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“They re gonna kick neach other in the crotch aah n aah no laughing what what am i watching mouse clicks u266a dramatic chord u266a u266a dramatic chord u266a u266a chord u266a u266a whimsical music u266a hmm. I like him u266a. Whimsical music. U266a.

What dinosaur yee. Snickers. Snickers. Yee.

U266a. Whimsical music u266a. Laughs. Okay singing along u266a bah.

Bah bah. U266a dinosaur yee. Amused is that the whole thing. Laughing n.

That was great what are we going down nthe youtube poop like rabbit hole typing. We re googling color red images u266a x. Files theme. U266a n.

Laughing uncontrollably. Both laughing what n. No u266a x files theme u266a. What is blue doing there nin the color red.

I get it it s blue snickering. What am. I watching are these youtube haikus. Oh.

That was really good ni. Like the x files. Music. Speaking.

Portuguese. Oh. My god i like her. Oh shit.

Oh. Woman. Speaking. Portuguese cracks up oh me giggles laughter.

N. That was fake what n. That was fake that was the slowest fall ni ve ever seen it feels like youtube from 2005. It s the weird part of youtube n.

Mm hmm. That is what this feels like n. It s the best part announcer how it feels to chew..


5 gum. I just had a piece of this cracks up announcer new 5 gum how it feels to chew 5 gum oh laughs uproariously i remember n painfully oh snickers announcer stimulate your senses i don t know what s happening what are you showing me i need to get me some 5 gum u266a uh huh this my u266a jerry seinfeld u266a seinfeld theme instrumental u266a n. U266a all the girls stomp u266a u266a your feet like this u266a n. Chuckles u266a a few times.

I ve been u266a u266a around that track u266a n. Laughs u266a hollaback girl continues nover seinfeld theme u266a my brain s so confused u266a a few times. I ve been naround that track u266a u266a. So it s not just gonna nhappen like that u266a u266a cause.

I ain t no hollaback girl u266a n. It goes it goes well not bad huh u266a hollaback girl u266a still what what kind of mashup was that it s so good someone ntook the time to make that this is just a compilation nof. Why the internet should exist. So hawaii five 0 nyou ever seen that show well there s a drum fill nin there that goes drumming skillfully.

Damn amazed what n that s a lot of drums. It s too many drums u266a theme music begins u266a n. Chuckles whoa u266a doo doo doo doo u266a snickers he just drops the that was just dope n. Wow.

What is the connection here nthey re short. They re hilarious. I m so confused with the right prop and make it n. Gasps puppy.

Oh. No oh no oh it s gonna kill this dog laughing n. Don t kill the dog why snickering what n are you kidding me man. I didn t dog the shot busts out laughing man.

I didn t dog the shot n. Oh. I see what you did there man. I didn t dog the shot.

Oh that was so punny. It s a good thing you didn t nhit the dog i d be outraged that was a good shot. Though n that was a really cool shot and that dog had zero idea nwhat was going on u266a dramatic tune u266a u266a spider man spider man u266a u266a does whatever u266a n. Oh mama loud crashing n snickers u266a does whatever a spider u266a crashing n.

Both snickering u266a does whatever a spider u266a. No no. Oh. My god u266a.

Does whatever. A spider u266a. Oh. Oh.

Giggling that was my favorite all right. I saw that one coming. I think you might just be showing. Me.

The entire span of the internet. U266a. Seth..


Rogen. Chuckling. Along nto. Star.

Wars. Cantina. Song. U266a.

Laughs. U266a. Seth. Rogen.

Chuckling. U266a. His laugh is so funny laughs. Boisterously.

I feel feel like i m getting spit on he do laugh. Like that chuckles. You can never have too much. Seth rogen.

You re just staring. At me. I m supposed to understand nwhat in the world. That was silence.

Uh stock footage. This is awkward. There s no sound oh creeper laughs. What is he doing aw he missing out everybody s celebrating.

But him he s like why am i left out no no he does not even blink. I feel like he s staring into my soul one in five people nat your work is a serial killer. Laughing was that what nthis ad is demonstrating were all of these famous ninternet things at one point. I m trying to find the connection that s one of the most awkward nvideos.

I ve ever watched oh this isn t gonna nend well for anybody they re gonna kick neach other in the crotch aah n. Aah no oh oh chuckling oh slow mo. Noises n. Oh.

