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“Guess what s going on it s me will pass in here again with another another video and have you noticed. But something is wrong with the google logo. Yes ve heard it from me. There is something wrong with the logo.

Oh is that like a lot of people basically are saying online. That the google logo the new one with the g this one here right that i m looking at is wrong well if you notice. I m just going to do this for a second and i m going to try and recreate this in the form of a circle of some sort so i m just going to bring out a circle like this i m gonna center. It to here and i m just gonna bring it down so it fits just along the edges of the oh wait a minute.

It s not it s not actually fitting okay so that that outside circle isn t actually fitting you can see here that it goes a bit further in also that s just a copy and paste. This guide here and let s bring this down here okay. So it s doing the same here. Okay let s find out these other intersecting lines.

So let s find out the one from the middle. So we ll just do this and i ll align a horizontally. Okay that fits perfectly there so that s a that s pretty good okay what about if we were to a create. I don t know let s try and create a little line here.

That s going. Oh wait. This is this is looking even weirder as you can see this line isn t matched up with this one here it should be here right let s see what happens when we flip this horizontally is just in the middle. Yeah.

That s kind of in the middle. There. But there s not enough space. Yeah that looks not too bad.

Let s see if this line. Here is actually a fitting over here as well so it actually fits within the cross section of these colors okay. So here..


We have a mapped out version of the google logo now the thing that people are saying. That is wrong with this logo is the fact that it s not lining up. So you can see here that this red part here it should line up this this yellow patch should be here people are more annoyed or a bit confused at the fact of why it s not a perfect circle. I mean like how hard can it be to make a perfect circle right well for anyone who s actually thinking this kind of thing.

This isn t an accident. This isn t some sort of intern that got it completely wrong when designing a logo. This was intentional and this was on purpose let me take you back to the time. When i may a video about the nintendo switch logo.

The actual to joy cons that make the nintendo switch logo weren t centered as it should be there was actually a bit of imbalance in there also the circles weren t symmetrical. It wasn t actually a symmetrical logo. The reason behind that was optical balance now. I remember seeing an image floating around like literally.

When this logo came up looking out all these things here going a bit weird. And why it s not a perfect circle. And there s a few good reasons as to why this g in the google logo isn t perfect. And i m going to show you why and tell you why in typography.

I m going to make a new out bob. But basically in typography. We see a lot of the time this word or this term called overshooting overshooting is basically where the curved parts of the type like here overshoot from the actual guidelines that are used to create the type consistent mathematically that s wrong. But optically it s correct okay so here we have the actual guidelines for the fakira font.

If you re going to look at it now as you can see here. The e is perfectly centered to these guidelines. So you can see that this pot head does not overshoot. There and also you can tell that it s actually working because it s matching with the l as well and if we go down here.

It looks pretty similar now if we go over here to the g for example. Why is it going above this line. Well..


The reason is it s called overshooting and we do it to compensate to optically compensate. It being a bit weird so optically compensate the size so it looks like it s the same size. I can also show you like from the o. The other g in the o.

But i can also show you about the e. This part here is not directly in the center. It s actually as you can tell this is a center line not in the center at all there is less space up here that there is down here. And i can show you that really easily by just mapping this out very quickly like so you can see that there s not enough space is a bit less space up here than there is down here.

And the reason behind that again is optical stabilizing. So you re stabilizing the type. And you re also making sure. It s balanced typography is a complete illusion the whole idea behind creating funds and the skill that there is is because it s an illusion.

It s not just mathematics you have to keep in mind. It s actually the fact that you ve got to make sure that it looks nice and sometimes that s done optically so when it comes to the google logo and the reason. Why is actually circular and not so circular here and it doesn t follow this is because of optical stabilization. So i call an optical stabilizing.

A lot of people call it other things. But it s basically optical balancing you you re balancing out and making a look decent without just focusing on the math behind it and because this g. In the google logo is a g. And it s an actual letter form made into a logo mark they ve got to make sure that it s balanced perfectly balanced.

So i m going to show you what the text would look like here. If it wasn t optically changed in comparison to if it is off the chain. Let s bring the size down. There we go perfectly on the light.

Now doesn t that look really strange it looks as if the o and the g s and these round. Things here have much smaller than the g in the lna. These to stand out way too much..


But here these look perfectly balanced another example that we could give you here is the thickness of these lines. So you can see here that these two are perfectly thick. Let s take this thickness. Here and translate it up to here.

Oh wow. Isn t that not thick at all same. With this if i was to bring this here rotate this the thickness isn t the same all the way around and the reason for this again is optical balancing and and people make sure that these things happen to make it look decent. So you see it s not on mathematics.

It s actually to do with the eyes and the way that our brains perceive what we re reading. And it makes it a bunch easier for us to read and to see these things properly as letter forms. If we follow by these kind of rules. So let s try and create the perfect g logo.

And see what happened okay and then we re gonna go ahead bring this down a little bit okay. I m just going to get rid of this one. Okay. I m going to cut.

These two about here. As well okay. So there we have the g just there and then let s go ahead and cut some of these lines out as well why not these to make these two little paths day and we re gonna go ahead and reverse this around because we want to make it like mathematical and all that sort of stuff. We just rotate over 90 degrees to reflect it and then from here.

That s got a little bit strange use that as a guide. Then we can go ahead. And you know cut these to cut them as well get rid of them there we go okay. So there is all i need to do now.

It s just a merge them two together and let s copy some colors a so we ve got this then we ve got this yellow. One this green one and there s blue. One okay okay so let s have a little side by side..


Comparison of this logo right here. So as you can see the first thing that i notice about this logo here is that it looks better quality because it s being vectorized. But it sticks out way too much over here and over here you can see that it doesn t stick out way too much interesting and you can see here how they ve actually changed. The way that the logo is to make it more balanced.

You see here that i ve used the actual coordinates of the g down. Here or that your angles off different things. Oh. It s kinda strange it can work.

I think. But it looks better in my humble opinion over here with this one and the reason is because of stabilizing it it s using the colors in certain ways. But stand out so there you have it guys that is the reason behind google s logo being weird and you re not too worried just learn from it look at these logos and if you see something weird question as to why and see whether it was intentional or an accident because most of the time it s going to be intentional from these major companies. These aren t mistakes.

These are things that we need to learn as people who do logo design. So just like how this would look weird. And it kind of does look weird these little o s and these ones look good we have to learn how to over shoot and to optically balance our logo designs so it looks good for the naked eye another funny thing. I want you guys to know is if you look at this logo.

It kind of looks like an oval this one doesn t yeah. It doesn t fit a normal circle. That s stabilizing your logo right there guys. Thank you so much for watching.

If you enjoy this video. Please leave a like and subscribe to me down below. And i ll catch you in the next video see you soon music applause. ” .


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The newest Google logo has been making the rounds on the internet! Some say that this is a mistake by the Google design team, but is it?

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