4 Stable Grizzly Bear Locations Red Dead Redemption 2 – YouTube

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“Music there are four stapled grisly locations. That i know of the first one is is right outside of valentine across the river. You can sneak up on him from railroad tracks. He s just sitting there minding his own business and i feel pretty bad putting one behind his ear.

But hey. It s 1899 and they re not endangered yet and i m using an upgraded springfield with a scope. It s my favorite hunting rifle here s the location just east of the v in valentine note that while this is a stable grizzly location. It is not a stable of three star.

Grizzly location. You may have to leave the area and come back make a safe exit. And reload or reload your safe to get a three star to spawn here yep next..


We travel to wallace station in the burnt out homestead to the northeast. There s a grizzly around here somewhere. And you have to ride around to find him and no worries if you don t find him. I m sure he ll find you music music next.

We have the infamous dutch pipe cabin. The trick is to approach from behind he ll charge don t panic and take your shot. And this is a stable and consistent three star location as long as you don t screw it up don t forget to collect dutchess pipe inside it s on the desk. You and finally we have to go up north and help duggars friend.

This is a stranger encounter that will spawn after you have cleared out flacco s camp up. At charon lake right up to the hill to trigger the event music. Music music..


Where are you tucker hey. You there. It s not a minute. Please i m looking for my friend.

We was in the cabin and he went out to get firewood. But he got lost in the storm. I m getting real worried mister. I was searched everywhere would you help me look for him obviously we need to help because we want to go bear.

Hunting all right yes. So where are we looking you re a good man bless you i m gonna keep looking around the cabin that s why i last saw if you could search the water perimeter. I d really appreciate it i ll take you right to tucker music music..


Yeah. Music music. Hey find anything we have to assist. So.

We can get the bear to appear follow. The hunter and wait for the grizz to show up. Yeah. Listen friend you might not want to see him tucker music.

Yeah. Music regrettably. There is no way to save him you can put as many shots into the bear as you want and he won t go down the scene has to play out but you won t damage the pelt either your bullets are useless right now music applause after he kills thunder..


The barrel charge you so be prepared this is another staple. 3. Star encounter. So keep that in mind music music.

You and here is the location where tucker and his friend meet the bear. And where the grizzly meets arthur just so you know the premium cigarette pack in kentucky bourbon. In this cabin. Responds if you leave and come back.

It s one of my first videos. I m super antoniou thanks for watching i appreciate your views like subscribe for more videos and we shall meet again further on down the trail music ” ..

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here are 4 grizzly bears just waiting for you to drop by and make your acquaintance…

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