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“Is meal soft and why is it such a big deal. Every company is made made up of lots of applications. Si. P.

Oracle. Workday. Salesforce. Could be external systems.

Stripe for payment processing. Or. Other cloud based applications right. This is what every company deals with dozens or hundreds.

Maybe even thousands of these applications now here s what meals off does first it connectors for all these things they have hundreds of connectors and if they don t have a connector say. It s a custom mainframe application and they don t have a connector for it they have a connector sdk. Now the other thing that meal stock talks about is api led connectivity..


So they have tools that allow you to design api s for the front end of each of these systems. And they call all of these system api s alright. So the first thing you do is you roll out your first wave of system. Api s and again.

This is like s. Ap. Mainframe could be mq series could be salesforce. Some customers really see us as a system of record.

And that s where that data lives can be work. Day can be you know stripe now. We ve got them all api enabled. So that they re accessible in a common way this mainframe app.

Doesn t need some expert on kobol and mainframe technologies. It s all accessible through this modern api. So a current java developer can access that and interact with it unlock data..


Leverage that functionality into higher level applications. Now the next thing that mule soft is really good. At is then creating composites composite api s and they call these process aps. Now process api might be something like order fulfillment.

Some person needs to go figure out which back end systems are needed to fulfill an order and then create this composite application and then publish that to the rest of the developers. So at any time. There s a project that needs order fulfillment instead of going and solving at this level. They re just able to grab this process api.

They could also have there s lots of these there could be a customer 360 api that s pulling data out of salesforce. And si p. Some mainframe application. They could have you know payment processing payments.

They could have returns right. There s business value a next level of business value in these api s. But they go another level and the next level is what real soft calls experience..


Ap is and these are further abstractions so for example they might have a mobile app api so instead of telling the ios and android developer to hit all these different back end api s they could roll it all up and this can go to a mobile app and they re giving those developers one api to do all the things they need to do this is what meal soft collectively refers to as an application network. This is the application network that is api lead connectivity. Now let s take a look at where salesforce fits in a lot of people want to put salesforce here and that s fine. We can be a system of record.

But a lot of people think of us as a system of engagement. So i actually think of salesforce up at the top. So if you think about it there s employee apps and there s consumer apps. Right sales cloud service cloud analytics alright all of our apps can access.

These api s and bring data from all these systems into the sales cloud. The service cloud. Einstein analytics. Etc.

For example. If you are a service cloud agent and you re using the agent console. You might need to be able to look up inventory management data..


That s kind of pulling from some api. That s going to si p. In the background. Similarly on the consumer side.

We have the marketing cloud. We have commerce cloud and for both consumers and employees you can have custom apps running on the lightning platform. That are certainly accessing a lot of these back end systems so custom same over here on employees right and that s where the ui. The logic all the things that we re accustomed to with lightning platform live.

But it s now able to access all these different back end systems because we ve api enabled it through the application network now this drawing is a little bit of a mess. But hopefully you can now see that this is a huge differentiator for salesforce. We re no longer just one of many systems or the glue that pulls all these things together and allows our customers to set themselves up for speed and agility and ultimately to build these connected customer experiences and to lead their digital transformation. Thank you very much post your questions and we ll get more information out soon thanks.

” ..

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This 6 minute whiteboard video

explains what MuleSoft is and why it s a big deal for Salesforce and our customers.

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