Why does nobody see my Facebook posts?

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“You trying to share your music or other media on facebook. And finding that no no one s saying your posts well in this video. I m gonna tell you top 5 reasons. Why people will not see your posts in facebook.

Let s go hi. My name is pete and this is studio lives today. Where i help you create record and release your best music now in this one. We re going to be talking about what happens.

After you ve released your music and you re trying to promote it now these tips are specific to facebook. But they re pretty general across all sorts of social media. But because facebook is where i share a lot of my music. And where i ve had to learn the hard way how to actually get folks to watch listen interact with my music then i thought that s where we would start so let s dive into now to these top five tips on getting your music out there on facebook tip number one not participating in the facebook community.

So you re pushing out a lot of posts. You re saying hey check out my new track check out my new video. But you re not actually engaging with other people in their posts. And this is the same for your personal page.

A business page within facebook. Groups the more you actually interact with other people s posts..

So commenting liking creating other posts that are not just about your music. Then the more your posts are actually going to go into other people s fees. Because what facebook wants it wants constant interaction and two way communication. If you re pushing everything out one way you re not gonna actually get people coming and seeing your posts.

Because facebook is gonna lower those in the priority list and they re not going to be pushed out to other people s feeds. So if you want more people to see what you re putting out. There you need to interact and engage with more people on facebook. Tip.

Number two is linking out to other places. So you re linking out to youtube to soundcloud so spotify. And you might be saying people how do i share. My music.

If i can t link out to my music. Well. The key is to use the native platform as much as possible which we ll be talking about in another tip. And it doesn t mean you can t link out if you want to link to your youtube video or you want to link to another external website.

But it just means you can t only do that because facebook wants to keep people on facebook. And the more you link out to other places and try to send people away from facebook..

The less likely. It is that your posts are going to go into people s feeds and they re going to be shown to a lot of other people number three is not including video content so if you re posting pictures. They re good text is okay poles are good but video rules when it comes to facebook so posting a native facebook video is a great way to promote and he s a couple of tips you don t have to post your whole song that you ve already got on youtube or somewhere else and paste it on facebook maybe you post a one minute or a 30 second snippet or maybe it s a picture of you or a video of you talking about your song talking about the process of recording it and don t forget you can actually include if you ve got a nice quick website link so i could put pete john s com. In nice.

Big bold letters at the bottom of my facebook video and that way if i give them a little snippet. Then people may watch that and go oh. I want to actually check this out. They can then go to pete john s comm and check that out there.

So there s a few creative ways to use the native video in facebook. And still actually get some exposure for your other websites and other places tip. Number four. Not using live video.

Now if video is good live. Video is great. It is the new thing at the moment 2019 is all about live video. What does that mean well.

If you go live on facebook. And you may have seen this with other people as well that goes right to the top of people s feeds and that goes right into your notifications..

There so if you want to engage with the maximum number of people consider doing some live facebook streams. Now what could you do with music. Well. Yeah.

You could play your music you can play your music video. It could be a q. A session it could be just some information about a new release. You ve got coming out.

So behind the scenes sort of background information about how you re creating your music. It really doesn t matter as long as it s engaging with other people and keep it quick as well. So might be tempting to jump on and do it one hour qa. But if you ve got three people watching for an hour.

It s really not going to then push that out make something that people can watch live. But is really targeted enough that if they re going to watch a replay of it it s still going to make sense if you spend the whole time talking to people live. It s not going to make sense as evergreen content. So live video.

That is to the point that is short and sweet that is actually going to be able to then be content that sits on your facebook. Page your facebook business page is the best thing..

That you can do to get that engagement and the final tip number five is posting in too many places and i see this a lot because i m the administrator of a few groups and i participate in a whole bunch of other groups. I see folks doing this and it s tempting to do it. But say you ve got a new song a new video. Some new content.

What s tempting to do is to go to every facebook group you participate in regardless of how relevant it may be and post a link post a link post a link by the time you post that fifth that sixth link facebook notices that and it says okay you ve done this too much we re going to really bury this. We re gonna push this way down. And what you ll find is instead of posting it to one relevant place or on your facebook business page or somewhere. That it s going to be relevant you re going to post.

It everywhere and you might get st 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 views. If you put it in one place. If you spread it everywhere you might not even get that in total you may only get five or ten engagements on each different ones. So sometimes less is more and sometimes consolidating down.

And only posting in one or maybe a couple of places is a better option for more engagement on facebook. There you go i hope you found this useful and this helps you get more engagement on your facebook posts. There are two more videos all about engaging on social media and sharing your music a link down below you can also subscribe by clicking or tapping on the studiolive today icon in the top right corner. And i hope to see you on the next video music.

” ..

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