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“In from you re a gamer here now tonight. Thing is of course serious business. Business. But if you play video games like i do sniping can also be pretty stupid.

So here s a list of five stupid things you can do in sniper elite. 4. That you probably shouldn t do all the time. But you should try at least once because they re kind of fun number one troll your co op partner in sniper elite.

4. You can play through the whole campaign in two player co. Op mode. This means you could play the game.

In a bunch of different ways one player could act as a spotter while the other takes up the sniper role for instance. Which should help you pull off some spectacular long shots like this or maybe you could have one player advancing on foot..

While the other provides overwatch with a sniper rifle from a safe vantage point. And be sensible wouldn t it. Alternatively. You could just use this opportunity to troll your friends.

Like i did shooting. Your co op partner doesn t hurt them. But a few well placed shots shuttler. Any nearby enemies and cause instant trouble for your friend on the ground.

Even better than that though why not bide your time wait until they re standing next to an explosive object and then do this hilarity guaranteed. Sorry. Slapping number to kill the development team look. Before you say anything i don t mean kill rebellions development team in real life.

That would be more than a few levels of our stupid. Besides..

They re lovely lot and it will just land you in jail. Where there are no video games at all and that would suck. Anyway you can virtually kill. At least a few members of sniper elite force development team or indeed even in the game s multiplayer.

There s a lot of the characters are actual staff members whose faces have been scanned and replicated in the game by their on site capture studio for instance that creepy looking nazi their major klaus roth bauer. He s actually 10 jung s rebellions head of creative who in real life is neither creepy nor. An artsy and this character. I m playing out in this control.

Match. Here has the face of robbie. Chuck rebellions head of marketing. He was standing next to me.

While i was getting virtual likeness killed over and over again. Which was very weird indeed sorry robbie talk about an out of body experience..

Number three snipe seagulls. There s a lot of attention to detail in sniper elite four you ve got realistic bullet physics of course and those grim x ray kills demonstrate what happens when a piece of metal flies through the human body with surprising accuracy. What really impressed me. Though was how realistic the ragdoll physics were on sniper elite.

Force eagles look at the graceful way it tumbles to the ground there after that discovery. I spent most of my time gunning for gulls and managed to pull off this rather impressive bird to human double headshot stupid. But awesome number for messing around with bodies in the florally series. It s always been possible to loot dead bodies for ammo grenades and other useful items whilst rummaging through the pockets of corpses is a sensible.

But ultimately morbid way to keep your inventory stocked up. I found the stupid option of just picking up dead bodies and lobbing them off cliffs to be much more entertaining. Oh that did not look like a comfortable landing at least the earth. Drowning would have been sure to finish him off number five.

The creative use of shrapnel testicles are nothing new to the sniper elite series. I mean in the last one you could murder hitler by sniping his last remaining volkoff..

If you were so inclined. It s sensible to use sniper rifles for this kind of thing because testicles are pretty small and if used properly high caliber bullets can be rather accurate i prefer to rely on methods they re a little more random and stupid to achieve my gonna dull goals though like in this instance we re a lucky shot to an explosives crate triggered of shrapnel kill camp that s certain to make your eyes water poor should have gone achievement for that one so there we go that was five stupid things you can do in sniper elite. 4. But don t worry there s probably plenty more stupid things for me to find out so i will try to do that once the game releases in mid february.

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Now including this one here. Which is 30 minutes of brand new gameplay taken from sniper elite force first level sam cellini goodbye. ” ..


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Ian spent a couple of hours playing the campaign and multiplayer modes of Sniper Elite 4. As per usual he refused to do things properly and instead did some very stupid things. In this video you can see 5 stupid things you can do in Sniper Elite 4, along with brand new Sniper Elite 4 gameplay taken from the games first level, San Celini.

…Alright, so technically number 2 isn t that stupid, but it s interesting, right?!

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