7. Let's Stream FF1 Solo Black Mage – GP and Spells – YouTube

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“Course. The super nintendo if you want to start listing good games on that you you ll never stop it just never ends. It s it s by far. My video game console.

The number of games that i would be willing to go back to the super nintendo and replay today is higher than any other console. Not counting pc. Because it s that s multiple generations of games. Doesn t really doesn t really apply the same heck with emulators you just say pc covers superintend.

Oh. Did i rent an n64. No i only disap and 64 ride when i was a kid we followed my parents followed the nintendo train. I had a nes and super nintendo and n64 a gamecube and even a wii.

Although i d moved out by then we owned. We did pick up a playstation eventually. But it was way after the faculty. This long and we never had no no i didn t have a sega genesis for a while because i remember the sega channel.

That was kind of fun. The sega channel was their answer to video rentals rentals. Now the n64 wasn t all bad. It s started with good promise.

But they never really had the game releases on it that they needed to become awesome nintendo had some rocky history through that phase obviously they messed up their partnership with square so often i ll never really forgive them for that the sega channel was a tv service that allows you to play any game in their library. As long as your sega was hooked up. I don t actually know how they set it all up it didn t really work if you switched games. It didn t like it didn t retain your save file information.

But that s how i tried out most of the sega genesis stuff. Nobody ever had a neogeo where i lived too expensive is it this so much better than the last section of level grinding. We re actually winning every fight and not having to run away or just die and reload look at that we hit level 12 accidentally. I wasn t even paying attention so much better this is where the black mage really catches up with the other single character pilots yeah nobody nobody i knew could afford a neogeo you either had a sega genesis or a super nintendo.

Nobody really ever got the saturn or the jaguar expansions and then eventually it was just playstation or you had a game to eventually okay so do i feel like the power peninsula. What are the odds of winning a power peninsula victory not good. But every fight that i win is nearly a little love what else would i do i could level up a couple more times money doesn t believe well okay. Change of plan spend money to have a good stock of healing potions and pure potions.

We can t even really talk about the the marsh cave until i have a good stockpile of up here. But i m considering the power peninsula. It s not impossible with a black mage at this level. It s just lucky.

My dumps tad of luck is very important for it fire. Yeah. I picked it up a little while ago ice. I ve got all the oh i ve got all the important offensive spells of course.

The day the world revived is kind of a sad song it doesn t he doesn t it s not telling me that i should be fighting them right now we ll get some money we ll load up on heels and piers get a bunch of tents and stuff just all the luxuries. We haven t been able to afford up to this point. If we get a level up on the way that ll be a bonus. Don t worry about neo geo s there s an emulator called main.

If you actually like playing old school arcade games. That s what you want to look at takes a little bit of filling to get set up the last time i looked at it anyway didn t real well. It s not really the twitch channel. It s just life in general luck has never been my thing.

It s hard work and then you fail all your luck checks and still get no. I m joking..

I m joking point is i don t actually gamble in real life at all because it s it s not something i ever get anything out of so i don t do it i keep forgetting to reset the game. When i save what kind of min max ram. I maximizing my time wasted. Oh.

I m in a good mood. Because we ve got lightning and all that so we can keep going for a fair. While when i was grinding against those teams up to level. 8.

That was when i was thinking we need to break talk with my chin. We ll be rolling yeah for my current line of hobby. I should actually invest some more points in charisma or something friendly. I m kind of a bard class right now and low luck.

And maybe average charisma isn t perhaps. The best best way to distribute so this was just a random kazoku fight. I didn t actually reset the game to get it. So that was kind of nice pleasant.

One might say but i will reset it now. I think it s well it s very easy at 6000 gold to buy 99 heal potions. So if i want to max out on heals that s how much i need ranks in to perform video well performance would be your general purpose barnstadt. I m sure bard skill.

But i still need points in to play a video game like it s very important that i m reasonably well at video games. So i need whatever scott that s gonna take a little bit of agility and some intelligence be a complicated skits that complicated skill to max probably some points in to throw insult if i want to play online. I should do that actually i should make a sort of fake d d. Or some sort of tabletop character sheet for let s player slash street that s pretty good what you guys know what my stats are currently this is the correct music.

12 morale perform video game on dexterity probably well unless you re playing a strategy game. In which case. You d have to put more points. It d have to be more based on intelligence or at least wisdom well you know you see you could go a lot of ways with that level.

21. Bars. That s a pretty high level d. D.

Bard. That would have some pretty cool abilities by then this is like level 20. Practically god tier and most of those dd games. Diet eat here whatever they call it deity probably more well pronounced.

