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“Guys it s me lunar welcome back to another red dead redemption. 2. Video in in this one i ll be showing you guys how to get the legendary hunter done i m currently working on a video for getting all 21 in game perks and this is required for doing it so i thought i would share. I m not sure yet whether i want to do videos from all the different challenges.

It really just depends on how much people watch this one but since i did it anyway. I wanted to show you guys how to do it so i can link the video in my perks video. If you complete you all mark. The master hunter.

Offhand holster master hunter bandolier master. Hunter gun. Belt and the master hunter holster at the same time you will permanently increase your stamina by one level. As well so it s definitely worth doing these.

Plus of course you need to do it for 100 completion in the videos. Helpful alike is appreciated to start i did all of these in west elizabeth. Other loads of species of animals here so it s a good place to get everything except for challenge. 9.

And 10 let s start on challenge. One challenge. One is to kill and skin three deer deirdr found pretty much everywhere a game. And you simply must kill any of them and skin.

Three of them no explanation needed for that one and we could just move on to challenge to challenge to kill on skin three perfect rabbits rabbits like deer are found throughout the map..

But we need perfect rabbit pelts in order to do the challenge. Whenever you discover rabbits and you study them you will notice that they have stars next to their name. Like all animals do either one. Two or three stars next to them three star rabbits are the only ones that will give you perfect outs in order to maintain the cawley of the pal you need to kill the rabbits with a specific weapon.

You can use either small game arrows using your bow and arrow. The varmint hunting rifle will be your best option as with the bow and arrow. You will have to hit vital organs. Which is difficult to do on a rabbit whereas you can just shoot the rabb anywhere with the varmint rifle.

And you can kill it in one hit. So all you have to do is kill three perfect rabbits and skin them to complete the challenge. I did this on the paths around strawberry as there seems to be a lot of rabbits going around there challenge. Three is to track.

Ten different animal species using your binoculars pull out your binoculars study the animal and then hold the track button. While looking at them. With your binoculars and that is all you need to do in order to track the animal. The only thing you can t track are birds really simple and this should only take you five minutes to do you must track.

Ten different species you can t do all the same kind of animal out here in west. Elizabeth. There are just tons of animals as you can see you running around challenge four is to call an animal and get a clean kill five times not to be confused with getting a perfect pout so i m in the exact same location for this one basically we re just gonna sneak around at five five different animals when you re close enough you can call them it doesn t work for birds. As well and then they will lift their head up and look at you as soon as you press.

The call button you can then shoot and kill the animal to get a clean kill you simply need to do it with one hit use your most powerful rifle whether it s a bear or a rabbit..

However for bigger animals aim for the head to make sure that they do die. First time for everything. Else using something. Like the bolt action rifle.

Will definitely kill them in one hit challenge. Five skin three black or grizzly bears bears are located on lots of mountainous regions. I found plenty right here west elizabeth make sure to use a powerful weapon like the shotgun in order to kill them quickly. I use the ball action as well with express ammo for an easy kill and then again you simply have to skin.

If any bears and you will complete the challenge challenge six kill five cougars with your boat. Then skin them. This is going to be the most difficult part of getting the master hunter challenges done because it s very time consuming now. This one is a bit difficult because the cougar doesn t spawn that often it only spawns at a few locations on the map and of course.

It will attack you on sight. And you will definitely get ambushed and killed by the cougar at some point to do this one. We are staying in the same place. Just upstream from lake.

Oh angela. This is where you will find the cougars spawn location basically wander around until you find them usually he s in the river or the forest close by maybe stand still you can usually hear him you need to use your boat arrow to kill him so either use that i have good aim or use fire arrows for example. So that way you can kill him quickly after you kill and skim them you will need to go to sleep for a few days for him to respawn and then you can repeat basically. What you re trying to do is wait for the old cougars body to decompose fully at which point.

It will no longer show they ll pop right on the map of where the old cougar was at which part the new cougar can then spawn..

