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“What s going on guys. Eric say welcome out to another division 2 video and and today. We ll take a look at two brand new exotic weapons. The lullaby the ruthless so if you guys do enjoy this video then likely super appreciated comment down below if here any questions and if you have an insta giveaway for a chance to win a pokemon let s go nintendo s switch got the link in the description box down below.

Now the two exotics. We re still to look at this time are actually pre order bonuses. The lullaby comes from pre ordering any edition of the game or from the capital defender pack. And the ruthless comes from pre ordering.

The ultimate edition. Now being pre order weapons you can get them earlier in the game. They are pretty low level. So they re definitely not overpowered.

They are moreso things you can kind of just get to begin with to like stop messing around with exotics or get a feel for them so they re not gonna be hugely game changing. But they do still have a couple of interesting hooks so starting off with the lullaby..

This is an exotic shotgun in terms of kind of appearance. It s a little bit soft buds together kind like a blue peter shotgun to a certain extent. It looks a little bit like it s got this off of and camera color to it. But it s also got a ton of like duct tape gaffer tape.

And some bandages wrapped around the back. It s basically soft like a botched job shotgun. There is also this rather interesting little charm hanging on the front. Which looks like an upside down hanging man.

So that s kind of funny. But it turns the actual weapon itself by default. It has a magazine size of 8. It has an rpm of 70 and your talents of course.

The namesake 1 lullaby. Is that when you land a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon..

It grants 35 bonus armor so when you see this in action. What ll happen is you swap to it you ll mele them. And then you ll see an additional little armor bar up here. Which will of course give you that bonus armor on top.

So given that you typically use a shotgun at close range in those situations. Where you are i guess kind of in harm s way then this kind of course be quite useful if you happen to be in a mission and then the door opens and suddenly the enemies start flooding out. Which is kind of how you dialogue at the time then a quick swap melee will at least give you little bit more armor. Which you then might use to kind of get back into cover or if you just want to stay in front of the enemies and just sort of stay up there in their face.

Then again you can lean into this but of course on top of that you then have the host of talent evasive where whilst equipped dodging reloads one percent of your current weapons magazine. So the other perks for the lullaby. Nothing crazy no sore like super opie talents or anything like that because of course. These are largely speaking.

Things you can kind of test at the beginning you can still bring these with you towards endgame. But largely speaking..

These are moreso things you can kind of mess around with early game however within switch focus to the ruthless this is actually an exotic rifle rifle being the new category in the division it has a magazine size of 30 rpm of 260 and on the talent front. The first one s actually kind of interesting is called binary trigger. And this weapon is equipped with a binary trigger that fires both on trigger pull and release. So basically can kind of get more firepower out of this in a short space of time and on top of that you also have brutality.

Where. While hosted landing. A shot has a 5 chance to deal plus 20 damage as explosive damage. So again.

As you can see nothing kind of super crazy early game. But they are definitely some rather interesting weapons to kind of mess around with at the very beginning for those of you that have pre ordered. So that s pretty much it just a super quick video showing you guys a couple. The weapons you can kind of mess around with to begin with if you ve pre order the game of course.

I started out there are plenty more exotics that we ll be looking for in due time so guys when we do encounter. Those i ll be sure to post up some videos and show you guys those to the time being that s it keep it locked for plenty more division coverage thanks for watching guys..

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you want to check out some more awesome stuff from us here at eric s gaming. Then you should definitely try to catch 269 and paradise central streaming six days a week. If i linked to the multi stream in the description box down below they play a wide range of games.

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Upload you can watch more videos by clicking on the options here. But once again thanks for much for watching take it easy catch you next time peace out. ” ..


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Here s a look at 2 new exotics weapons in The Division 2.
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