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“Is up guys rekt cactus. Here and today we have the complete guide for how how to get the new thunderlord exotic machine gun just introduced into destiny unlike previous titled videos this one will end in you actually getting the thunder. Lord as it was just added into the game. Today.

So what do you do well this exotic quest was broken up into three weeks each week. A pretty simple new quest step was introduced so doing all three of these steps will result in you getting this brand new exotic weapon. Now the very first quest step starts by talking to amanda holliday. She is going to then tell you to go and acquire.

Ten pages. Now you can get these ten pages through a couple of different methods you can either go and kill challenging fallen enemies in the edc so yellow bar enemies that are fallen in the e dz or much more. Simply you can just go to the crypt ark and decrypt legendary engram. So killing a challenging challenging fallen enemy in the edc is going to give you one page or decrypting.

A legendary engram is also going to give you one page. So if you have enough resources. If you have enough of legendary shards you can again go to the crypt ark by a legendary engram directly decrypt. It get a page do it again to crypt it get a page that s what i did super simple you don t have to kill a thing moving on from there we have the second part of this quest.

This one is to simply go and clear out four different law sectors again in the e dz. So. What you have to go. And do it s clear out all three of the lost sectors within trois lan like the very first area you go into e dz.

Just all three of the available lost sectors in this location. Now once you ve cleared all three of them out. Which is obviously to kill the boss and then loot the chest. You re then gonna go to the outskirts area of the e dz and head to the whispered falls loss sector.

As you can see me go to in the background gameplay. Now once you have completed these lost sectors. The quest step is yet again going to update to today s brand new quest step this time you return back to amanda holliday. She gives you an updated quest step to go to a specific loss sector in the e dz.

That s actually going to be marked on your map by the blue quest symbol. As you can see so head into this loss sector and unlike the previous quest step you don t actually have to beat this loss sector. You don t have to kill the lost sector boss loot the chest anything like that you simply run to the very end and activate the transmat pad. Once you do that s going to load into a quest.

The proper exotic quest and you re going to be teleported to the cosmodrome now try to work your way and fight your way through all the nostalgia. You re feeling when you re in this area. Because yes. It is the good old cause of a job yet again so simply head to this area.

You are gonna have to kill a yellow bar big shank to lower a shield. Which is gonna let you proceed further in to this area and eventually after making the way through you re going to get to which is a long time fans of the game will recognize this area. This was the original area back way in the day before destiny whenever released. There was a trailer like a gameplay trailer and this area was where they killed a fallen boss that dropped the thunder.

Lord right that actually dropped this weapon to show off kind of the loot system. The proto loot system. At the time. So really cool bunch is bringing us back here you kill a massive fun enemy actually has a reasonable amount of health.

I was surprised by you know how much damage is able to tank. But if you do have three people you should be able to kill this big bad fallen guy in no time..

There s also gonna be a yellow health servitor that spawns as well be aware of that but he spawns close enough that he was a victim of my hammers and so we dispatched those guys pretty quickly now once you do kill these guys it doesn t end right away. You actually do have to escape the cause of gem. So basically just go back the way you came from killing some low level ads on the way use that transmat pad that you originally arrived in and then it s going to prompt you to go back to the tower. Talk to amanda holliday once more and she s going to give you an exotic engram.

I ve the last engram you actually do have to take this to the crypt ark and decrypt it and that will give you the thunder lord and by the way the thunder. Lord the brand new thunder lord is looking amazing the intrinsic perk is rain havoc kills with this weapon generate lightning strikes from above and you can see in the gameplay. But it s absurdly powerful one shot kills multiple enemies like it s like sun shot. Graviton lance s in how many enemies it kills that quickly like with aoe damage that s insane.

But there s also another unique perk that sounds very very powerful called lightning rounds. This weapon fires faster. And more accurately the longer. The trigger is held and that s what we ve seen before but continuous damage generates lightning strikes so not only does this have fantastic aoe ad clearing capabilities.

But potentially if you re dpsing. A boss and it s continuously raining down additional damage in the form of lightning strikes that s really powerful as well so definitely gonna be testing this thing out in some endgame activities. If you know what i mean guys. That s it for the video hope you enjoyed found this informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video.

Now if you guys want to see more destiny. 2 content similar to this don t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. If you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity. The best way is to follow me on twitter at rick cactus.