However keep in mind that sometimes if it s too soon after the last cougar has finally decomposed you will still have to sleep for a little bit longer than that so sometimes it get longer than two days in order for the next cougar to show up so you ll be spending lots of time camping and just waiting around for the next cougar one final thing to know make sure not to leave the cougar corpse in the river or close to water as it doesn t seem to decompose when you do the other thing is in this exact location sometimes a grizzly bear will spawn and not the cougar meaning. Again. You will have to kill a wait for that to decompose taking up even more time in order for the next cougar to spawn the whole challenge will take at least a couple of hours. Most of which will just be spent in your camp sleeping as you can see in the video.

The location here on the river and the location up here in the forest beside. These rocks is the location that the cougar always spawns so just walk back and forth between the two and you should see it if it hasn t shown up after a few minutes and the last cougar body has disappeared then you should just go back to sleep. And then retry but like i said this one is gonna take a while challenge. 7.

Used bait and lure to kill both herbivore and predator and easy what to do you can craft to be a campfire or just in your menu on you can bite from bait shops. As well simply go to an area where carnivores or herbivores spawn. Which is almost all places usually i wait to see one before i do because i know there s one close by throw. One of the baits on the ground and hide wait until the animal starts eating then you can simply kill the animal after this move away from the area because usually all the animals will disappear throw.

The other type of bait down. And then repeat the same thing make sure that you kill both animals before killing any other ones as you have to do them consecutively. But it s a really easy one to do challenge. 8.

Catch three fish without using a fishing rod all you have to do for this one is go to anywhere where there s visible fish. You can see them splashing in the water and then instead of using your fishing rod to catch them simply shoot them in the water and pick them up really easy and should only take a few minutes to kill three and pick them up. I did mine here at the lake in west. Elizabeth for challenge number nine.

We re moving on to a different location to catch an opossum and there are opossums here in west elizabeth..

But i found them much more difficult to find and also they spawn in the same location as the cougar and it will often it attack you when you re looking so i did might here at ringneck creek. This one sounds difficult. But all you have to do is find a possum. Which are located here on the map wait for it to play dead.

Which it does as soon as you go beside it while it s playing dead too amok. The challenge simply kill the possum one thing to note that the opossums only come out at night. So make sure that you do sleep until night before searching and as i said they re usually on this area of the map. Although they can be found in other places our final challenge is to find and kill the legendary panther gee aguar.

Oh located at the bottom of the map next to birthweight manor. You can go through the territory. I ve marked on the map. Where you will find the three clues for the panther after you discover them the panther shows up and you must kill in skinned hem.

At which point. You will complete challenge number 10. That will unlock all for the items that we mentioned at the start plus. It will permanently increase your stamina by 1 and also those items you get from the panther are needed for crafting a talisman which will give you a perk.

The panthers pelt will be used for some legendary outfits at the trapper so this one is definitely worth doing guys don t forget to subscribe for more red dead videos including red dead online updates. Enjoy the rest of your day. I ll see you guys in the next one peace out. ” .


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How to complete all 10 master hunter challneges including finding cougars, legendary panther, fishing and possums.
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Rank 1: Skin 3 deer 0:42
Rank 2: Collect 3 perfect quality rabbit pelts 1:04
Rank 3: Track 10 different animals using your binoculars 1:55
Rank 4: Call an animal and get a clean kill 5 times 2:21
Rank 5: Skin 3 black or grizzly bears 2:58
Rank 6: Kill 5 cougars with your bow, then skin them 3:15
Rank 7: Use bait to lure and kill both a herbivore and predator 5:20
Rank 8: Catch 3 fish without using a fishing rod 5:58
Rank 9: Catch an opossum playing possum 6:18
Rank 10: Find and kill the legendary panther “Giaguaro” 6:54

Master Hunter Off Hand Holster
Master Hunter Bandolier
Master Hunter Gun Belt
Master Hunter Holster
Permanent +1 Stamina Bar
Progression to Legend of the East Outfit

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