Why Aren't You REALLY Taking Action Toward Your Goals? – YouTube

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“York times. Bestselling author of having it all in the answer and a couple days days ago is having a conversation with one of our clients and i was asking how come you re not implementing. The content of the materials and the strategies and tactics that we ve laid out for you and she looked at me while we were on skype and she says. I really don t know it s sitting right there in front of me.

I know what i should do i know that i ve put on my calendar to do it. And i don t know why i m not doing it and i said to i said what i d like you to do is take some time just to stop and think about what s really preventing you from taking action towards your goals. That you already have the blueprint for achieving them. And let me share something with you i ve got my laptop over here.

And i just got this email probably about ten minutes ago. And she said to me the thing. That s holding me back is fear of making the same mistakes and losing. Everything says.


We re scared of leaving my husband s job and ending up having to start from scratch since we re 51 and 58 years old. While we have mortgages on both of our home and a little bit of business debt. I m scared of losing the houses and i ve been wanting to keep them. And that s preventing me from really going full out just in case.

I fail fear of losing what we have fear of losing my husband s income and fear of having to start all over again is causing a neurological fire ring in the brain. That s shutting down what us neuroscientists realize and know is the motor cortex of the brain simply put whenever you have a fear whether you know it or you don t it sends a signal from a place in the brain called the amygdala to the motor cortex of the brain. Which is like sending a signal to your engine when you put your foot on the brake to go forward. But it says no i don t want to because i m afraid of hitting another car and so what she s experiencing what her husband is experiencing is a classic example of having goals having dreams and knowing what to do but fear that she wasn t even aware up until.

I asked her this question was stopping her from taking action and the more important part of this is that once the motor cortex okay in the brain. The action center of the brain starts to have fear a signal is sent to the right prefrontal cortex of the brain. And you start to take things that have happened negatively from the past bring it into the future that project that possible negative consequence of losing your house. Losing your money starting over and as soon as you start to have that as a possibility in the brain.


You create the emotions that goes with those thoughts and feelings and then you feel more of those negative possibilities and so why am i sharing this with you i m sure this with you because until you learn how to master your mindset by recognizing what s holding you back the real reasons that you re not taking the actions that you need to take and learn how to reframe them in the right part of your brain. So you can override the messaging signal from the amygdala. The fear center the emotional center the brain to the part of the brain. That s responsible for taking action.

You re never going to achieve your goals. So whether you have doubts or fears. Or anxieties fear success for your failure. If you re losing your job for you lose your home.

If you re losing your money you have to understand that just like a car has a light that pops up on the dashboard. Something s wrong in the engine. You have an emotion that is your signal to let you know whether you re feeling good or not whether you re comfortable or not whether you have certainty or not whether you have confidence or not and if you re lacking the confidence and the certainty. It s going to cause doubt.


If you re going to have doubt it may cause anxiety and as soon as that sets in the brain. In a nanosecond your ability to take action is like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. There s gonna be a lot of movement going on the tires. But you re really not going to get anywhere so the first thing i want you to do is write down.

What s really holding you back. Why aren t you really get clear get deep why aren t you really taking action towards any of your goals health goals financial goals business goals whatever goals you have write that down and ask yourself is this real is this imagined is it a probability or is it a possibility what you ll find for the most part is the negative consequence is a possibility and as soon as you buy into that possibility you re going to do everything possible to run away to fight freeze or fight that feeling. But when you learn how to switch your brain from recognizing what s holding you back to reframing the possibility to do it for the probability to just a normal possibility you start to activate different parts of your brain. That start showing you the solutions to how to overcome the fear how to overcome the risk how to overcome the possible negative consequence and then what happens is the amygdala.

The part of your brain. That s responsible to protect you and keep you safe the firing threshold of that signal gets lowered the message to the motor cortex doesn t get sent you start taking action and third. What is happening is that your left prefrontal cortex. The ceo.


The genius part of your brain starts to think about ways that you can actually take action. And do it faster and easier and better it starts to change what you see start to change your vibration and now you start to have a lot more control over not just having goals and having strategies and plans. But getting yourself to take action. So first recognize what they are second learn how to reframe them in your brain third release.

Them. As just possibilities not probabilities and fourth as you keep doing this over and over and again you ll start to retrain your brain and learn the beginning parts of mastering. Your mindset and your emotions. And that will help you start to achieve your goals instead of being a goal setter.

You will become wealthy in every area of your life. And you ll become a goal achiever. ” ..


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