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“Gaming bolte presents. 15 secrets in assassin s creed origins that you totally missed. Not. Not.

Many people had a ton of high hopes for the next assassin s creed. When origins was revealed over numerous months it slowly won us over like any open world title these days assassin s creed origins is full of secrets and references. And they range from other ubisoft titles to movies. One specific movie in particular and even a square enix game here are 15 secrets easter eggs and interesting details to discover an assassin s creed origins.

The assassin s creed movie. Considering the movie last year filled the void of no game being released. It only makes sense that origins would reference. It this is reflected in emails between protagonist layla and sofia.

Where the former is actually advising the latter on how to build the animus in the film game of thrones much like other games in recent memory assassin s creed origins pays tribute to game of thrones. There s a rare spear in the game called needle and the caption reads stick them with the pointy end which references. Jon snow s quote. Arya stark.

It even confers bleeding on hit just like real pointy things final fantasy. 15. In saqqara nome. You ll come across a hieroglyph of a man holding a sword across from another man with a hat and a single wing.


Look familiar. This is a reference to final fantasy with antagonist arden on the left and protagonist noctis on the right. The boots kind of give it a way to be honest. And if this seems weird.

Then clearly you didn t check out the assassin s festival and final fantasy. 15. Indiana jones sooner or later byuk will have to explore the caretaker shrine during a quest head there and you ll come across numerous snakes with byuk exclaiming. Why did it have to be snakes.

This is a reference to indiana jones famous line from raiders of the lost ark noting that a little fire can t fix in origins. Though gladiator. Remember the scene in gladiator where maximus is near death and walking across a wheat field in the afterlife to be with his son. And wife assassin s creed origins.

Captures that sort of when byuk walks through a wheat field. He ll move his hands through it much like maximus did not when he s dying mind you just whenever wale valley. There s a certain lake in foam. Not the large body of water that connects it to phayam oasis.

Though which contains the skeleton of a whale. This is a reference to the real world location wada eliten or whale valley in egypt. Which is a unesco world heritage site and contains hundreds of fossils detailing the evolution of whales dr. Who if you head over the body of water near lata police and go diving.


You ll eventually come across what seems to be a sunken police box doctor who fans will recognize this as the doctor s famous tardis. A machine capable of traveling through space and time what s it doing in egypt. Well. What isn t it doing aiden pearce.

When playing as layla you ll spot a laptop off to the side access. It. And there will be numerous folders on the home screen select olivier garneau and you ll be able to read up on the chief creative officer at abstergo entertainment. Well former cco that is there s also a cctv of someone shooting karna in the head and who else would it be but aiden pearce from watch dogs with his trademark trench coat and hat desmond miles it s an assassin s creed game so of course there s gonna be references to desmond miles if you look on the same laptop next to a folder of olivier carr.

Know you ll spot a folder with desmond s name on it you ll see medical reports. Autopsy photos and whatnot. Some of which may be familiar to those who played assassin s creed. 4.

Black flag. There s also a special character in game. Who has some kind of relationship with desmond. But will wait for you to find it for yourself unicorn mount so technically this isn t a secret.

But if you never explored the in game microtransactions store you probably never know this basically you can purchase a mount that s a unicorn. No we re not beating around the bush. It s a it s a white unicorn horn and all helix credits are required to purchase it and those can be earned either with real or by finishing the first few story missions near the beginning of the game. Flaming sword the overall variety of loot in assassin s creed origins is pretty okay by action rpg standards.


There aren t a lot of power fantasy weapons to be had except of course have dzifa s sword you acquire this blade later on in the campaign. But its main trait is that it s always on fire swiping at enemies will share the fire with them. And it s well worth picking up especially for its additional perks hallucinations. If you leave by a kout in the desert for long enough.

He ll eventually get heatstroke and start hallucinating such hallucinations will include bugs raining from the sky actual bugs. Not the usual ubisoft ones. A fish flopping out of the water and even a burning bush that can be found if you follow a piece of cloth. It s a little surreal to be honest.

And there s possibly. Even more hallucinations to discover asou armor to obtain the best looking armor set in the game. Namely. The e.

Su armor. You ll need to jump through a few hoops. It involves going to the games of various stone circles. Solving the constellation puzzles going into the sphinx statue and garnering and depositing 50.

Silica. Keep in mind that some stone circles are in high level areas. So only pursue the e su armor. When you re level 40 or higher.


Or. Ideally. When you ve beaten the game. Whatever works better for you dark souls.

You ll find a sword buried. In a mound of dirt and bones maybe. It s the lightning and the overall mood. But this reminds us of the bonfires from dark souls.

Granted. It s not a blaze. But really with the combat and everything else it could just be more than a coincidence mk h. If you head over to memphis and wander around long enough you ll find a green patch with roses in it observe the patch from up high and the initials in kh can be seen what does it mean some speculate that it could be an animator or environmental artists.

Leaving their initials for players to find either way. It s there and someone should own up to it or even better take credit for it and that ll be about it for this one if you guys like what we re doing at gaming vault. Please consider subscribing to our channel and i ll see you guys on the next video you ” ..


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Not many people had a ton of high hopes from the next Assassin s Creed but when Assassin s Creed Origins was revealed over numerous months, it slowly won us over. Like any open world title these days, Assassin s Creed Origins is full of secrets and references. They range from other Ubisoft titles to movies (one specific movie in particular) and even a Square Enix game. Here are 15 secrets, Easter Eggs and interesting details to discover in Assassin s Creed Origins.




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