All 11 Returning Characters in Modern Warfare (Ghost, Soap, Gaz & More)

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“If you guys have been around my channel in the last. Little while you d d know that i love the campaign and story of pretty much all of the of duty games. Ranging from black ops to modern warfare. I go in depth and look at the tiny details of these campaigns of these stories and today is no exception.

But it is a little bit different in call of duty modern warfare. One thing that they did is they went back and took a bunch of old characters from previous modern warfare. Games. And put cameos of them within this game.

And in this video. Today. I m going to be breaking down every single rictor that has returned to call of duty modern warfare and also talking a little bit about their origin story and where they came from in total there are 11 different characters that we have to look at today so a lot to talk about but before we dive into these 11 characters. I just wanted to let you guys know first of all thank you for all of the support over the launch of the game.

It s been absolutely insane. So thank you so much for that and also if you re not already subscribed to the channel. I was actually looking at some of my analytics and about 81 percent of people who watch my videos aren t actually subscribed to the channel. So if you like what you see here and want to stay up to date on all of these different story videos and other modern warfare videos that i m making make sure you hit that subscribe button.

Make sure you have notifications on and without further ado let me shut up and let s dive in to all of the returning characters within modern warfare so with modern warfare. I really think we just start out with the big daddy of the mall and that of course is captain price captain price is the one character. We knew without a shadow of a doubt was coming back with in modern warfare. And is one of the main characters throughout the campaign.

He is the captain of the story. He makes all the tough decisions tells everyone what to do and is well captain price throughout the whole story. But we do get a little bit of a cameo from lieutenant price halfway through the story come on the current job price stay close now going to the origins of captain price. The only other time that we get to see a younger captain price is during the mission all gilley dup within call of duty for where he s being led by captain macmillan to take out imran s akov and don t worry we ll get to that in a little bit now the rest of captain prices story is well simple.

He s one of the few characters that you followed. All the way from call of duty for to modern warfare. 3. He led many of the most iconic soldiers through all of the modern warfare games.

Some of which were going to talk about today. But the end of his story came at the end of modern warfare. 3. Where he got to take it on his nemesis.

Vladimir makarov music music the next character. We re gonna look at is a very brief cameo. This is a character that you really only see for one mission. And it is sergeant griggs.

The hospital is at the end of the road half a klick. I ll be opening it with the marines echo three one sergeant griggs all day. Tell me alex no locals on this one not my call you cream. All day nice work it in the russians we share friends and enemies.


It s folly now you play alongside sergeant griggs as you stormed the embassy in chase of the wolf. Now sergeant griggs was a character back in call of duty. 4. Who once again was just a character that you d see off in the background and you d fight alongside.

But his real claim to fame came at the very end of call of duty. 4. When he dies right beside you and that ladies and gentlemen is sergeant gregg. Now the majority of these characters.

We don t get introduced to until the very end of the campaign. What example is this we ve got two options we almost go or we. Let mother. Russia have a taste of her own medicine.

A little bit of people in there died at the hands of a western a specialist. What do you suggest business trip. Unsanctioned is your team smoked all right and that old comrade that he speaks of is none other than nikolai as a hell of a view nikolai was the capital before moscow. The good old days hmm.

I got two on the tour world hotel inside good spot parking here sucks. Mr. Butch. And yellow shirt.

Pasta. For the embassy. No gas. Another deal hmm.

Tempting. You know how fast a butcher. Gets us to a idea. Well.

The gas attack goes off. What if that happens then we re all fucked. Let s gear up get able clock s ticking this way now for the rest of the mission nikolai helps you in sergeant garak track down and find the butcher. Which he eventually does by literally running him over with a car as far as the origin story of nikolai.

He was introduced in call of duty. 4. As your russian informant early in the game. He s taken hostage and you are sent to rescue him what d you end up doing so and nikolai actually remains by your side all the way to the end of modern warfare.

3. He s one of the few characters that does not die in the modern warfare. Series. The other thing to mention is you do get to see him speak at the very end of the game.


And get a better look at him and he looks extremely different in this modern warfare game. Compared to call of duty. 4. Where he had short hair and just literally looked completely different the next section.

Where we get to see a ton of different mentions of different characters from the modern warfare universe is right at the end of the game. So we re gonna go through in order of the speech. That s given and talk about each individual character. Russia disowned barkov.

Well. I didn t have much choice did they he s dead you took a big bite out of that problem job for now. Well left unchecked. They won t be general shepherd pulled.

The files. You asked for the general shepherd. We never actually see throughout this campaign. But we know who he is through modern warfare.

2. He was actually the general that actually put task force 141. Together. But ends up being an antagonist within modern warfare.

