8 Tips EVERY ASHE Needs to MASTER – Grandmaster Gameplay Tricks – Overwatch Guide

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“Everybody grandmaster hotsauce here bring you an in depth guide on with tips tricks and and gameplay explanation for how you can dominate. Games. Playing. Ashe.

She has a great to counter the popular 3 3. Meta. Because of her range in powerful dynamite. Remember.

We have an advanced course on ashe on game league comm with more lessons to help you become a master check out the special 25 off code in the link below okay so for my first tip. I m gonna go over is quick scoping. It s pretty simple with ashe it s just a right click left click and then release so right click left click and then release immediately after the shot this is not as useful as sayana quick scoping because if you mess up the timing or chain. Too many together you ll actually end up going slower than if you were just aiming down sights.

See i can t chain more than a couple quick scopes together. It s useful to practice to get the timing down. It s it s only really used in my games to do this combo that i m going to talk about now ash s fastest way to kill a squishy character. It s a body shot into a right click headshot the right click headshot needs to be a quick scope for it to be fastest like so so now.

I m gonna be showing you some clips of my own gameplay and talking about cool down usage and tips as to positioning with ashe. So once i see the erisa shield put down. I want to flank with the coach gun usually i use coach gun for mobility with ashe unless they have dive characters that i m scared are going to attack me so i use it for mobility to get an off angle. Where i can look for a big dynamite on the enemy behind their shield.

I see the the erisa poll. This is a really good combo with dynamite. But since i don t have dynamite off cooldown. I m just gonna take some quick shots into it and then i get a good dynamite on above their shield.

So i aimed especially high because i wanted to avoid hitting their erisa shield..

When she put a new one down so one thing. That s really important with ash is making sure you get your dynamite over their shields every time otherwise you just waste your cooldown and dynamite s a great way to put pressure on their tanks and healers. Because if you don t heal. It it does a lot of damage over time so our lussier player2 spawned in so we re just kind of regrouping.

A bit until we can actually get together so right they re a good combo. Another way to get over the wrist shield. If you re not already on high ground is to use your coach gun and and get some artificial high ground by flying up in the air. The reason.

I don t sit behind my irisa and throw dynamite is because it puts me in a dangerous position. And it also makes it more difficult to land that shot. I like to look and throw dynamite from high ground or from a safe position because aiming down sights ball in front of all of the enemy damage is really risky as ash as a 200hp character breaking shields a good option. But the biggest thing with ash dynamite is looking for other cooldowns on your team to combo with so right there i saw the erisa poll.

And i threw the dynamite in also the owner got an 8 off. So the combination of those three cooldowns confirmed us this this fight because we got a couple kills off of it so now it s really just clean up and looking to get higher ground with the coach gun as a general rule of thumb anywhere that widow can get as should get to with her coach gun anywhere that widow can stand widow has a bit more mobility. But as a general rule. If you ve seen a widow up there an ash could get up there too so in this next clip.

My team is getting ready for this last fight and i am positioned top left as ash a lot of the time you will be in an area. Where you can see the enemy team before your team can so. It is your job to scout and let your team know which direction they re coming from the reason. You want to be able to see them the enemy team coming is because when the team is getting ready to push they re usually all grouped up and that creates good opportunities to land dynamites.

So in your games. You want to be looking for positions. Where you can see flanks and get in an area where you can hit a dynamite on the enemy team while they re grouping up and getting ready to push in so as we can see in this push. They re coming left side.

I call that out to my team and look for a dynamite on them that one dynamite got me like 20 percent..

Oh charge and they get a bunch of pics off of our team. So i just. See the hans of pushing me and use coach gun to push both him. And me away when you use the coach gun against flankers you want to be aware of how you can use it in order to both push you into a safe position and push them away as far away as possible in order to make it more difficult to push you in that clip.

I see that the hanzo is close to the edge. And i m also close to the edge. So pushing him off onto the low ground. While at the same time putting a whole building in between and us is a really good use of the the coach gun because it pushed him pushes him away and it pushes me away at the same time.

