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“Am edward kenway in the stealthy outfit. But in this outfit. I feel kind of of not very well protected especially from the bottom and i have no shoes i a stronger armour. I need a templar armour oh.

This is very nice and i like the way how the neck is protected. I always feel the neck is my weak point. I got five keys to unlock this armour. One from the main mission from du casse and four others from the side missions that you should find on the map.

Remember the gift..

You gave me well it answers. Just fine. You son of a whore as bold as a musket ball and still half as sharp. I m sorry about this mate.

But i can t risk you re telling your templar friends about me still kicking around. I pity you pirate after all you have seen after all we showed you of our order. Still you embrace a life of an ignorant and aimless rogue. What s this is petty larceny.

The extent of your ambition have you no mind to comprehend the scope of ours all the empires on earth abolished..

A free and opened world. Without parasites like you may the hell. You find be of your own making not a nice way to kick off. But that is some damn fine gear.

Try the key you took from du casse that s one only 4 left aye might be that these four templars have em. See the names here they ve been sent to kill these four targets hang. Me that s the map i sold to governor torres in havana. He said it marked the locations of assassin encampment you think maybe you owe them a bit of warning.

Then if you have any kind of heart beating in that chest s pose..

I could if it leads me to the four other keys bad excuse is better than none at all no. I cannot die at the hands of the taino. My father saw such potential in these islands gold industry freedom. All of it squandered you have not a clue how to use it he could have brought you wealth you believe we wasted freedom by living freely.

You die. A prisoner of your templar mores let s not argue with a dead woman here is my prize imagine the queen of pirates jing lang. Defeated for a fake map. I have been arrogant really yes.

I stole the real one both halves..

My husband has it your husband a better man than these fools. I knew we would end in fire. But i always thought our positions would be reversed. I should have died happier knowing there s one less assassin in the world what a pity we could never fight together on the correct side of things would you two like a moment alone.

No. It s too late take it his charm s all used up let the memory of him be locked away for good anto. How many years have we fought your men in the mountains with no weapons to speak of and my army resplendent and yet you live. And i die you lacked the conviction to win assassin s creed 4 black flag edward kenway templar armor unlock ” .


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I am Edward Kenway and I am wearing Stealthy Outfit. But I feel unprotected in it, especially from the bottom… And I even do not have shoes! I need better protection! I need to get Templar Armor!
Templar Armor is locked in my new house (it was a mansion of the Templar Du Casse once… Now it s mine!) To unlock it I used key I got from Du Casse, but I still need to find the remaining 4 keys. Those are side missions and I should locate the start of each mission on the map.

Missions starting locations:
Templar Hunt 1 – Opia Apito: mission starts at Cayman Sound (327,334).
Templar Hunt 2 – Rhona Dinsmore: mission starts at Havana (240,607).
Templar Hunt 3 – Anto: mission starts at Kingston (623,172).
Templar Hunt 4 – Vance Travers: mission starts at Nasau (633,784)

Assassin s Creed 4 Black Flag customization: Edward Kenway: Stealthy Outfit, Templar Armor.
AC4 Black Flag outfits and customization. Assassin s Creed 4 Templar Hunt. Edward upgrades.

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Assassin s Creed 4 Black Flag customization. AC4BF. AC4 Black Flag Edward Kenway outfits.

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