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“Seems linear at first. But a few hours in and it opens up into a a magnificent world filled with quest to conquer tasks to accept and probably. A handful questions here are nine things ninokuni doesn t tell you that might help you out on your journey to build a wonderful kingdom understanding the equipment markers can be a bit of a challenge at first weapons have both sword and star images the sword icon notes physical attack power the star reflects magic attack power armor has a shield in hexagon. The shield reflects the physical defense.

Whereas. The hexagon shows the magic defense. Each weapon also has a charge build grave b. Better.

The letter. Grade the faster will charge this comes in handy when using magic attacks once the zing gauge reaches. 100 magical attacks will be amplified. Sometimes charged entirely with greater attack power every weapon has a color coded name this coincides with the quality of the weapon indicated by the gold star badge.

The higher quality weapon or armor..

Is the higher this number will be as well as items color pieces of equality between 1 and 5 will be noted with white text and a badge reflecting their numerical quality blue equipment has a quality of 6 to 9 armor and weapons marked with red text range from 10 to 14 in quality lastly. Any equipments where the quality of 15 or higher will be shown in purple. There is no distinctive difference in terms of these rankings in general weapons with a higher quality will bear greater stats. Additionally.

Weapon and armor skills are stronger the higher the quality of the equipment is each piece of equipment also has a fraction next to a hammer icon. This denotes. The number of improvements performed over 10. The maximum amount of improvements possible lastly each piece of equipment has a star rating out of 5.

This simply reflects the rarity of each item a piece of equipment with 5 stars is harder to find in the world and requires rarer resources to craft and evermore. A one star item is much easier to find in the world and requires easy to find materials in order to craft during the heat of battle. It is inevitable for the ai controlled companions to get into trouble. But don t just accept this you can swap between all three members of your party.

While in the heat of battle just press up or down on the d pad to switch between characters at any time as you gain party members only three will be able to participate in battles..

This may cause concern about how much playtime each character gets in order to distribute exp properly. But don t fret any party member outside of battle still receives the xp from that fight so if one team composition works really well for an extended period of time don t worry about other members getting left in the dust. They ll keep up as soon as evan in the crew found the kingdom of evermore. It s time to get to work.

Although building and maintaining the kingdom may seem like a glorified minigame. These systems and structures have ever more support the rest of the gameplay. Entirely the outfitters and weapon workshop. Allow you to build and upgrade weapons and other establishments like the verdant farm alot you materials of all sorts of course.

The hitler ii is the only way to upgrade piggley s and even lets you brew up some from scratch. However it doesn t stop there upgrading the kingdom to level 2 and level 3 allows party members to gain more experience skirmishes to go much more swimmingly item accumulation to become a breeze and more dedicating a lot of time to checking in on the kingdom will not go to waste. So don t forget how important. It is constructed the evermore spell works as soon as you can once you ve found it evermore.

You ll learn more powerful attack..

Spells and spells that help you explore the land for example those locked purple chests. You ve probably stumbled upon the spring locks spell is the only thing that can open them and you can only learn it through the spell works building after leveling it up you may be in a hurry. But don t miss out on side quests. You can tell if someone has a quest for you.

By an exclamation point above their head on the map. Many of these will earn you a reward. Plus. A new citizen for evermore recruiting and employing more citizens not only increases efficiency.

It also boosts the rate at which kingdom guilders are acquired so completing side quests is definitely essential for smooth sailing in the main storyline. Don t fret. If you ve never heard of an item needed to complete a side quest and maybe that you simply can t find it until you ve already completed a different side quest check your facilities at evermore and if the material you need can t be gathered there consider continuing on your journey. And you ll happen across the item eventually.

Swift solutions is an easy to miss establishment accessible as soon as high drop alice..

And is found in every major city in ninokuni afterwards. Here you can accept a number of various errands. Usually the errands are very simple and earn you tokens. Which can only be used at swift solutions.

However these tokens can be redeemed for incredibly hard to find items in the open world and even unlock quests to recruit citizens to the kingdom of evermore after chapter 2 your party will begin encountering tainted monsters in the open world these monsters are incredibly hard to kill but offer great rewards not only will you earn items equipment in guilders. But you also gain huge amounts of exp these monsters are distinguished by the large purple ring encircling them and can be taken on at your leisure sometimes you may find these monsters too strong to take on when you first meet them. But don t be deterred keep track of them all on the tainted monsters section of the library and return when you ve grown music for more on ninokuni don t miss our review or check out. The five biggest changes in the sequel.

And for everything. Else stick with us here at ign well now would you look at that music. ” ..


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Ni No Kuni 2 opens up to a huge world a few hours in, and may leave you with a few questions. See how to open those locked chests, what all those weapon stats mean, and more.

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