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“Everything there is to do in stardew here are 10 great games. That are the the cream of the crop. After 300 hours. Stardew valley can feel a little stale.

N t it you ve got up in your perfectly designed house just like you do every day. And suddenly you can feel the limitations of this wonderful pixelated world like belle from beauty and the beast. Said. So well there must be more than this provincial life don t feel bad.

Though it s ok to move on you won t be cheating on stardew just expanding your horizons and there are plenty of games that will feed your desires for the simple farming life whether you want more planting and animal care or more like those life threatening trips down the mines. There are plenty of titles to scratch your particular itches here. Then are ten games like stardew valley first off to prevent any game. Changing whiplash is my time at portia probably one of the closest experiences to stardew valley.

The view is a bit different. But this lovely laid back world will welcome you with open arms as you build a house make friends and craft the day away just like stardew you can grow crops tend to animals and even head down the mines to find shiny things to make into well. Even more things you start off small with a run down shack to fix up. But it doesn t stay that way long as you do jobs for the happy inhabitants of portia chop down all the trees and smash up stacks of rocks.

It would be unfair to say that this is a stardew clone. The style and tone of my time at portia are a refreshingly. Happy change of pace making. It also a lovely peaceful addition to our most relaxing games.

List. If you had to pick one word to describe stardew valley. It would probably be wholesome that is until you find the machine that turns your children into birds. But let s ignore that for the sake of this entry graveyard keeper is the opposite of wholesome a bit like the paris catacombs.

It s dark ludicrously macabre and filled with skulls all from this lovely top down. View you can make candles from human fat burn. Witches..


And even sell mystery meat to the local tavern. Yummo. Just like stardew. You ve got a day night cycle.

And there s plenty of crafting and elaborate designing to do although. You re more likely to be found making a graveyard look pretty than planting. Lovely flowers or collecting truffles to make into oil complete with a bouncing skull to give you handy tips and a long suffering corpse bearing donkey graveyard. Keeper is a brilliant way to while away the hours until.

We are lost for eternity. Oh. An excuse to mention slime rancher and talk about it. At length quick.

Before matt notices that i created this list just to do this in my defence. Though just look how happy everything is slime rancher means gazing upon the smiling faces of your blobby wards. So pleased that you have finally fed them that they ll gift you sellable faeces. It s only weird to start with honest.

If the loops of stardew valley. Are what keep hooked prepare for a whole new level of dangerous playability. Even using the trusty vacpack is absurdly satisfying if vacuuming in real life was this much fun all our living spaces would be significantly cleaner. Whether you re building pens.

Exploring the far far away ranch. Planting specific fruits. And vegetables to make sure that slimes get their favourite foods or just obsessing over making sure that your happy creatures don t eat each other s poo slime rancher is a fiendishly compelling farm sim with a unique life of its own minecraft has a lot to answer for doesn t it so many blocks. So little time on this earth to disintegrate them all well.

Thankfully staxel. Which takes more than a little visual inspiration from mojang s pickaxe fest makes life more manageable literally. Another..


Welcoming farming and village. Sim. The finally free of early access game is packed with endless crafting recipes to fulfill and happy go. Lucky residents to meet building is satisfying and fun.

And you can even have a pet to make sure you re not missing out on your very sleepy animal friend from your home farm in stardew with a gentle pace that you very much set yourself. Staxel is another peaceful alternative for all your farming needs plus you can even play with friends. If you re feeling sociable. If the one thing that irritates you about stardew valley.

Is that pesky stamina bar. Might i suggest trying farm together for size. This frankly. Edible.

Looking grow fruit and veg em. Up is an energetic delight. Where you never need to sleep yep who needs rest when there are so many endless delicious treats to water and pick moats of eels to place and chickens to feed if your perfect farming game is a glorified farmville you can play with friends and never need to put a hand in your pocket. This is the cartoony agricultural sim for you and sure.

