AIMBOT HACKER on Call of Duty Mobile…

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” s up guys. This is m3rkmus1ci welcome to call of duty mobile on pc. I i can t help but laugh at this this is cod mobile. But we re it on the computer with a keyboard and mouse that s right guys.

It didn t take long to be able to play a mobile game on pc and just destroy everyone s hopes breeze. I m not going to sit here and pretend like playing cold vide mobile on pc. Is the secret is actually very easy. But if you like to get cold duty mobile on the pc for yourself and play it just look in the description.

There will be a link basically all you have to do is download this program called game looper and then get cold duty mobile. And play it it s that simple. It s pretty easy. I m ready me to separate account on here in case.

This is like cheating or if i get banned or something. But yellow threw some multiplayer so while i m playing this i m gonna try to go for some quad feeds. Because i think coffee with every gun for cold to do mobile. Would be pretty fun.

Although the real challenge really has nothing to do with trying to get the clips themselves it actually is a lot more with just the kill feed being clean if you guys didn t know and coal duty mobile. You can only have 4 kills showing at a time in the kill feed. Oh my god let s start it off with a quad come on whoa. I got splitter ready.

It s just an outsider spawn come on let s do it. Let s get a quad feet. Come on oh wasn t the quad feet. I don t know oh we re trying.

Though i m trying happy yeah for kolduny mobile. You really need all those kills to happen immediately cuz if any other teammate gets a kill or if someone on the other team gets a kill it s gone. It s over. Oh my god this is so easy oh my god wow dude i feel so bad i mean this is such a huge advantage.

I m getting now the m4. I m using doesn t really have any attachments. So it s gonna make it a little bit harder to try to keep going and try to hit a quad peep. I m trying oh my there.

We go. There s another triple come on do that full reload. Let s do it. Come.

On dude. Oh. My pc. A missile poom.

I m trying to i feel so bad like look at the advantage. I get there all spawning right here. Oh let s knife him let s go for the knife come on he s not gonna hit me oh. This is so unfair.

This is i m completely aware that this is an unfair advantage like i know that but even though it is way easier to use that keyboard mouse versus your fingers there is the trick to it the controls for kolduny mobile with this game emulator don t feel all that smooth it s definitely not as smooth as any other cold it again you d be playing on pc. I saw they d dude up there look oh it s over i mean that was brutal we just destroyed them i think someone s using the automatic shooting. Think maybe i don t know it s kind of hard to tell killa cam. Though that s on the team.

I mean oh my god look at these dabs. They re doing..

Well. You re gonna do the fortnight l dance. Oh. That s so brutal that s so mean.

But yeah as far as it goes for performance with call of duty mobile on pc. It also doesn t necessarily the best i don t think i m necessarily able to do 144 hertz and again cold emobile has not made for keyboard and mouse. So there s like this weird little input delay happening. But i m not gonna lie.

It is definitely easier. And it s a lot of fun. I have some attachments now so make the m4 even better oh. I m playing against really high levels.

Now. I think it might have realized like that i might not be playing on a phone and that i might have a little bit of an advantage. Okay. I m scared now.

I may be playing against other pc players. Oh. No again. I don t know if this game has skill based matchmaking.

I think it tries to figure that out so if i want a pc destroying everyone with phones. I think it might eventually put me against other pc players guess we ll find out well. It seems like that s definitely what it seems like scoffs. Oh.

My god yep. I think i yeah i think everyone starting to get better house. I won t stand for this. I m supposed to be pulling against all the scrubs right well okay.

Maybe there are some scrubs extolling here. Oh no okay this dude s pretty good. Oh. There s a double this month.

They come over here more this oh what if i m actually gonna be playing against other people that are just really good on their phones. This is definitely so much easier they re like it s so good oh no one oblong shape is that really your name oblong shape. The other thing. That s kind of tricky to get used to is the reloading.

I notice this one i was playing on the phone. You don t actually completely real oh gotta wait for the whole thing to go through. Then you can reload the reloading and coldy mobile is a lot slower. I don t think you re able to reload cancel at all which does make it a little bit harder to hit clips oh.

My lord come on let go keep shooting. I think it s because it s trying to knife. When he gets up close oh. My come on let s keep you all let s keep going reload.

It oh my keep going what oh are we lost. How do we lose. I think there might have been a couple people on their team. It s it s kind of hard to tell who s playing on pc.

And here s actually playing on a phone. I think there might ve been a couple people on the other team using keyboard and mouse..

Though it looks like okay. There s some lower levels. Oh boy twinkle toejam. What a name yeah.

I did want to thank you guys for the support on the last call of duty mobile video. I did i ve been waiting months to play this game. I was hoping to get into the beta. But they never did like an ios beta at least for the us.

Yeah. It feels good to finally be able to play this game. And i m glad you guys are enjoying it so far firing range looks pretty good oh you really slow down. When you scope in oh.

What i didn t shoot. Why is it i ll get to click twice to shoot. Oh. That s weird.

I m not sure if there s a setting you have to change for that. But it s definitely a little awkward. I m not sure if it s even like that for other guns might have to change. Some key bindings or something oh like oh.

That s so awkward dude. Who wants to click twice to shoot. I want to hit the first ankeny noscope on cotton mobile. I almost called the call today online.

It really is so similar oh no scope. I m thingy you me i pay him burying all of you yeah how s a terrible shot. I don t know why it sounded like a dying chick in there but you know scoped oh. I think i m gonna change.

