5 BEST Shields in Borderlands 3 – Caedo's Countdowns

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“There vault hunters ketogenesis here bring you another one of cato s countdowns. This time. Time. Ranking shields in borderlands.

3. Like the 10. Most blame use firearms list. Which exceptionally well and i want to thank you for that this list is super duper subjective so just the opinion of this dumb amara player.

But i love to also hear reasons. Why other shields are good so keep both those things in mind my specialty is creating guides so not only will be showing you what these shields can do. But also where you can find them yourself. So let s get on with it welcome to cato s top 5.

Most protective impregnable and impractical shields in borderlands. 3. This first one represents a lot of things failed relationships clingy significant others. Annoying robots and bonus firepower.

I am speaking of the shield called the messy breakup. The flavor text as expected says. It s complicated and the main guaranteed effects with the shield are first that you are accompanied by a small drone that will fire at enemies dealing so much damage per shot. And when your shield breaks a temporary drone will come to your aid for roughly 10 seconds.

Just starting with that makes it sound like oh. This this is kind of fun. This is gimmicky. But kind of fun.

However because of who you get it from it also has the annoying voice of genevieve as i mentioned these separate guys that i did for this shield volume sliders are a thing and also recommended if she gets on your nerves. Like mine. But also as far as i can tell that s pretty much the only downside. I can think of for the shield.

I m pretty big one at that there are also three more interesting things that i noticed that aren t quite apparent just by looking at the stats. And number one being the resistance element that it has if it has one directly affects the element of the projectile that drone fires. So if it s a corrosive variant of the messy breakup. The drones will fire corrosive projectiles shock same deal and there s other variations.

I m sure another thing about the shield break effect that i noticed is that recharging too full is not required to spawn more temporary drones meaning you can have multiples active at a time. If you have the means of forcing regeneration quickly with your shield just so it can break again you can spam them this way the third thing that i noticed about the drones is that the temporary have about double the fire rate of the main one the damage for these can stack up pretty nicely too while yes. The messy breakup is rather gimmicky. I have enjoyed using it time and time again so now we re to fight it i kind of already spoiled that but we re gonna go over it anyway on planet eat in six in the voracious canopy region.

Is the location of a crash ship known as the family jewel. And when you are sent there through the storyline you get the wonderful gift of meeting. Genevieve shortly. After your encounter with bale x.

This ultimately ends in a awesome mecha battle with genevieve a battle that definitely drops a few points. Because she is a part of it but this mechanized version of genevieve has a chance of dropping the messy breakup shield and can be formed multiple times. If need be to get it i already mentioned how neat. I think the shield is and if you re wanting to try something different i would say give this one a shot.

I also mentioned something in the guide video itself of doing some sort of mental combo with zane s drone as well so there s an option to on to the next. Well. I don t use this one as much as the messy breakup. It s utility puts it a step higher for me.

And that would be the transformer shield a very clear reference to transformers due to its flavor text. Saying. There s more than your eye can see this is one of very few pieces of equipment in the game that makes you completely immune to an element. A hundred percent resistance to shock damage and not only that.

But it converts a hundred percent of that shock damage into shield. Also it has a 40 percent chance to absorb bullets adding. Them to your ammo cap with a generally high capacity and fair recharge. Delay and rate.

The transformer is a great shield in situations. That involve anything shock related..

There are a few different ways and probably more in the future in borderlands. 3. Where you can self damage with shock. Letting you take full advantage of that shield regeneration.

There s also boss rooms and enemy arenas. That have generators that you can continuously overload to do area effect shock damage in essence recharging your shield and i m sure. There s lots of other combinations that can be done with the transformer. If you have any please share speaking of sharing let s go over where you can get the transformer electricity is a completely optional section of promethea opens up to you when you take the quest to help out moxie in taking out kilovolt navigate all the way through electricity.

And do the things that are required to meet face to mask with kilovolts fight him. And he is the one that has the chance of dropping the transformer among some other shock based items kilovolt himself is just a pain to fight both due to his physical shield that he holds in front of him and his complete immunity like the transformer to shock damage. But he s who you get it from at higher odds at least. The transformer is also a world drop.

Too so. If you have strategy suggestions to to fight kilovolt and expedite. The process of getting a transformer please share like kilovolt is there are a lot of choices. When it comes to shields in borderlands.

3. More. And more as we get expansions to making the whole list subject to change. But early on when i got my first stopgap.

I looked at it and said audibly well this is cheating immunity phases on bosses are kind of obnoxious. But immunity phases on vault hunters. Now that s cool and that s what the stopgaps main thing is it is a high capacity with a fairly long recharge delay that makes you immune to damage. When it breaks for five seconds.

A lot can happen in five seconds during combat in borderlands. 3. Having that much breathing room to get behind cover and wait for your shield to recharge makes this shield in absolute lifesaver. The flavor text reflecting that the process is called living as it sets.

That s its main utility to the other effects. It comes with our randomized. Leaving room for some cool combinations as well like the extra resistance and movement speed that mine came with while the stopgap does give you a break between skirmishes. Unlike the messy breakup.