My god what was the point of that why would you scissor neach. Other like that u266a swanging u266a u266a eyes closed u266a n. What what are these things chuckling snickering giggles. No why are they dying u266a swanging.

U266a n. That was weird i have no idea what was going on there how do these all tie. Into each. Other page rustles poorly dubbed voice let s go shopping snorts that s not what.

She said. Poorly dubbed voice. When dubbed voice..


How about tomorrow dubbed voice tomorrow. Sorry. I can t n. What is this dubbed.

Voice. Then nhow about this sunday. Dubbed voice. No problem.

Ha ha ha. Laughing. That s my favorite. One.

So. Far. They need to make their words nmatch their lips. Better that s the worst acting ni ve seen in years that was was that i don t i m still so confused u266a whimsical synthesizer music u266a hot dog every time i come in here you guys have weirder and weirder shit that i have to sit through what i don t think that s a word it s going on the arm.

Why s it going on her hand. Oh no wait why is why is nwhat is happening laughs what is going on here that s actually kinda funny ni m not gonna lie when is it over that was so weird that was ridiculous where are you finding these things are they all supposed to be using nawkward random humor is that part of it now. I just want to know nwhat s going on with all these videos fbe these videos. All came nfrom a well known playlist on youtube called important videos.

What they didn t seem that important nto. Me they were funny how was that important how have i not heard of this this is new to me i did not know this fbe. So we re gonna npull up the playlist now and take a look at just how many nviews this playlist has got 510 million flustered. Why who s watching this why don t they throw nmy videos on this playlist.

This is incredible. I m gonna go and watch this nonstop n. This is really cool does youtube. Know this laughs.

Do they know do they know about this nsomeone. Contacted youtube. And told. Them this is what nthe site.

Is doing with its life. This is a finely. Curated list like this guy s a sommelier of videos. Some random man.

Two years ago. Found hundreds of 10 second nvideos put them together and now 510 million people nhave had good days because of it sighs n. Just from this random dude. Incredible n.

That s kinda awesome. It s incredible n. I m happier now fbe. So how do you think something nlike this spread.

So much i don t know i mean nit s not worth a spread that wide just how stupid. It is n. Yes stupidity it spreads because of how shocked people are just like this it s like yo check out this dumb shit..


It confuses people and confusion and humor go hand in hand n. Mm hmm and i think people are just like n. I don t know what this is so i have to show my friends n. Yeah.

They re all short they re quick and there s something for everyone. There s a lot of humor nin this playlist. I really like it things that are dumb or nonsensical that you can t totally nexplain why they re funny. But you inherently understand nor get why they re funny is what people really like there s a thing called youtube parties at some point.

The party gets lame and someone pulls up a youtube video and at which point then it becomes na game of one upmanship so you need good short nfunny videos that hit and i think that s where na lot of these get spread around fbe. So if you watched nall these videos in a row. It would be over three hours long. There are some people online nwho have made it a goal to finish the entire nplaylist in one sitting no way let s go chuckles fbe.

So what do you think would you ever try to sit and watch nall 310 videos in a row. I would i don t want to say no. But i also can t commit to yes. I don t think i could be able to do it i think after about 30 minutes.

My brain would just nkind of start going numb. I am. A big fan of marathoning. Nor binge.

Watching things so i would be very ninclined to binge watch if i was on acid or really high nor something maybe. But it s not something i could nsit and put myself through that it wasn t that enjoyable to me at all i feel like we d get through an hour and then we d be like n dude. All right so n. I sat through king kong.

The new king kong listen n. Laughing it was like two and a half hours nfor a 40 minute movie. This is 30 minutes more nand. I ll at least laugh like i can do it fbe.

So finally if one of your videos ever ended up in the playlist nhow would you feel i would be honored. I d be tickled a little pink. I would feel disappointed because i feel like i ve tried very hard to not make such stupid videos oh. It s the highest honor nare.

You kidding. That says other people find it funny nin. The way that they feel it s present that they need to present and curate. It for the world.

Thank you so much for watching this important episode of youtubers. React be sure to subscribe to everyone nwho was in this episode link right there in the description bye bye deuces hey guys. It s ethan here from fbe. Thank you so much for watching nthis.

Very very important episode of youtubers react and if you want to see more nepisodes of youtubers react check em out down nbelow in the description. ” ..

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