ALL BLACKOUT DARK OPS IN UNDER 2 MINUTES! (Tutorial/Walkthrough of KNOWN Black Ops 4 Challenges) – YouTube

blackout dark ops This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you ALL BLACKOUT DARK OPS IN UNDER 2 MINUTES! (Tutorial/Walkthrough of KNOWN Black Ops 4 Challenges) – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s going on guys. My name is jackie jackson busting welcome back to a brand brand new video today. I m gonna be showing you guys the fastest way to all the dark ops challenges for black out and the calling cards you receive for them do you note that one of the dark ops challenges for black out is in fact still a mystery to everyone. But once it s solved.

I ll pin a comment down in the description. Letting you all know exactly what it is and how to complete it really quick. If you are new to the channel be sure to subscribe and hit that big boy bell so you don t miss the daily black ops..


4 videos. I post here on the channel drop a like and let s get into it so the first challenge. I m gonna be going over is open the blast doors that s a complete this simply laying that fracking tower and go in this building here right when you step inside you ll see a little green panel at the end of the room. And all you re gonna have to do is push that and it ll open the the little blast doors right in front of it and there would be a decent amount of loot in there so you can go ahead and go loot it up.

But that will complete the first challenge for you up next is fist fighter. All you re gonna have to do for this one is just killing at me by punching them this is gonna be easiest in early game. Whenever you or another enemy haven t found weapons..


Yet so you re gonna have to catch someone off guard and just hope that they take the fight up next this practice makes perfect. You re gonna have to land at firing range and go to this very far range at the very back and take shots at the targets in the very back you have to be this far of a distance away. And you do have to hit the bullseye right in the middle. So just find yourself a scope and take several shots.

And it shouldn t complete it for you up next is zombie jim s head over to the transit diner over by ra and walker right inside. And you ll see a juke box on the left. All you re gonna have to do is walk up to it hold the interact and it should get it going..


And that ll complete the next challenge for you next up is respect your elders just south of the boxing ring is this monument. I don t know who exactly it s for. But you all you have to do is kind of walk right up to this stone right in front of it hold the interact. And you should do a little bow.

And then i ll complete it for you the next challenge is baller. All you re gonna have to do is landed estates make a shot and make sure it goes in the next challenge is red light green light over by the cargo docks north and south of the boat. You ll see these buoys in the water just right below them or these containers and they should have a decent amount of loot so you may even consider landing here and grabbing these early game looting one of these is gonna complete your next challenge and for the last known black out dark ops challenge is back on the ground..


You simply just have to put down a hundred zombies over the course of several games. My best strategy for this is gonna be to grab a shotgun as it s gonna be very effective against them where it pretty much takes one to two shots instead of unloading. An entire ar magazine on them so yeah guys that s gonna be my quick tutorial on all the black out dark ops challenges. This guide helped you on anyway be sure to drop a like and subscribe as i post daily blackouts for videos.

I ll catch you guys tomorrow peace peace music. ” ..

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Here s your 2 minute tutorial on completing all the “Blackout Dark Ops” challenges! These challenges include Practice Makes Perfect , Zombie Jams , Red Light, Green Light , Open The Blast Doors , Respect Your Elders , Baller , Fist Fighter and Back in the Ground ! Don t forget to LIKE! #Blackout #DarkOps

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