That s linked in the description. Down below as is my twitch channel. Which you can also follow again. I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day p forward quite a large distance.

Which scales off your moving speeds. So press your sprint key before using it for the maximum travel distance. It also completely negates fall damage so if you need to leave a high up location or if you accidentally fall off the map using shift will enable you to take no damage when hitting the ground. You could also climb seemingly vertical walls with ease by simply looking directly up and using it against the wall.

This makes traveling pretty much any wall or cliff a trivial task on accurate finally if you are using shift for its damage. You can eliminate the forward leap by again looking straight up if you re fighting a beetle queen stone titan or any other enemy that you re in melee range for looking straight up and colliding with them will prevent you from accidentally missing your mark by flying past them. With the leap eckerd. Special ability is another straight traveling projectile that upon impact with either terrain or an enemy will seek out a nearby target and begin spreading poison.

The maximum number of targets afflicted. Is 20. And the same target cannot be chosen twice so you can t endlessly bounce. It between two enemies.

While again the poison itself. Cannot proc your on hits. The actual spreading of the disease. Deals damage every time it bounces and can proc your on hits meaning.

You can get some pretty nice. Proc chains going in the larger groups this ability makes accurate aoe potential. The absolute highest in the game. Without any items now only does it look for targets to spread even if you completely miss.

An enemy and hit a wall. But the 10 second cooldown means that by the time the initial enemy s poison has expired..

The ability will be off cooldown and ready to spread to everything again now that you know what each ability does let s go over how to optimally use them the consistency of the are coupled with the very low cooldown of the m2. Plus. The fact that they both apply poison means that those two abilities make up the vast majority of your damage. I when you re early into a run by all means you can walk up the stuff or rather jump up to them with your shift and wail on them with your auto attack recession and against.

But you will quickly find that the viability of playing accurate as a true melee survivor is low at best. I recommend that you treat accurate splay style similar to that of the loader where you re essentially a range survivor. But with the option to get close if necessary simply use your ar into a pack of enemies wait for the poison to do its thing and have your on hit and on kill effects finish them off if need be you can also leap into them with the shift and instantly execute a large pack of monsters that have all been left to one hp from the boys other than that though just use your ranged abilities whenever they are off cooldown and rely on your shift to get around the map. And escape any sticky situations for some good item synergies taking just a single stack of gasoline or try to dagger early on synergizes.

Extremely well with your poison because if everything is that 1. Hp. Literally any damage will finish them off guillotines are also very powerful as poison is quite effective on higher hp enemies. And again will execute them if under the guillotine threshold.

The newly added visions of heresy is also quite a good choice on accurate due to the range to play style. I m not gonna go in depth on the item itself you re gonna have to wait for the i don t equipment. E list for that but to put. It bluntly would you rather have a melee attack that you rarely use or a ranged attack that you can use all the time intent.

It s the ranged attack other than that though you re just looking for your standard stuff and a run goat whose energy drinks wax quails and hope whoo feathers for mobility ukuleles 80. G. s will the whisper damage. Etc.

Etc. Alright and that about does it with all the info. I wanted to cover on a crit before the gameplay starts leave a comment below. If you have a question that needs answering or maybe.

If you just want to tell me that melee boggle is the best idol. I do read them all i promise you can check out my stream over at twitchtv slash wooly gaming and consider joining our discord server for announcements when i go live or upload a new video here on youtube. It s also a great place if you just want to find others to play with or hang out the gameplay you re about to see is of two points in a run the early game. And then the mid to late ish game with the early clip showcasing the more male oriented.

Accurate and the later ones showing what you do at all other times. Thank you for watching and be on the lookout for my update to the item and equipment tier list coming here. Very soon well it took 2 to 3 times for me to be swimming and money well then i guess. It s pretty good that s a 12 chance.

I think it s a 4 chance linear. If it s not linear that d be really weird if it was a multiplicative bonus that because the bonus is super low it has to be like 10 of is multiplicative in my opinion. I think it s just a linear 4 percentage time again. I m not entirely sure.

But it would make sense all right guys i m hitting you with the hardest question you ready are you ready chat here. We. Go who has the best skin and risk of rain to go get the answer in five seconds. You can t think about a chat go where is the best kid go can t wait mercenary artificer commando timaya that s a lot of commandos commandos skin is awesome that s a lot of commando.

