5 FASTEST MOTORCYCLES in GTA 5 online! (Updated 2020) – YouTube

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“Hey. What s going on guys. Thank you for coming back to my channel my my name is advocate if you guys can can you guys please leave a like this video and subscribe i appreciate that very much and in today s video guys i was gonna talk from the title. I m gonna show you guys the five fastest bikes in gta.

5 online in 2020. There s plenty of bikes in this game a lot of them are really expensive. Some of them are pretty cheap and in this list you guys will might be kind of weld on what bikes are the fastest and the price of them as well the prices are kind of crazy and it is a rockstar logic. But what s up we re gonna do let s get to this video.


And there you guys have begun is the five fastest motorcycles in gta. 5. Online updated in 2020. Personally this list kind of surprised me a lot the bikes are expensive.

It doesn t mean that they are any better or any faster than the old ones and i m kind of surprised on how old this list is like the baddie 801 has been the best bike or one of the best for a while and it s still on this top five list that s actually really crazy to me. This bike was added to one of the very first cars or bikes ever added to the game. So the fact that it s still in this list is pretty cool. But it s also kind of crazy.


But i guess i should to haka to drag is the best bike. Wait let me know what you guys despair. A bike is and let me know if this list surprised you guys if you guys thought some bikes with brushes and others i guess such a toro that make this list. I thought it was going to i guess.

It didn t and i honestly love the way that bike looks as well number. But yeah let me know what you guys is list you thought it was what s your favorite bike or what should we say right bike out of this list. My least favorite bike is probably the first one barbecue. I could chew.


I don t really like the way it kills out and stuff like that i don t really know it s just super fast. But i don t really like the way that bike handles at all it s not really a bike. I want to use so irish it on it s pretty bad. But the tops.

We don t actually hire that s obviously the rice number one. But they re obviously up guys. This is the top five motorcycles in gta. 5 online updated in 2020.


If you guys can if you haven t already can you guys please subscribe to my channel. I appreciate that very much and without further adieu my name is advocate. I ll see in the next video peace ” ..


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This LIST of the 5 BEST MOTORCYCLES is pretty INTERESTING on how the older bikes are still one of the BEST in the game!

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