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“Guys what s up i m christian taylor. And today. I m going to be be covering five different websites. Where you can buy business cards.

And i m going be telling you which one is the best so for this video. I m taking the price of 500 cards with full color printing on both sides and then also calculating the cost of shipping and as a disclaimer. I do just want to say that the price may vary. When you check these sites based on where you live or shipping is more or less and based on if there s a certain sale going on when you visit the site.

So these prices are valid as of where i live. And what i m filming this so i want to start out with vistaprint now this different is sort of like the walmart for print products and here s what i mean the products are just not that great now that may have been a bad analogy. I don t have anything against walmart. What i mean is that they do everything they re known for everything in the print world.

There s sort of your general printing solution. Except they re just not good. Now. The price for 500 card.

Ships is twenty eight ninety seven and while that is too cheap this option on this list. There are way better options for just a dollar. More i mean if you look at this card..


You probably can t tell on video. But it is not a high quality card. It s flimsy. It s just it s not a good card.

So for vistaprint wouldn t recommend it what would i recommend got pranked now for around a buck. More at 2961 got print is the best solution for general business cards. So the quality is a huge step up from vistaprint. I ordered their sample kit and was absolutely blown away with the results.

I saw i mean seriously. I ve compared many different sites and they have some of the best quality at a very reasonable price tag so for general printing. If you say i want business car. I would tell you go to got print for reference here s one of their cards.

Very high quality. Very nice gloss nice and sturdy and i really like it so next up is you printing now you printing is a little step down from got print and with their prices that puts them in an awkward position so they are 42 dollars and 61 cents for five hundred card ships and here s the problem. It s the quality isn t quite as good as got print now it s very possible i ve used you printing before it s definitely way better than vistaprint. But the quality ultimately is worse than got print.

And there s really no reason to pay more so if you re considering you print. I would say throw it out the window go with god all right it s time to talk about muqaam and things are about to get interesting. So lou is sort of the ferrari of business cards..


How do i put it basically. They know they re a premium company. They don t deny it and their prices don t deny it. So the thing with moo is it s going to kill your wall it s going to kill your.

Wallet they have a flat price of 1999. For 50 cards. Now they do give a little bit of a discount. However you still can t even order an odd amount of cards.

And what i mean is 500 is well technically an even number. But the 5 is odd. So you can order 200 400. 600.

800. And so. On now 400 cards of their standard. Stock will run you 1.

3999. That is some steep pricing now that s not even their premium print. If you want their upgraded quality..


That s going to cost you 200 4 dollars for four hundred cards and they are really nice. I ordered them from my last business card and i ll just show you guys this is a nice car. I was really happy with it muqaam makes a great card. It s got a nice finish on it nice reflective dirty.

But it s expensive now the only reason i decided to go with mu is i have such a low quantity of cards. I wanted that it just made sense so if you re ordering 50 cards they re about the same price as other websites. However if you need large amounts unless you re a company that just needs a super high quality fit card. When you hand it to your clients.

I would not recommend you printing for me i find that my information gets outdated. So quickly that i might have a new email or domain in six months and i don t want to waste money or materials to print a ton of cards. So i m just going to throw away now finally i want to talk about overnight range. So overnight prints is only good at what its name implies so as you may guess they re expensive.

But they can offer stuff overnight 500 cards with the standard three week delivery window would run you thirty four ninety five. So if you re just ordering for just standard cards. I wouldn t recommend it their quality is about the same as you printing so no reason to pay extra. I would go with dot print.

Any day now if you truly do need them overnight. They ve got you covered. But it s going to cost you 70 dollars and 41 cents..


So definitely some steep prices. But of course. I wouldn t expect any less for getting it overnight. So you re really only going to want to use this site.

If you realize oh shoot. I ve got a trade show. The next day or a meeting with a client and i need my business cards now and i m out then i would say give them a shot otherwise. I just put your money elsewhere.

So to recap. If you are just looking to buy business cards nothing special goes got print. Now if you are looking for a step up in quality go with muqaam and finally if you need cards now go with overnight prints. Now you can throw this different and you printing out the window as they re both in kind of weird positions and it really doesn t make sense to order from them so what business card site.

Do you guys use doesn t only be sure to drop a comment down below. If you like this video. And if you like this new style be sure to leave a big thumbs up and subscribe. If you want to be among one of the first people to know when i release new videos with that said.

I will catch you guys next time ” ..

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Today, it s a showdown between Vistaprint, GotPrint, uPrinting, Moo, and Overnight Prints. Which one deserves your money? Stay tuned to find out!

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