A lot of people say. In commando wow. I m surprised. Honestly i have to agree commandos skin is so freakin good it turns you in from like some some fifth grader.

I don t know how a fifth grader got into my mind like some some kids action figure. So i m trying to say turns you from that into like some freakin space marine..

The orange. One versus. The the chrome black one the sleek black one oh man it looks so good plus stood on the helmet. The little like you know in episode.

One. Where they have the little rebreather thing. It looks like that having that little extra little you know talk about the bottom of commandos helmet with the skin that looks so cool that makes the helmet pop the cueto scan and the new m2 made him one of my favorite survivors. Absolutely sadly he s not the most consistent now he s definitely gonna be bumped down a few pegs on the character tier list.

But he is so much fun to play like somatically as well he s so simple right you just shoot your guns and kill stuff. There s nothing complicated about commando. There s a reason why he s the first time ever you play so good if i can hit that huh. I hit one of them i think i missed the other well let s try getting both of my shits charges on this guy.

And then doing the damage. Right at wow. Actually never mind let me just come back down. Real.

Quick bye bye. Now i m coming back up all right. See. What happens here.

Huh. Yeah. It used both of them right away. That s pretty good so.

If you get a hard light afterburner and you re using the alternate shift. The one that gets additional cooldown reduction based on how many enemies you hit now might be a pretty good combo. Just walking into something holding down your sprint key or your shift. Key and just unleashing neo raiding with 36.

What s up guys how you guys doing. How was your stream near 10 out of 10 8. Out of 10 are you still doing the challenge by the way you build a patch went live are you still doing the 10 run challenge. The hi everybody hi do stream.

Why the commando is consistent now cuz. All those robbers got way better. Rex rex look honestly guys this might be a spoiler for the character cheer list. But might have to give rex the top spot guys.

I m gonna give him a lot more testing before i do that but rex feels really good now. I really good commando didn t get any changes. That s that s the the answer take an item to the left of the toe pads brooch. Where s my toe.

Friend brooch. Oh. That is that s the auto attack. I ll just talk about it.

The kneedler auto attack care. It..

Changes your left click into a well i keep saying kneedler cuz. It s like the kneedler from halo. It shoots out a bunch of crystals like that they stick to enemies and they blow up for damage. So it changes your auto attack if you re mailing into a ranged attack that s the main reason.

Why took it because everything else on a kurt s kit. I play as if i m playing a ranged character so i figured this probably more useful what up boy. What s up hey randy. How you doing dude.

What s up what s up what s up so i kind of like it so far again. We ll have to see how well it s scales. If it doesn t do that much damage later on then it might not be that good. But then again everyone s auto attack isn t really that important to later a run goes.

It s more about your other abilities like rocking. Something with a royal capacitor shot or an ability that is a massive amount of damage. It s not really about your auto attack pests past the second loop. I d say speaking of massive damage.

There s an aeg atvs are good rex is so fun. I love them that rex is very fun. Now what s the drawback prison. Either that it replaces your auto attack so if you have a decent auto attack like i m mercenary because you re always in melee rains on mercenary because he s not a ranged character quote unquote.

He s a straight melee character. Then you probably have more damage overall from keeping your regular m1 and if your reign. If your i guess hunter. It s not it probably better on hunters.

Too honestly you have to reload the attack. I guess that is one straight downsides that you have to reload. You have 12 shots you have to wait for them to reload. I have to use all 12.

It s not that long with a reload time and i m assuming. It s killed with the tac speed. So the more attack speed you had the faster you reload them i don t know that is not confirmed. I do not know that for sure.

But i m a soon that s how it works. If it doesn t work like that then it does work with alien heads. So if you have an alien head then that would recharge the shots faster punches feels really good with 24c i don t understand why you would want to go with another stack of it yeah you get more shots. But it doubles it adds the same duration for the reload.

I think it s a three second reload and you get twelve more shots. But with another three seconds to the revote so you re still pumping out the same damage overall. I think maybe i m totally wrong with the math maybe. The math works out that when you save all 24 shots.

You pump them out at the same time and you wait for those six seconds. You do more damage overall. I do not know let s get this just real quick when we got here if i had the beads of fealty boys. I would obliterate try out the boss fight.

” ..

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