Why I Don t Like Reading

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“Books libraries. It s all boring. I don t know if that s an unpopular unpopular opinion or not when i was growing up it was pretty normal. But now always hear people gush about how great it is to bundle up in a warm blanket with quote.

A good book while the faint light of the fall evening peeks out of their cracked windows and hits their collection of plants perfectly. They ve got a warm cup of chamomile tea. They ve prepared with the cure egg. They use daily and actually it s a funny story they were about to get one at target because they were on sale.

But they received one as a gift instead what a coincidence huh and they have a cat. I m not saying that isn t a poetic life you ve got going on over there. But i still don t like reading. And have a cat allergy.

It s kind of complicated the thought of reading sounds really nice to me. It s supposed to be calming and good for your brain in some sort of way i don t know how exactly but people repeated all the time so it might be true. But i think i ve got some weird reading ptsd from school because the other part of my brain thinks about how boring and slow and too quiet it s gonna be and i feel like i have to take notes and memorize things and identify the plot points. And know the names and symbolisms and to kill a mockingbird and oh god was i supposed to read after chapter.

7. By thursday or through it i used to love reading. I still have the strong memory of going to my elementary school s library and being excited to check out the next geronimo stilton book. Because i love the pictures and fun text they had they always wrote the word cheese like this and being able to read books that had more than 10 words on the page was impressive to a six year old whenever i found a book i like touring up i would read it non stop.


I was able to crush a 300 page in two days which i don t think is considered impressive anymore. But it was in fifth grade and look that was the only south fourth. I had all right. But when school started making us read books by force did kinda took the fun away from me.

I don t like being told what to do with my free time especially if you re gonna make me read a book written in the 1940s that i need cliffnotes to decode just to realize that all the animals were communists also it s 20 of my grade. I get it though what else are we gonna do in english class. We can all understand each other right you were speak in english. I that s gotta count for something right.

But the more i had to read really cryptic books in my spare time where the symbolism is in the color of the main characters curtains and i m not even observant enough to realize they had curtains led me to not really having fun and also feeling like an idiot. I like my subtlety like i like my coffee splash in my face. How am i supposed to know what the a stands for adultery. I don t know i could mean a woman for all i know asparagus and all that isn t anything new everyone complains about english assignments.

Everyone hates reading the scarlet letter. Everyone thinks school should die. However something that also locked in my disdain for reading was my mom hi mom of course as a parent you don t want your child to do nothing but play video games. All day that obviously leads to undeniable life failure.

So what s the solution make them read more and on paper. I don t think there s anything wrong with that honestly. I ll probably use that parenting technique. Too when applicable.


I think my mom made the obvious good parenting decision. But as the victim here. I believe i fell in the small minority. Where it had the overall opposite effect during summer vacation.

My mom would always tell me that i needed to read at least two books so i don t forget how to read. Whenever my mom would walk in on my brother and i playing mario kart together in the living room. She would ask if we ve read yet today which we would respond no because readings for chumps and then she d lock us in our rooms to be chumps. I started hating reading so much i would rather do literally nothing than read a book there were a couple summers where i faked reading entire books because i just didn t want to read that much there is this one about dragons.

I think called the secret country and i still remember that just looking at the cover would put me in a bad mood because of hatred association screw your secret country when i was being forced to read i would sit angrily on my bed open the book move the bookmark of reasonable amount forward to make it look like i read and then just sit there for 30 minutes staring at it it was boring and i don t know what was wrong with me. I could have had at least a decent time. If i d tried to read the dang book. But i guess it turned into a dignity thing actually the ironic part is maybe a year or so later.

I decided to restart the same book and give it another shot on my own terms and i finished it in two days. It was pretty good. I did it again with another book called molly moon and the morphing mystery. It s like the fifth book.

In this molly moon series. It s been a while so i don t really remember this story. But it s about this orphan who can hypnotize people and has a pug anyway. It s funky because i actually read the first few books of the series on my own and remember really liking them i would read them any chance like god.


But as soon as i was forced to read this one i just decided i d rather literally waste my time and sit alone rebelling against a reasonable parenting. But this time i never went back to read it i i think that might have been the point of no return for me. I think. The association of reading is a necessity or some sort of punishment has deep rooted itself in me and now i just feel like reading isn t fun or i m in trouble for something even though i live alone i ve tried listening to audiobooks.

But honestly they make me feel really lonely. I don t know why it might be the lack of visuals. I like pictures you know so no one else is around it s the same with music. I ve never been a big music person.

So whenever i try to sit down. And do something while listening to music. It somehow enhances this feeling of being alone and like time is going by slower. Which makes me uncomfortable.

So i always have either youtube videos or more. Recently twitch streams in the background. I m still not super used to twitch yet. But i like riu cars stuff.

He plays mario maker. Sometimes i wish i read more it might be good for me to slow down. Instead of always consuming a fast paced content on the internet. But on the other hand.


I think it s just a preference. I have that s been cemented with bad association. If you like reading. I think that s really great i ve got a lot of friends who like reading.

And it s cool that you ve got a really nice hobby you can fall back on to de stress or however you people feel while staring at words all day. I was gonna say you should recommend a good book. I should give a try. But i took a second to think about if i would actually try to read any suggestions and being real with myself the answer is no so enjoy that chamomile tea.

Hey hey how is everyone doing at home. I suppose i m lucky that i work from home and rarely leave the house so quarantine isn t hitting me too hard. But to those of you who are outside people needing suggestions may i suggest watching all of my videos in an infinite loop. Until we can leave our houses or animal crossing.

I actually recommend that one more any mutual s who are playing send me your friend code. Because i want to add you i ve been doing this thing where before i open up the game. I ll look at my friend list and see how many people online are playing animal crossing normally it s a hundred percent anyway however you re keeping yourself busy during quarantine. I hope you re doing well and thanks for watching my video bye.

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