How is the money like the money s pretty good. We ll get one more level up just farming for gold basically. Here and then i will consider the power of penis perfection youtube. I ll have you know while i ve been doing this live stream.

I actually got an email. I haven t really read it i just saw the pop up to activate my partner network and i just joined up with it so uh it s almost a profession. I m probably gonna get paid a little bit. So warning big alert for everybody they ll probably be some ads on the youtube videos at some point in the near future.

I m not really worried about twitch ads. But i don t think it s not people watching on twitch right now for it to be worth my time. But youtube. I might make a little bit the funny thing is ginga.

I ve been sent partnership requests for like two years or so. I just finally went ah alright..

I ll do something i was able to pick the one. I like basically without having to just accept somebody s offering go wherever. I want i ll probably release update video at some point to explain how that s all going on for those interested at least all right probably one more maybe two more runs will have us our level up is so much better youtube specifically strange mind twitch partnerships. Specifically with twitch requires.

I think a hundred or two hundred concurrent viewers regularly and i think that s a fair ways off and may never happen playing games like this because i m not playing minecraft or call of whatever. What group they are called curse. Which is also known as union of gamers or something. Like that you can actually look up all the details.

They don t hide the contracts or anything like some bigger one well bigger. Not necessarily the like the thing with youtube networks is they used to be relatively shady three or four years ago. Two or three four years ago. They re less shady now because people are sort of on to them.

And there s a lot of options. So there s sort of competition they want successful youtubers on their network. So they want to offer reasonable contracts so it s not so hard to find a nice one these days the add on thing. No no one streamer who got partnered with 50 regulars.

That s pretty cool. But i don t even have 50 regular streams like we re at i think the last time i look at the stats. We re averaging about 10 max viewers per stream at the moment. Which is not enough for that kind of stuff.

I m not terribly worried anyway. The good news is i ve got a lot of money and we ve got level 13. Which probably doesn t really do anything. But i m willing to give the power peninsula.

A try and spend a bunch of money on heels piers and tents and then we re gonna head over there but yeah with twitch twitch partnerships. I m not terribly worried yeah. The youtube stuffs interesting i m i m kind of interested to see what services they offer other than like because the monetization for videos. Actually doesn t require a partnership you can do that just through youtube.

So that s not anything essentially new or interesting. But being in a relatively popular and maybe useful network might expose me to more collaborations and promotional opportunities or i don t know you know buzzwords buzzword. Insert buzzword here oh look at that this is almost perfect and you spend that 30 bucks. One gold left we got we got a single penny to our name while sheila.

She have i starts with an s that sounds pretty cool. I do hear a lot of times. The way to get bigger on the social media and the twitch stuff is really more related to getting on someone s blog or other channel and getting sort of a shout out at the right time by the right person with a reasonably good quality video slash stream on your side and so it s more about who you know and getting lucky remember what my dump stat is so i wouldn t be counting on that okay so we now have access to tents. Which means i can save wherever i want which is good because i ll have any money no it s good because this will give me some money good.

We re gonna go try the power peninsula. I m glad i spent down to exactly one one goal does it was worth it if you see an opportunity to go to exactly zero gold you have to take it i don t really want to fight you guys iraq dunes are good for experience. But i m not in the mood and you can kill them with ice pretty easily. Oh.

Now they re giving me all the good fights fine. I m not turning that down maybe. I should have well i got lots of heal potions. We re chances are this isn t gonna work anyways so let s see yeah this isn t gonna work not this fight.

Anyway. It takes approximately three castings of ice to to kill a giant oh good a tyro. I don t think they re weak against anything. But they have about around 400 hp.

If not exactly and they can do over a hundred damage in a hit because they re pretty strong so that s the wrong one see you later ginga or see you whoever s leaving. I don t know look there s a lot of people talking in chat whose name starts with an s..

It s difficult this is the good fight if i get lucky bam we got it so i mean 1600. Experience isn t like the be all end all but uh it s not bad power peninsula. Go this fight is also possible because everything is weak against fire. But we ll probably just get pummeled to death like i said.

I wonder if i can take advantage of the reset. Thing here now i got lucky on that nice well that s two victories. But now we have to go back to town to heal our mp basically look iguana. I remember the days where i m scared of you i m not scared of you anymore wolves are not worth my mp ochres are but i m not in the mood.

So that s just fun oh this might be because it s a big group mmm. Not as good as the ogres. Even really okay so let s see not so. So.

I m gonna do here is reset. And see if there s any good battles in the first couple. So yeah you can basically you could spawn giants here anytime. You wanted if you thought you were strong enough to kill them which i don t think we are i m pretty sure if i do this anytime.