Though i feel like saiping on this is gonna be too hard for me. I need i haven t played a lot of pc recently either so. I m gonna have to get back in the swing of things. And it s really difficult because of how the controls feel even though it s easier on pc.

It s definitely not the best feeling game. I will admit you have an advantage with keyboard and mouse against another mobile players. But something still doesn t feel quite right needless to say i am really enjoying this and looks pretty good oh. My lord come on line them up what keep shooting don t stop shooting don t stop tree.

No i don t know why the gun stops shooting it so weird or source away you could turn off knifing because i feel like the knifing in close range is why it stops shooting. Some of these people like you can get close. But not too close oh. No what what is it is he also using an m4 like that so fast okay.

That is definitely a hacker no way are there people really cheating on khan mobile like that that just wasn t right i mean that s try to look like an aimbot. What today. I don t know what s going on that was definitely fishy don t like that mom let s gonna cooperate at the end with the pure fire. I don t think i ll be enough kills.

I m gonna get the triple though i ll go get the pure fire is on pc. Like potato. Much i want to be at lee s the pure fire more. I think i should play on some smaller maps either go for some more kill house or do new town.

Well no. If domination might be better everyone might just pile up on the flags haven t had a chance to played yet you get some of these other guns..

Though that s what i m curious oh you have to use cod points. Out okay. I think these are just cosmetic variants. Though maybe you can get them as you level up i still don t fully understand how this game works but i ll figure it out it ll eventually make sense.

I m gonna go out on the lemon try it some domination on new town looks like everyone s not like a crazy high level either. Which is good all right let s do this immediately going to the middle. Oh. No that s who oh my god come on line up that quad pig.

You know you want to do it okay. There on the side over here. I ll perfect. Oh.

My god you re really letting out for a perfect core piece. They re not as bad. Though i can t tell if some of these people actually are cheaters. If they just have really bad anus.

Really spastic oh well come on one more oh was it a coffee. I love a squat feet. I m doing it though. Oh.

My god just line it up come on wentao guys. Oh. My lord oh i guess what you re my god. Oh.

I think. Some of these people that i think her aimbots are actually just like the people trying to move around with their fingers okay. That s just the first half perfect. But that make sense though because when you start out.

And you re playing on an actual phone. The sensitivity is too high you re kind of like looking all over the place. It s really bad hopefully no one s actually hacking this game. I know some people are gonna consider using the mouse and keyboard sheep for this mobile game.

But if you re actually downloading like a program to cheat and stuff. That s that s another level. Oh. My oh no be quick slope.

The four person come on well. How what a kill haha alright. Let s do this let s do this i see the triple. I see the triple hello.

Oh. My come on can i get more than that no up is it over. I think you just play to a hundred points oh man. I was basically ready to go on like a huge streak with the purifier.

But it just randomly like ended. I think i did pretty good though i am having a really hard time telling if i m actually hitting any of these quad feats because everything goes by so fast nicole do you mobile kill feed only shows a maximum of four kills so nothing can go wrong. It s definitely. Very tricky well what is all this and everything looked into this oh.

There s the e mode facility middle. I have chi just want to go back to t him on kill house it s so good kumquat freud where these names bro ham fat cabbage weird names dude i think i might give a siping ago and when that inevitably doesn t work out i m gonna change back to the m4..

I think the trickiest part about trying to do quad feet with every gun for cod mobile. Is just getting more guns because i m pretty sure that since it s a mobile game. They re gonna try to convince you that you know like spend money to get the guns. Faster and want to get a sniping coffee.

It s not gonna be easy. Because i suck. But oh. My oh my oh.

I think i always decide like an intervention. Quad. Feed. Only no scoping that was stupid huh.

Let s do it kwasi sniper come on i didn t shoot what oh my god come on come on one more note. Gonna. Clap. Now.

This is so awkward. Oh go it i gotta reload. Though huh come on man. I m gonna try one like back to back collapse.

Or something. This is too difficult. Oh. My oh.

My colette dude. I m actually doing so. Well. It doesn t just canada coffee.

Though how s this almost over already no come on oh. My god there s so much potential here. I feel like i can actually do this. Oh my look at him dude look at them line up the collec come on you know you want to give me the clip oh it s over absolute destruction.

Though oh i can t i can t tell who s aiming in what way i feel like this could be pc as well you guys a level seven. I got a parachute oh boy. I think now that i m level seven. I could actually do pr.

If i wanted to that s pretty cool oh you getting excited saul let s go there. We go. Maybe you can these at a certain level. Wow.

You to be a really high level. That s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed col vide mobile on pc. If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more called to do mobile either on the phone or on pc.

Make sure to drop a like you guys later ” ..

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AIMBOT HACKER on Call of Duty Mobile
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I ended up getting Call of Duty Mobile on PC

and I ran into an AIMBOT HACKER!

I can t believe there are cheaters already on COD Mobile; the game has barely been out and people are downloading aimbots LOL

If you d like to download Call of Duty Mobile and play it on PC with a keyboard and mouse, check out the link below!

GameLoop –

COD Mobile on PC is definitely an unfair (but very fun) advantage, and I feel like this is pretty much the workaround for people who would rather play the game with a controller or KBAM

So, what do YOU think about Call of Duty Mobile on PC? Have you ran into any hackers yet? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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