8 Perfect Couch Co-Op Games On Xbox

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“Guys and welcome to xbox on now i love a good split screen game because because i want someone nearby to punch. When it all goes wrong and xbox is to absolutely loader whether co op or competitive you can play the following amazing at multiplayer games all on the same console. Let s take a look we ll kick things off with scribblenauts a showdown. And it s one of the most creative split screen and multiplayer games that you can find anywhere basically.

This series is all about making what you write spring to life and showdown injects. A bit of friendly competition with some brilliantly creative mini games. There s one in which you have to write a word belonging to a category. Say things that are flammable then use it to fish with here.

We ve used wood and a baby and in this one you choose your mount and have a race quick tip do not choose the motorcyclist because you won t get to ride a motorcycle instead you ll write an actual motorcyclist also a like this fairly gross eating minigame all about warping down food belonging to a certain category. Here. The category is salty foods and if you go too fast. You d throw up it s a horribly disgusting my favorite though is the deathmatch because you actually get to create your own weapons using the raw power of the alphabet nothing beats the dumpling.

But from maybe the battle axe. No list of great split screen games is complete without a nod to gears of war mainly because everyone would get mad at me. If i missed it off. And i thought about giving the people what they want the latest and greatest in this series is gears of war.

4. And it perfectly embodies what s great about split screen games you feel a real connection to your squad mate as you pick them up when they re down with your big meaty forearms watch their back by putting up defenses and pull off glory double chainsaw kills co op it definitely wasn t an afterthought in gears force campaign with the series classic. A cover based game played back in full flow. It helps to have a mate to coordinate with having them pin enemies down with suppressive fire.

Once you fight them is a very effective tactic. You can also take on waves of swarmer in horde mode. Which you ll want to stick together for if you get separated for a bit ringing lighting again is a great feeling like being one of those couples at an airport..


You know any with more shouting. Oh. And that s split screen deathmatch. All of this makes gears for a pinnacle of split screen gaming.

Not to be missed from action horror to action haha. Now with human fall flat. One of the funniest split screen. Games you can possibly play on xbox.

The aim is navigating your rubbery. Little character through a variety of hazard filled environments. Like mountains castles and building sites. Using the triggers to grab onto objects and manipulating them to complete your objective when you fail.

Which you inevitably do it s not annoying in fact. It s hilarious you can see if this is a physics based platformer where messing about with a mate. This is entertaining as actually completing the objective elicits me. It s also fun to surprise your partner with a shower of boulders no one suspects the shower and boulders from using a wrecking ball to smash down walls to flinging yourself from catapults human full flat is doubly as fun when you ve got a fellow human to fall flat with there have been three army of two gangs.

But the 2008 first is the only army of two game that you can play on your xbox. One through backwards compatibility. It s a purpose built third person shooter full of awesome two player moments. Like you can go back to back and take down fools in a 360 degree arc of slow mo mayhem.

You could rip up a car s door and stack up behind it is you take the cover along with you you can engage in dual sniping. At moments counting down. Until drew makes the shot and you can save each other from death by dragging them away from the danger zone or..


If you re feeling helpful just dragging them around so their legs. Don t get tired you can even trade weapons with each other in scenarios where for instance. They ve got a sniper rifle. But you want it because they can t be.

But my favorite bits are the emotes. Give your buddy. A friendly pat and a high five job well done. If you rub each other up the wrong way.

However you can let that frustration be known with a slap followed by further punches to the back of the head. Don t worry. It s just banter. Towerfall is one of the great single screen at multiplayer games.

It s a 1 to 4 player arena deathmatch. Where you jump around firing arrows like an irate robin hood. But there s layer upon layer of tactical death. You can catch arrows in midair arc.

Them over senior. You if you ve got the skill and grab power ups at such as angel wings. That let you flap about and branwall arrows that kill opponents in an instant spiky death. We ve covered our full before.

But if anything this list just gives me an excuse to capture loons more new footage of it. While you can take a friend through a co op campaign or where you have to clear the stage of enemies deathmatch is where tower. 4..


Really comes alive. It s just the right mix of strategy and reflexes as you talk about the level flinging arrows every which way and avoiding hazards like these lava walls and if you can manage it try landing on your opponent s head for a cheeky. But oh so satisfying. Oh kill all of this makes.

Sourpls. A single screen multiplayer a great score. Settler. So.

If your brother drank that last of their milk or your mum sold all your clothes to the charity shop boost our powerful and set them straight we all love a bit of co op shooting but portal 2 brings co op puzzle. Solving to the table and you know what it feels great to use brain power. Rather than firepower for a bit chill out. Relax your mind.

And oh yes ok so portal. 2. Actually gets pretty difficult on the old war brain box in valves riddle filled masterpiece you control one of two robotic test subjects as they navigate a facility completing rooms of increasingly complex conundrums using your portal gunner to solve them without spilling a drop of blood. I mean you can totally beat them up.

But there s no blood with stages. Introducing bridges of lights big flippy paddles that launch you through the air deadly lasers crushy spiked ceiling and charming little turrets that kill you in the cutest way. Possible you re going to need to team up with someone you can trust someone with the finger skills of a world class painter and their mind juice of einstein instead i got benny. Which is where things like this happen.

Yeah thanks for that mate if you re more into dungeon crawling rpgs diablo. 3. Is right up your alley..


And you can play through the whole thing with a friend you can take the fight to the prime evil himself with up to four of you together on one screen as you battle through hordes of demonic entities and battle with each other as you decide who gets to use what loot plus it with diablo 3 being a fully fledged rpg you re going to be fighting for a very long time there s plenty of choice in terms of the classes. The players such as the fierce barbarian the majestic wizard that totally not a phase. Mum demon hunter and our personal favorite. The angry bald punchy monk.

The more players you have together in co op. The harder the adventure becomes stucking enemies and their strengths in relation to your party size so it plane s smart and to your characters advantages is king you could have a barbarian jump into the thick of it whilst your wizard is blasting them from safety or you could just use our super optimal perfect and normal fraud strategy. Monks going on their very own punch quest. It s like rocky.

But with more reanimated corpses get this gameplay now halo at the master chief collection caps off our list of essential split screen games because well let s be honest how could it not the campaign co. Op from halo 1 2. 3. 4.

Is a riot as you and a buddy battle covenant and flood forces on foot and in vehicles hit up higher difficulties. And this becomes just as much a bonding exercise as a video game teamwork and skill is needed to beat any halo level on legendary. But it makes those legendary medow icons. So very sweet a pair of spartans is pretty unstoppable and as even before we get onto the split screen multiplayer whether you played round after round of invisible snipers on coagulation.

With your brother or sister growing up all pulled all night sessions of four players swords in your university. Dorm hello is the elite tier of same at console multiplayer it s the elite tier and it makes my eyes doing elite tier. So guys that these are far from the only split screen games on xbox and we want to know what your personal favorites are so let us know in the comments below. And don t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for plenty more see you next time bye can you concentrate please.

” ..

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