I want we ll fight a giant basically up to four. Yeah. We re not gonna be strong enough to win that so let s uh cycle. The fight once oh good it s guys we re probably dead.

This is probably not a good place to take advantage of the the cycling at the the reset. I trick. I would like to see what the second fight is. But yeah having geist s as your first fight is just terrible luck wow.

It s not even luck. It s terrible does terrible rng. So second fight it goes giants and then zomball trolls this fight like i said might be possible with luck. Seeing as you can to shot them to fire too.

But i don t think we ll be doing that trick here basically oh. But then the third fight might be wolves. That s pretty good that s worth thinking about because one out of three being a frost wolf battle is not bad cuz that s very profitable. I ll have to think about that i don t know if i need to be to much higher a level yet either like see you later spiller.

My goal in case. People are wondering why how long we re going today. It s been three and a half hours. I should be able to kill a scoffs by the end of this stream.

And that would be far enough for me to think we made a good progress. But i don t know how high a level. I m gonna need to do the ice cave right now i don t think we re gonna win this one. We ve got a preemptive strike on that s right so any of these battles that i say is possibly pick trouble could be won by a lucky first strike and going early enough.

Oh that would have been beautiful so with a preemptive strike. I think any group here except the tyrell we could possibly win. It s just really well do you get that first strike. We did not get it first strike.

Okay. What i want to try here so we know the first fight is a giant. The second fight is the trolls is the third fight always going to be frost balls. I think.

It is i may have cracked the code. Oh this could actually speed things up really good for the black mage here..

And we actually know you should just resend. It after you kill the frost balls save it die just die three times or run away whatever works to die again because the battle rates are in order. The battling cut oh. This is genius.

I ve never figured this i feel like a genius anyway. I don t know if you guys agree. But this one seems like a victory for for the ankle oohs nice alright. Let s head back to town with our spoils.

So one thing that you can do here is as you get high enough well as you as you re able to win enough battles in the power peninsula you start bringing houses. So you can restore your mp instantly out in the field rather than having to run back to town we re gonna die to this over here okay remember how many battles we got into around here. Where i was looking for these ochres and i just couldn t find them well then we died figures spoiled by watching speedrunners repeating encounter principles into their logical conclusions. That s just all you end up doing yeah.

I don t like i only like doing that when it saves time and the alternatives are really really grindingly hard. I m generally aware that they exist obviously i just i don t i don t usually look for them. I guess in this situation. Because i m recording it i m actually a little bit more time sensitive than i would be if i was just playing it on my own so i m trying to think of ways of cutting down the hours required.

And this will do it this will do that oh yeah. I forgot to reset it that s fine. I was thinking we could probably kill his omble. But oh you can t run from them either yeah.

That s right zomb all have that fancy bonus thing. Where you can t run away from them some encounters are just like that so should be frost. Now. We haven t actually died to a group of these yet trust me that they can kill you guarantee you that they can even our amazing fire too wouldn t save us if they just frosted us enough still this is gonna go a lot quicker than i was expecting for this this phase of the grinding is this better or worse than rng manipulation.

I don t know at least. It s something that would have been in the original game rather than safe stating not being part of the original game because i don t like savestate abuse generally how far are we gonna go here i lost strange minds chart does anyone know the next good hp level up that actually does something bad luck. The music should be in random mode turn that back on it s just yeah. It has been playing a lot of one two three four stuff lately.

There s just as many songs from later on in the series. But for whatever reason. My playlist doesn t want to use them i m not using enough dark. That s what i m missing out on yep.

You probably right okay the final fire to didn t quite actually did rather poor job killing them all well let s see if ice two works shooting half damage but that s still better than wow we re gonna die anyway damn sometimes fire just kills everything but sometimes you don t have the luck so if you say level 18 that s three levels away. I don t think i m gonna grind that long the final fantasy 3 soundtrack. I like some of the songs a lot but overall. I still rate it pretty low of in of the final fantasy soundtracks final fantasy.

5. Is kind of like that 2x wow and then you get to see foss whoops killing me generally speaking. I would say three and five are kind of low on the music side for memorable tracks that i like anyway. Although i mean paul fancy five does have one of my favorites.

The battle on the big bridge. But as a whole i find it a bit more like come on finish up top. She s just crushed just think one day. We ll have a ribbon then when we take half damage from that spell those will be the days going head to head with philip nc800.

I didn t really mention eight. Yeah yeah once you start getting into that range. I don t i don t know the game in the soundtrack as well generally. ” .


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For our Fourth challenge we tackle the Black Mage, master of offensive black magic, great at group damage…. eventually… and not much else. It s a slow start until we get to level 3 magic, but after that it ll speed up immensely.

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