It needs to fully recharge before it can give you that immunity again. And because that recharge rate is slow hiding behind cover might need to become a habit with it too. But if that is part of your long term strategy or the way you built your revolt hunter in the first place well this just complements that now we re to get the stop gap shield a lot of these are still world drops. But thanks to a particular update to portal lands.

3. Now certain bosses and enemies drop specific things and this applies to pretty much every legendary including the stopgap. So if you re looking to pick one up stop by eden. 6.

And head to jacob s manor on the outskirts. There s a rare spawn named el drag n. Jr. Who drops not only the unleash the dragon relic.

But now also stop gap shields. He has the chance of spawning in from a waterfall here and for quick access when you quit and come back in the new use station on the hill. Right above. Said.

Waterfall is the closest to this spot. Something to also keep in mind with el dragon is that he usually barely drops anything otherwise. So don t be too put off if he just drops a little stack of money too many muscles not enough pockets second to last is fun to combo with anything radiation related and that would be the red suit misses to radiation. What the transformer is to shock basically except the radiation doesn t recharge your shields.

The red suit comes with a hundred percent radiation immunity. The first thing to keep in mind with the red suit is it is a low capacity quick recharge type of deal the immunity radiation damage is technically the second part of the shield the first part is its damage aura break effects can be bosses with the shield. But this is simply a damage over time aura. Which is visible while the shield is equipped enemies.

Within as aura. Take radiation damage per second around 744 at level 50..

That s quite a bit of damage per second because of how the radiation status works with enemies dealing damage over time already. When enemies are nearby each other exploding violently on death and spreading set damage over time to other enemies. The red suit just compounds that throw a hard hitting radiation weapon into the mix and you re pretty much set to be a walking apocalypse. The first step to becoming set apocalypse.

Though is getting a red suit for yourself. The shield can be gained both through a main quest and through an enemy drop first the quest eventually after reaching devil s razor on pandora. When playing through the storyline. There is a quest called angels and speed demons at the end of this quest.

You are simply rewarded with the red suit. But because the bonus effects can be wildly different. And it has a chance of being anointed. I figure you ll probably want to roll the dice again on that nuclear god roll the other place.

You can get a red suit is on necker to feo get to the taz n. Via ruins and you can locate one of zeros targets of opportunity well to technically. That is celeste row and atomic atomic. Is the one that has the chain of dropping the red suit and both of them have a chance of dropping a pistol that complements it very well called the pestilence so keep that in mind too if you re going for a radiation.

Longer finally the final shield my personal number one the recharger. I still don t know if the shield works the way it s supposed to but as for how it works at the time of this video. It s basically to full capacity shields at once and obviously my topic because of its protection value. You know cuz shields.

Do that sometimes the recharger is as follows. It s a high capacity middle of the road recharge delay and fare recharge rate. And it s red text says. Once more with feeling the recharge signature effect.

Is it instantly begins recharging. When broken and its cooldown for that effect is 20. Seconds. The text here says begins recharging.

But from my own experience with it it just charges too full immediately. There s no charge time to it with this effect so technically within that 20 second threshold you are actually getting around. 22000. Shields if you re starting at 11000.

Not to mention the extra effects that can come along with it below that point there is no other shield. I have consistently used on live wall hunters. I m primarily an amara player of course and even though guardian angel is nice staying upright is nice to win absorbing damage and this shield has a much shorter cooldown than guardian angel anyway playing through borderlands. 3.

One survival is the goal. You bet. My recharger is equipped now where to get it and this one is a little tough and disappointing it is a wall drop also but our dwarven nemesis nearest mick and four sir whom i was already exhausted farming when getting the crossbow sniper rifle. He is the one who drops reach harder s now i m not thrilled.

I m not thrilled about that well i ve gotten good rolls on it like there s always a better roll that you can get that s part of the loop. The loot loop. Anyway if you re looking to put yourself through that mess arrest mccann for sir can be found in electus city. The same place as kilovolts on planet prometheus underneath.

Like the city is the subway system and the main grand staircase. That leads down to it is closest to where eric enforcer spawns by excessively low chance from a door nearby a broken down subway car. There are two gripes. I have with earnest mccann for sir and not just his squished aesthetic.

But how as far as i know all the new use stations in the area are so far away from the spawn point. That you re going to be doing a lot of running with a low chance of him showing up and a lower chance of him dropping what you want you want to know what i got him to drop before i gave up a rough rider shield because he drops those too so if you want to get a good recharger. I would just suggest farming bosses. Because you ll probably have a higher rate of success than farming.

The urist mccann for sir. But the recharges are really good shield so hold onto the ones you do get so in this countdown. We started with gimmicks went to utility in the middle and ended with maximum protection a little bit of everything bear in mind. That this is entirely based on my own personal opinion as a dumb omar player so your own preferences may be completely different.

And if they are please share in the comments below. If you got a really good role of one of the ones..

I listed here to share that also i love hearing about what sweet loot you guys get speaking of sweet loot. There s other cato s countdowns you can watch generally in the same format. Which you can find in the playlist here. If you found this useful.