While it starts off simple farm together never stops growing without the limitations of stamina and inventory space. You can just keep planting and picking yes. You ll wait for things to grow. But there s constantly something to do and it s a dangerous time eater.

I ll just wait for another 17 minute season to roll around before bed. Maybe what you like about stardew valley is the farming maybe. It s not the relationships. The collecting or the making gallons of duck egg mayonnaise that floats your boat.

It s the planting the intricacies of the watering the way soil interacts with your golden shovel if and only if this is the case i can heartily recommend farming simulator. 19. Only here will you find the realistic homestead creation that your land loving heart desires..


Only in this world of perfectly realised farm equipment and painstakingly crafted vehicles will you fulfill your true farmy destiny. Nothing here grows without very specific processes each with their own vehicular attachments and routines sure it might take you a couple of hours to learn. But just think how you ll feel the first time you harvest your very own crops you. ll totally kick grass oh.

Never. Mind stardew valley isn t all about planting fruit and veg. If you truly want to find all of its secrets. You have to head into the mines and if it s this trip into the darkness.

That s your favourite element. Moonlighter is here to make it your full time job well one of two full time jobs. The first is having murderous adventures in endless rooms of things that want to kill you the second is managing a shop and keeping customers smiling. It s an endlessly.

Compelling gameplay loop. Your patrons don t know it but for each and every one of the pieces of merchandise on the shelves you risked life and limb to get it there. You ll also need to head back in when the stock runs out and weirdly. There s no dull element here somehow whether you re slaying creatures and dodging death or pricing up rare items.

Moonlighter. Constantly feels fresh. And exciting say hello to your new job in retail. What happens in a game after the big bad is defeated there are lives to rebuild buildings to repair body parts to clean up it s a question that early access relax o rama littlewood.

Aims to answer apart from y know the. Body parts bit the dark wizard is defeated and the world of solemn is at peace and it s your job to rebuild that world by encouraging new inhabitants to move into your burgeoning town you harvest materials by chopping wood mining ore fishing and more then use what you ve gathered to craft the ideal town for you and your new neighbours and you ll have to listen to their wants and needs too whether it s building their home on a higher elevation or surrounding their pad with trees and running water it s a dense but relaxing slice of escapism that s packed with stuff to do despite the visual simplicity if you ve exhausted of stardew. The finished version of littlewood could be exactly the distraction. You re after you re not playing a fantasy rpg unless.

It has an item shop. But do you ever stop and think about the person who runs the shop or how those items get replenished. No of course not that would be weird..


But if you re interested the quirky addictive recettear is a great place to learn more about the rigours of rpg retail. It s different from stardew in numerous ways. But it does have a similarly compelling gameplay loop. You manage every element of your shop from where you put your prestige items to interior design.

And like moonlighter you delve into randomised dungeons to gather new loot or die trying. It s a smart self referential game with a great sense of humour. A rallying cry of capitalism ho tells you everything you need to know about the tone. Even the name recettear is a play on words say it wrong.

And it comes out like racketeer. Which given the circumstances of the lead character doesn t feel that far wrong. And you thought fairies were nice yonder is the sort of game best enjoyed at your leisure. You can rush through it sure.

But this an experience that s best enjoyed at a snail s pace while chugging back numerous glasses of ice tea and there s plenty to keep you busy too with numerous professions to master and eight diverse biomes to explore from lush green vales inhabited by sickeningly cute bunny balls cool blue plains featuring cheery pink dogbears and coastal dreamscapes that answer the question what would happen if you grew a garden on a pig it s less sinister than it sounds. Yonder is a dynamic world as well day turns to night. Weather changes and animals migrate and as you might have noticed from the footage. Yonder is gorgeous wistful achingly.

Pretty areas that feel like you re wandering through the mind of an artistically gifted friend and even the animals here love you i love you too chonky boi. It s all so warm and wholesome and wonderful you ll never want to play another game about snapping necks or bludgeoning zombies. Again. So that s ten games to play if you love stardew valley.

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So you know exactly when our next video lands. ” ..

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