2. And well we all know how that ends. Understand music. What exactly is this about a task force.

We already have loose ends and i will tie them i can fund assets not outlaws. Enjoy the tea then sakai avant s bar cops thrown. I almost bury them in pripyat. The man women so once again this is referring to another character that wasn t in modern warfare.

But emran zacchaeus. He was the main bad guy in call of duty. 4. And the interesting thing about what captain price says here is that he almost buried him in pripyat with macmillan that means that the all gilead up mission that happens in call of duty.

4. Is also part of this universe as well and the thing. I m talking about there is where captain price shoots off em runs a caves arm. Now at the end of call of duty.

4. We all know what happens to em runs. A cave that was the father this is the son victor. Lovely family as we quickly find out kaitlin s well is not talking about emmer anza calves.


But rather his son victor s akov. Now this character we barely get to see in call of duty 4. But when we do it s a pretty tragic affair. It s it s you re big fans of hunters would explain why still alive.

They re gonna get him out give me what i need who s your crew sergeant gary kyle. I call him cos he never said anything so here we find out through the entire game of modern warfare. As we ve played as kyle garrick. He s actually been a character that we knew from a previous call of duty game.

Known as gasp now guys was a tertiary character back in call of duty. 4. And he was a character he never played as he never really heard from. But was kind of an integral character you were introduced to him right at the beginning of the game and a lot of people don t know this but at the very end where emergenza cave is walking down the bridge.

He actually ends up executing gasps. Now of course. We have to mention the fact that gasps in the new modern warfare is black whereas gasps in call of duty. 4.

Is white. If you re wondering how this is possible you got to remember that these timelines are not connected the timeline of call of duty modern warfare. 2019 is completely separate from the modern warfare 1 2 3 universe that we saw previously and i mean unless gaza went through some sort of michael jackson surgery that is john what savage sas sniper demolitions goes by so why it s classified the next character. We have is of course soap mactavish.

Another character that was not in this campaign. It s the fng sir go easy on him sighs his first day in the regimen. What they hope kind of name is so glee had a muffin like you pass solution now soap mactavish is obviously. One of the main characters throughout call of duty.

4 modern warfare. 2. And modern warfare. 3.

Also arguably captain prices best friend throughout all of these games. And in my opinion has one of these saddest deaths in any video game ever music. So you have to go up now get off me music. I m sorry.

But apparently he is going to be part of task force 141 within this universe. There is simon riley. There s no picture never and for those of you who live under a rock. And don t know who s simon reilly.

Is that is referring to ghost a character who is shrouded in mystery. And was mainly in call of duty modern warfare. 2. Now this character as we know came to a tragic end at the hands of general shepard.


That s what not arrest that s need to know we got a deal. What are you calling this task force on ful one now the reason why i showed the end of that cutscene. There is it doesn t refer to any characters directly. But there are two characters missing from task force one for one that they did not mention here.

These two characters include roach or gary roach. Sanderson. Who is in modern warfare. 2.

And uri who is in modern warfare. 3. Now there are two other returning characters we haven t mentioned yet. The first of which is shown at the very end of the game leading into the specops story.

Yeah now as we find out later in the cutscene that is none other than al asad. A character that we recognize from call of duty for as the bad guy that starts out the game by assassinating. The russian president now after this captain price eventually gets his revenge on al asad. And that s the end of that i want his name sir is he still fun she s rushing into did you get it my counterpart in moscow.

The cia working with the fsb. It was the first time camera of rice. The final character and the one you may not have picked up on is komarov. Now.

This is a character that helped you throughout call of duty. 4. He helped you saved nikolai. But most importantly at the end of the game.

He was actually the character that dropped in on a helicopter and ended up saving soap. And captain price at the very end of call of duty. 4. Ladies and gentlemen that is every single character who is returned within call of duty modern warfare this year in 2019.

It lends to the question where are things going next is there going to be a modern warfare. 2. Where they follow up with all these characters is this just going to be a specialist campaign for spec ops. Who knows but i do have theories i ve got theories on not only that but also one of the characters.

We mentioned today one of them that is by far the most mysterious so if you want to stay up to date on all of that be sure to hit that like button and on top of that make sure you re subscribed to the channel to be up to date on all of my videos also let me know down in the comments. What you think of all of the returning characters and as always guys i hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching and until next time music. ” ..


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Call of Duty Modern warfare 2019 is a Reboot of the Modern Warfare Series. Many characters from the previous COD MW games return in this one. In this video we look at All Returning Characters in Modern Warfare. This covers every returning character including Ghost, Soap, Gaz u0026 More. Hope you enjoy


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