Entertaining your both you can do whatever you see fit to show that including ring and dinging this thing. I know it s dumb. But notifications just heavily rely on this bell now another way to show that is to join the patrons on screen including wasteland legends fan there s extra perks in doing so like being included in the credits and you help keep this channel. Going in the process.

No matter. What you do from here. Thank you so much for making it to the end and for watching. I m kato genesis and may you wander the galaxy like you own it ne random watermelon seed.

I have there we go just got to remember that snare and i must get plant more trees in this area once i get more one prom is that kind of weirdly shaped. So we probably can t fit that mean trees. In this area. Oh well hi.

Peanut nuzzle nuzzle. Me a little nevel and give me some milk. Thank you we ll get that sold off later oh whoa peanut looks angry from this angle. Are you okay peanut yep.

She s fine probably just that weird angle with her like my riches. She doesn t have eyebrows. There we go all right that grass will grow by itself. And yeah looks like peanuts been eating it so she should be good.

Oh peter not peanut bands open. We ll go see band in a second. We need to wait for tucker to get back. Though i need his cash or my cash actually the cash i got from selling milk sneaked a milk also we can sell eggs through the dairy shipping bin let s see seven bottles of good milk that should be good enough to get like about a thousand gold or actually like around 800 gold.

We re just gonna have to hope. It s enough. Oh wait. There he is all right.

He should be back by the farm in about an hour judging by his walking speed being a walking speed hi. Gaylen here said hello to you yet have we yep basically. They were big city. People and then they decide to come out to the country to retire.

Hi. Nina. You re sweet all right. While we wait for him to get back to the farm.

Let s go. See oh there he is have some milk also i didn t mean to accidentally open that door whoops yeah. Sometimes the contact sensitive doors are a bit annoying. If you re trying to go through an area and accidentally open it alright takakura should be is he back yet or she s still walking home nope still walking he s a slow walker.

He s old and yet sir presently. He lives quite a long time. Oh someone s taking a nap. You re adorable alright.

So let s see after i get what i need from van. I think our next major purchase should probably be either a rooster or a bull. I think a bull is going to be more important. But the earlier we get it so that s probably what i m going for next.

Although that s going to cost like a several thousand gold. So yeah we re going to need to save up for that oh is he back yet no not yet almost while we re waiting bands right over. There. Let s go check out the selection hi marie.

So yeah. He comes on the 3rd and 8th of every month..

So let me see yeah i want the brush in the fishing rod there 500. Each. Honestly the brush is probably more important because it will let us take out the animals better. But then again the fishing rod could make quite a bit of money from fishing up fish and suddenly to van unfortunately don t have a fish shipping bin.

But oh well we could also just cook it and make food out of it to keep ourselves from getting super hungry during the week. Yeah eating is kind of important in this game. If you don t your stomach systems start growling like crazy interrupting your work. All the time music come on takakura just get in there.

I want my money alright. How much did we get oh good we have enough so let s go grab those two things and then we might just call. It an episode. There wow.

Everyone s out today hi man. I want to buy a few things i want the brush to take care of my cows. Better. But you have an selection will change from year to year and from season to season and then i want the fishing rod thank you that is a very very very cheap fishing rod or very cheap looking fishing rod.

What else you have here you have books you have bottles you have more bottles and you have like a what is that a toolbox which i can t get next to because there s an invisible wall. There oh well so before we end the episode actually i want you a bit fishing let s do it from over here so let s see fishing rod. I don t really remember how fishing works in this game. I think we just have to wait for a big bite and then just push a because you can t like see any shadows or anything there we go all right what we have uh.

What did we cat. Oh. My god that is actually surprisingly large for a smelt. Let s go see what man buy it for don t accidentally give it to him either hi lumina off to sea rock.

I think rock or alumina is like our rival for rock. So let s see how much will you buy this big snout for oh sorry big smelt for and not bad take it. So yeah. Fishing is actually a really good way to make money early on you basically just catch.

All the fish you can in between a visits from ban and then when he comes in just sell them in bulk also hi ramona ramona. Let s see i want to befriend ramona ramona. She s rich and old. Oh.

My god that sound good for her anyways with that i think what in the episode here. So next time. I let s play another wonderful light. More spring and maybe eventually another bowl.

But that s going to be a while oh wait before we end actually i m going to take a look at bull prices because there are different breeds of cows. We can get the more expensive the a the harder they are to care for. But the bear. The quality.

The stuff they make so cows here. We go so yeah. Ah. A star poem would be nice.

But it s also six thousand gold. Then honestly the type of bull doesn t really matter as much as the type of cow. A marbled bull might be good. I think i ll save up for one of those and then she he gonna mate with what s her name peanut.

All right as long as we get it before probably summer would be the best time to get it again. I don t remember they can breed right away. If not we can also just get a miracle potion. But i do want one boom on the farm hi peanut.

Oh. Wait i still need a milk you we can do it later we can do next time actually so till then ” ..

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Welcome to a super-subjective list of 5 of the most impractical, impregnable, most protective shields in Borderlands 3. Here s the list if you like spoiling things for yourself: Messy Breakup, The Transformer, Stop-Gap, Red Suit, and Re-Charger.

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