And i get out with my life while my team dies around me so in this next clip. I m gonna be showing you another way to combo with your teammates cooldowns here i combo with an erisa pole in order to get a ton of damage onto a squirrelly l. Cia with the dynamite dynamite is really good when you re damage boosted. Because it does enough damage to kill a squishy character and if you get the impact damage.

It ll also be able to kill a 250 hp character as well. I think. This clip is a good example of how using the coach gun can allow you to protect both your teammates and help you kill the enemy flankers easily so it might not be the best play of the game. But i thought it was a good example of coach gun usage.

So i see the tracer behind use the coach gun what hitting over the coach. None does is both push her back and also push her up in the air. So that her movement is predictable and easily hit. So let s go back and watch that a frame by frame.

She goes up in the air. And she s so floaty that i know exactly where her head is going to be and it s a pretty easy shot. Even though tracers. A is a difficult hitbox.

If you if you use coach gun on flankers it ll make them a lot easier to hit because they re floaty so for the next tip..

I m gonna be showing you how to always hit dynamite. You don t have to have insane aim. All you need to do is place your crosshair throw dynamite and then hold left click you don t need to move your crosshair at all you can also combo. The dynamite with coach gun so.

If you throw dynamite and then hold coach gun down it ll explode the dynamite. Most of the time. It s a less reliable because sometimes the coach gun spread won t hit it so i don t recommend it. Although you can use it in an emergency.

This clip shows a couple of flights on route 66. Where ash is very strong on first point. Because there are many mid to long range sight lines and high ground angles for dynamite s so here i m positioned safely be back behind my rhine shield. I m looking for a dynamite behind the payload where the enemies will most likely be grouped up as soon as i see the widowmaker.

I take a shot at her and then try and duck behind cover as quickly as possible because the widow versus ashe matchup is heavily in favor of widowmaker because ash s head hitbox is very large and when she s aiming down sights. Her head is easy to hit so unless you can catch a widow off guard and get two head shots on her usually you want to avoid taking those tools. So i ducked behind cover and reload. And then i look for another dynamite as soon as my dynamite goes off cooldown and here since the dynamite has hit for the explosion damage.

I can one shot manga chu here with a head shot so that that s pretty easy combo and then i throw. The bob to block off the air escape towards the mega and then it s just cleanup when the enemy is retreating. You you usually want to use your coach gun to get a more aggro position like i did to get onto that high ground and look for staggering kills. When they re running away oftentimes.

They won t have time or the ability to pressure you and try and kill you so it s a good option to play more aggro. When when they re trying to escape. And now since the payload has moved further i need to play farther back in order to get the sight line for both the options that the attackers have to come from so they have one option they can go through this mega tunnel or they can go through main from this area behind these rocks. I can i can throw a dynamite to either position.


If i was playing behind the sign like i did at the start. I would have a hard time finding good shots on the tunnel. If they went through that option. So i see that they don t have a diva.

So i can throw dynamite from as far back as this area like if they have a diva. You don t really want to do that because it makes it very easy for the diva to seek the dynamite coming and eat it so if they did have a diva. I wouldn t i wouldn t throw from this distance. But since i don t you can throw it from as far back and just look for poke damage as they approach as soon as the rhinehart drops his shield.

I look for body shots on the supports this lucio started using beat. It s complete coincidence that i ended up killing him just unlucky on his part. I guess. But as you see here i look for a dynamite and i ve been standing in this position for a lot almost the entire fight so i get punished by this flanking brig that s one thing to think about when you are playing ashes have you been sitting in this position for too long you re a very easily flanked character and if you ve been like in one area your likelihood of getting killed by a flanker is increasing the longer you stay in that position so look to reposition yourself don t make my mistake check your flanks.

When you re playing ashe often otherwise you ll get killed by a flanking brigitta. Thank you for watching this video. I ll be making a lot more so leave a comment below letting me know which character you want a video on next remember to visit game leaf comm. 2.

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