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“Video was created by vinyl akuma of violent puma gaming warning vulgarity awaits what s s going on guys. This is vinyl akuma and recently. I ve been on a for games like borderlands perhaps not quite as shit slavery as borderlands. But damn good all the same let s count 5 games like borderlands that i ve played and no destiny is not on the list that shit needs get released on the pc.

What the fuck bungie activision ea fuck konami for metal gear solid. 5. Microtransactions. Sorry guys we really should start number 5 warframe warframe is free to play third person cooperative shooter action rpg that is available on pc xbox one and playstation 4 its art style is somewhat similar to destiny and unlike borderlands.

It allows you to kill people with a variety of guns bows and arrows swords and sticks. As far as problems go this game has a confusing s. Fuck. Plotline and i still feel like i don t understand the beginning tutorials.

While it s free to start you will have to pay money at some point. And apparently the console versions of warframe were not very well received according to metacritic now at the same time. Though..


It s a free game. And if you have an xbox one ps4 a really nice gaming pc. You should check it out number. 4.

The torchlight franchise. So the torchlight franchise is essentially a really good single player diablo clone with mod support on the pc version if you like diablo. 1. And 2 this game was developed by former members of blizzard north that created the amazing holy grail of shit slayer.

Unis action rpg. Only known as diablo 2. Lord of destruction and man diablo. 2.

Was a badass game bein. A torchlight is exclusive to pc for the most part. But chances are if you ve got a pc..


Made within the last 5 years or so there s a good chance you can run the game and another problem you might have is if multiplayer and cooperative gaming experiences are important to you torch light has no co op or online multiplayer support if you re not sure at this point. At least try a demo and see what you think or look. At number three number three path of exile path of exile is another diablo clone that has a very fair free to play model because you only pay for skins. And some additional inventory of space unlike torchlight path of exile has both co op multiplayer and pvp unfortunately because it s a free to play game.

It is on servers. It has no mod support path of exile. Also has a steep learning curve with its insanely complex sphere grid. Leveling system.

And you will need to look up a build for your first playthrough otherwise. It s free so take your copy of diablo. 3. Back to the store and play path of exile.

Instead err 37. More like era 1. I can t log the fucking so to roughly quote..


Frances anyway. Ok we should just go on to the next game number. 2. The dark souls franchise.

Ah dark souls. It s a very fun and shit slurry open world action rpg as i m sure you ve heard by now though. It s not only a difficult game. But also has an insane learning curve for new players like me you ll die in this game.

And you ll start screaming things. Like what a boatload is this is the perfect game to rage about while being insanely rewarding. If you manage to complete difficult sections. If you haven t tried either of the dark souls games.

You should do so just be prepared to die a lot number 1 fallout. 3. And fallout new vegas of all of the games..


I ve counted so far that i have played i would say fallout is possibly the closest to borderlands. Both are action rpgs that focus on guns and desolate environment. I d say the biggest difference. Though is that fallout is a single player driven experience at its finest.

There s also a good chance that if you like the elder scrolls skyrim or morrowind you probably will like fallout. 3. New vegas and the upcoming fallout. 4.

Anyway guys that s going to pretty much wrap up this video please be sure to leave a like and be sure to let me know what your favorite game like borderlands. Is as always take care and i ll see you all next time. ” ..


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Hey guys, today i want to go over my Top 5 Games like Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The-Pre-Sequel! While these aren t in any particular order, these 5 games are definitely worth trying out!

As always, let me know what games I missed or what is your favorite game that s similar to Borderlands!

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