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” re looking for a tutorial on how to use listen scratch will hang around because because in this scratch free basics. Tutorial good. An example. It s gonna make you boss of scratch list in no time.

Coming up hello weld surfing scratcher here teacher surf programmer. Bringing the goodness of learn to code through video tutorials. If that sounds like something that you re into then consider hitting that subscribe button hit that show more button below check out the show notes for links to activities and information that can help you and your learner s along on your learning journeys alright let s tick off lists. I d like to pick up from where we left off with our variables tutorial.

If you haven t checked that one out yet. There s a card in the top right corner for you. But essentially a variable is something that we store more specifically a value in a commedia text or a number value represented here by this box. So.

If you know what a variable is then lists are easy lists basically just a whole bunch of variables. Grouped together as illustrated here by all the boxes. I ve got in this room. All about variables or boxes look.

A little unorganized. Luckily lists organize them for us to illustrate this we need to go outside for some fresh air. Ah that s cool right here we are a bossy stream. We re gonna be using the idea of the street to understand lists i want you to take a moment to think about the street on which you live on your street.

There is probably some houses and each of those houses have numbers on them. So that we can locate them it s the same deal for lists. Let s use the name of a street to create our first list head on over to the orange variables category and we re gonna skip over all these variables and check out the button that says make a list. We re prompted with a dialog and just to show that we are going to use the street name.

I m just going to type in box e street. There you ll see that we ve been given this little list editor on at the stage. It s also given us some access to some of these blocks that we can use for lists..


We have nothing on our box straight here on the graphic and we ve also got nothing in our list. Yet now i m thinking that on most streets that i see there are houses. So we need to do the same thing for our boxing street. But instead of houses.

We re going to be using boxes because remember boxes mean variables. It s a great time to start exploring the stacked blocks of lists you re not sure what stack box. I ll go check these scratch blocks. Explained tutorial coming up now.

I ve got six boxes. Let s go add six things to our box. See straight so if we drag at this ad block. We can add a thing i ll press.

It and one thing has been added two boxes right if i press it again look a second item comes in there. I can change. The text and go. Hello.

Let s add the word hello. Great. We re adding text here. We ve added three text values and now let s type in some numbers.

So let s add one two three. We can also add to our list by pressing the little addition icon here and we can type into our clean. So there s another number i pressed into there to add one beneath it i can also hold down shift enter. And that adds an item above the one that we just got currently selected you can press.

The cross here to delete that item as well let s check out the next act look and that is deleting one of boxey street. What this says here is it s going to delete the first item of boxey street. So how do we know..


Which one is the first item of our boxes. Here well just like your street and the houses on your street. They all have numbers so let s go ahead and give our boxes numbers just like the numbers that we have here in elias. One.

Two three four five six two three four five six now you remember in our variables. Tutorial. We were giving names to our variables. Here.

We just refer to the specific location in the list by a number so if we press delete one a box e street. We should delete the first thing boom also just deleted. Our six box to reflect the same thing. You know list now we don t have to delete the first item.

We could delete say item four number 78. So delete four and then of course let s go check out the next act well delete all the boxes treat i hope. It s pretty clear what this book does we should see all of our items. Go there they go all right let s check out the next step.

What that is insert something at a particular place. Now there have to be some items in our list to actually insert this one so we can t insert a place. Too. Because there are currently no items in our list.

Let s get some items in our list. I have here hi. My name is scratcher well my name is surfing scratcher. So i d like to add item.

Five insert the word surfing insert surfing at item five. Watch what happens. When i press..


This boom. Hi. My name is surfing scratcher check out our last act walk. And that s where we can replace an item in this list.

So we ll say hi. My name is the serving scratcher let s replace item five to say peter. You can see that item home has changed to peter so hi. My name is peter scratcher.

Let s change item six to parker lick. It and peter paco. Let s now check out the list reporter blocks. These round rectangles here recall that a reporter block.

Just tells us the value so here. It s saying item one of boxes trail. If we look over here item. One should be hi.

I press this we should see hi. If i refer to item four. We should see the word is and we do this next block is pretty cool item number of thing in box each street. So what this is doing.

It s going to return the position of a value in a list if the value exists so if we want to check out peter. We know that the position is five in our list. So if i type in the word peter and i press this we should get the number five. But if i have a typo here which i did before and i click it we get zero.

So peter does not exist in our list. Let s check out the length of our list. So this is pretty straightforward it just tells us the total number in our list..


I click this we should get six let s now check out the only berlin block of our lists. And it s this one here it checks to see whether or not a value is in our list. So it will return a true or false value. It s saying here it does the word thing exists.

Now it s if i press this it should say false now if i change this to peter and i press it it should say true and it does now this isn t case sensitive so i can have a lowercase p. In it and press. This and it will still evaluate to true if i have a space after peter and i press it it will evaluate to false so that s just something to consider it s going to look for the exact term in here. But it isn t case sensitive the last two blocks a stack blocks and they re pretty straightforward.

If you ve seen variables you can hide the list on the stage. And you can also show you the list. There s just a couple of more things i want to touch on weird lists. So you might have asked how many of these items can a list or well you see here on our street our street kind of goes infinitely.

But that isn t the truth rail list the maximum number of items that you can have in scratch for a list is 200000. Another thing that you can do with the list editor here is you can resize it on at the stage. So that s pretty cool no another awesome thing about this is that you can right click them and you can export a list to a text file and you ll see here that it is comp down the screen i can open it and it is exported my list to a text file hi my name is peter parker and edit this list by putting my name back in to replace peter parker hit the save button head back over to scratch right click import navigate to that text file and upload it and groom surfing scratcher is back in place that s all the basic aspects of this i ll make it a video in the future. That discussed list with a bit more detail as when you start to make some pretty complicated scratch projects.

This is under pin at the data aspects of all that you will do i ll leave a link to the scratch wiki article. Below in the description definitely go check that out stand for scratching question and i want to know if you know what lists are called in other programming. Languages. Out there drop your answer in the comment section below hey.

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In this Scratch 3 basics tutorial, we follow on from the previous tutorial on variables to help our understanding of lists. Essentially, lists are just a bunch of variables group together. We use the idea of a street with houses on it to understand variables. A street has a name, which is the same as the name for a list. Each street has a house on it and each list has a place for a variable. Each house has a number so that we can locate it. Each list item has a position so that we can locate it as well. We also go through each block that we can use for lists including: how to add an item to a list, how to delete an item in a list, how to add an item at a position, how to delete an item at a position, how to get the value of an item and how to check if an item is in our list.

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