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“Funnel graphics. I m going to show you how to get what most people are are looking for whether they re promoting a product for themselves an affiliate product coaching whatever it is i m going to show you some really cool ways of how to add the pictures that have the most engagement and the highest converting to your funnels here now. It s just the back end a pillar off here. If you don t have this i m gonna take you through there s so many different things and builder.

All that s really really really cool to use. But i m gonna take you through with the sales funnel graphics. Part and i don t know if you use a funnel builder currently or what you use exactly. But this is what i use to do these kind of things so if you use this follow along.

But if not and you want to check out builder all feel free to go down to the link below. And you can sign up for a free trial. So you can try it out for yourself. But what you do here is you go into design.

Now you can do it with videos too it s super cool videos. I m just going to show you the one the main pictures that most people are looking for that they want to add to their funnels. We re in the metadata so like for example if you paste your link to your funnel on facebook or somewhere it you know how it like automatically pops up like a tab. And there s that little photo with some information or whatever your funnels called that s typically where people want these kind of designs that come from so let me load here i got way too many tabs open might go slow music yeah here we go okay awesome.

So yeah. So this is i ll go through real quick. Am i throwing together for you real fast. But you ll see some of these are kind of familiar now.

I know people if they use a different funnel builder. They most of them do not come with anything like this so they actually have to go out to like a third party like jvzoo sells something like this but most of the stuff on jvzoo is crap from him from my experience and from a lot of people i talk to..

But you can easily do this like i make some thumbnails for youtube with this and you ll see how many there are here you see if i can scroll down here. But what i like to do is like this right here you ve probably seen this before. Except. It obviously doesn t say that it actually has like the product or affiliate product or like hey.

This is my mini course and it it imitates like it has a bunch of dvds and things like that but obviously. It s just you you put whatever there right the one i like to use i m just if i can go down here. But i mean as you scroll through like see every single picture. Where it s blue is where you would put whatever like your picture of your product or whatever.

It is or like a scheduled call with me like you would have your funnel on this phone with somebody s hand that s really high governing. Because people kind of want to zoom in and see it like there s a car with some coffee. I mean there s a bunch of these but i love using these because it s super simple to use i ll show you here in a second. But i ll just go through like key.

Oh. So many here so a lot of people just are looking at these are like oh dude. That would be really nice with my funnel or hey. That d be really nice in my metadata.

So when i post it like the link on facebook. It pops up this picture of an ipad with or right here two computers with your product or your photo. Whatever right so i don t want to spend too much time going through this. But i ll kind of scan through it real quick and all of that but let s just do this just do iphone on table real quick.

I ll just i ll just pop a picture in here real fast now you can download pictures you can get gifts so if you make a if you don t know how to make gifts of your show for like your own products that s a really cool idea you can google it super easy so if you want to actually i put a gif of like yourself. If people know you that well..

It s like a branding. Tactic or your product or something that could work. Very. Well.

So. If you come to upload media. You ll see that that blue box turns to purple with a red line because that s what that s where your photo is gonna be so let me upload here real quick i ll just pick a frame and picture music. Let me.

See you have that online marketing picture in here somewhere. Oh. We get desktop that s like mmm hmm screenshot screenshot screenshot. Okay so so he s our two comical up jpegs just for clickfunnels yes that one what s kind of wide let.

Me. See. If i can find a music. Right.

Yeah. Let me just 10x egrets. One okay. So see how that is that s kind of like what i was showing you earlier is that s how they do that is through things like these.

And it literally like you just replaced like your whatever with your with your plug in your products. Or something..

So. Let me just let me just put this in here. So bill. Doyle has a car program.

There s that that s a pretty good picture. What s throw it in here. Just for example so let it upload and you re going to want to again depending. If you re using that the iphone one it makes a picture pretty small bit.

If you using like like you want to put on a mac like your picture. It s pruitt s a lot bigger. I promise. But you can as you can see here you can scale difference like you can downsize this and just i mean if you play the more you play around with it you ll get more used to it.

But i mean you get the idea right. There s all these different customizations over here you can make it from africa. I should have hit smooth. If he had smooth that makes the picture look really clear.

But i mean like imagine this in your business. If like if you had pictures like this available for you where you can put it s like somebody s working outside like hey you can take your business online. This is a perfect picture for that person s outside has your your face your products whatever i mean. But you get the idea you can go through these and it comes with you i mean you ll start getting hit with all these really good ideas.

That s what happens to me at least. I use a pool you picture in a pool..

And people. It s like instant people just people don t think about it like psychological wise. But it s like when they see things like this it s instant credibility. Because for example.

If you re promoting something to somebody. And you have a picture of somebody looking like they re using it it s instant instant instant authority for that person even if they don t think about us of consciously they re like other people are using this i probably need to check it out and use it too and that s all made by lik look someone chillaxing laptop. I mean you get the idea. But this is this is how you do it in builder.

All there s other third party places to get these. But honestly everything i ve seen is not good. But if you want to sign up for builder. All feel free to go down the description below and you re going to go to the design section.

And that s just the design studio if you go to the photo studio and video section. You ll be blown away by those two. Because you can make floating videos and animated videos. So that is it if you guys have any questions.

Feel free to message me or contact me be sure to ” ..

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This is the best place I ve found so far to create these cool and high converting sales funnel images. Sales funnel Images are extremely important as they can make or break a funnel.

Remember the psychology when you re setting up your sales funnel stages that packaging your offer together (Like the CD version in the video) or using a photo of someone holding a phone or computer with your product or face already on it, will dramatically boost conversions as the human mind sees the sales funnel image or marketing funnel graphic, with someone using it already. They most likely will want to be apart of it too.

So remember that if you re going to take the time to put together a marketing funnel and build the sales funnel stages, then make sure it has some really good and converting sales funnel images.

I made the one today with the software you can try out here

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