort of decision or take an action off of it within that process nit s how do you visualize.

The data. How do you communicate in whatever form nnecessarily necessary whether it s written or in person you need to be able nto communicate well and that s also part of that process step for an analyst on this process step expect to spend about 20 to 30 percent nof your time on this in some cases. You may spend even longer. There is such a ncritical piece of the work that s about understanding.

What the problem really is nand. All of the necessary things that influence it to be able to make sure nthat. The answer you provide is correct. And then providing that answer at the nend of your analysis.

Work once the problem is clear you can move on to the ndata step of the work..

Data is where you re going to spend probably fifty to neighty percent of your time this consists of three major things. It s ngathering. The data cleaning the data and processing. The data depending on the nproblem you re working on and the company you re working at or with the ngathering.

The data may already be done for you for the most part you may have neasily accessible databases to go get all the information you need in other ncases. You might have to do this yourself you might have to go to different nstakeholders or go online and gather some market information to use as ninputs to your analysis then you ll clean the data this is going through nit s understanding. It it s also making corrections. Where needed removing noutliers or things that shouldn t be included in the analysis.

This can take a nlot of time but understanding all of this is really necessary before you nstart processing. Everything then the third step processing. The data this nis actually going through and doing programming or using the different data ntools that you have available to analyze the work nagain. Most of your work as an analyst day to day is going to be spent on this npart of the step.

Lastly is math. A lot of people go into analyst roles. Nbecause. They really like math.

And that was the case for me as well i really nlike math..

But what i really like is the logic side. What i found is i nreally like data analyst work and the day to day activity. But most analysts ndo. N t do that much math.

There s certainly math involved and mathematical nprinciples involved in the day to day life of a data analyst. But a lot of the nwork is really more about the data and the process and the math is maybe. 10 of nthe actual work because your bigger challenge is to figure out nhow to solve the problem and then apply a little bit of math to solve the nproblem. Then you may also be setting things up so that it s repeatable.

But nthis math step while those skills are extremely useful is going to be the nsmallest part of most data. Analyst jobs. Do you have a better idea what a data nanalyst job. Consists of if you work as an analyst today.

I m curious how the nsplit at your job. Looks like is it the majority in the data side and the nminority in the math side or some other mix all together let me know in the ncomments thanks so much for watching i ll see you in the next video. ” ..


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WHAT DOES A DATA ANALYST DO ON A DAILY BASIS? // Curious to learn what s included in data analyst day to day activities? Find out what a data analyst day in the life is like – from a former analyst and manager of analysts.

While data analyst day to day work will vary some based on the company and specific position, there are some general themes that cover almost every position.

You might be surprised to learn that math/programming skills are often one of the less time consuming parts of what a data analyst or data scientist does regularly.

Find out the actual daily activities of data analysts in this video.


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