An Evolution Solution: Dusclops or Dusknoir?

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“Does me to here. And i ll suck your blood your blood. Your blood. Ha.

Ha. Ha ha ha. Oh. See halloween s over.

There. s no need to do anymore. Just get on with the video as normal stop acting like an idiot. Okay geez.

Hello. Everyone i hope you guys had an enjoyable and safe halloween a few days ago. What a better way to reflect and look back at the scary festivity by discussing the defensive ghosts. Dusclops and you are as part of my evolution solution series.

I mean there s nothing scarier than facing dusclops and you re not running taunt. This series usually involves me discussing a pokemon with evil eye with its evolutionary counterpart. I have however done a few spin off episodes for example when i compared light bulb pikachu with right you and shane mean with shame and sky. But today.

We re going to be staying true to the actual series by discussing a pokemon that actually fits the bill anyway as always if you wanted to familiarize yourself with a series in its entirety. There s a handy little icon that will appear on the top right hand corner right now. Which will link you to the first ever episode of the series this also works on mobile devices. Provided you re watching from the official youtube application and not the web browser going back to the video.

Anyway as a title suggests today. I m going to be discussing evil itdoes blocks with this book. Let us begin with dusclops it evolved from dusk gold starting at level 37. It s a pure gold strike.

Meaning is weak to ghosts and dark. It resists poison and bug whilst..

Having immunities to both normal and fighting. It s a pretty unique typing in the sense. It s weak to its own type. While still being able to hit super effectively to another type being psychic unlike the dragon types.

I can only get a stab super effective hit two dragon only which kind of sucks. When you think about it anyway. Dusclops gets access to two abilities pressure and frisk pressure essentially raises your falls. Pp usage.

Which works well if you want to play a stall. Dusclops tank. Those hits. Until your phone runs out of pp.

And has to use struggle. And then it s gg alternatively. It gets access to frisk. Which other name suggests as a poke one with the ability to receive a message informing you of which item your foes holding.

If your follow has no item. No message will populate. It s as simple as that in doubles. However a pokemon at random will be selected to be frisked a no not like that you perverts all in all bulk ability suit dusclops because in my opinion.

They both can be viewed as very defensive abilities pressure as mentioned previously allows you to raise your false. Pp usage. So you can play the stall game. Really really well whereas frisk allowed you to anticipate what kind of set your foe has if you see that they have a life up for example you can make an informed decision or prediction.

Rather of what kind of role they re playing and adapt to that playstyle accordingly. Although eve light doesn t affect base stats. Looking at just clutched at you have some nice bulk. It has a base 113 both of its defenses.

Which allows you to play around with its evs to really maximize efficiency of its stats. The only thing letting it down is that you has a lack of offensive capability and a lack of speed..

But this can easily be fixed with trick room and assigning it nightshade for nice consistent damage quickly looking at its move for its that and abilities really complement. The defensive role you d most likely up forward dusclops with it mainly getting set up or status moves like curse. Confuse. Ray.

Will aways been disabled whilst getting access to some elemental punching moves. It can also make use of teams like trick room and car might really really well. I was thinking if you want to run an evil itdoes club you can run the following sets first of all go for will o wisp to hard physical. Tucker s damage as well as nice residual damage paint split balance pretty self explanatory with trick room and nightshade as i mentioned previously opted for the bold nature tin creature defense max.

The hp with max special defense. The idea is to provide support in doubles. Trick. Room can be used as an extra support tool for your ally especially.

If you re running a pokemon like mega. More while or tank pokemon that can still hit hard like the fable nightshade is in case you get taunted. Which does damage equal to your level. So even if you have no investment in your offensive stats you re still able to inflict some nice consistent damage alternatively.

You cannot for more of a troll set what i was thinking is max. The hp and the rest in whichever defense. You want to do go for infestation to lock your opponent in toxic protect and curse of course this set is very susceptible to taunt. But you can really stall out a battle especially in singles if your opponent doesn t have a check to our tanks girls pok mon like dusclops.

I also saw it gets access to grudge and destiny bond and these two moves really intrigued me i have tried garage and it works fairly well as dusclops has a lack of recovery moves. If it s about to be knocked out use grudge if it finds as a result. The respective move and i m guessing it would be a bothersome move will lose all its pp which is pretty handy a a no overall dusclops has some fantastic stats. I can work really really well in doubles as opposed to singles.

However it being a ghost type. It is completely shut down by dark types. And although. It is an entirely crippled.

If hit by knock off or trick taunt will really hinder its momentum. Which is why in my opinion nightshade is an absolute necessity to check taunt users additionally the scrub does not get access to many recovery moves the closest viable one being pain split..

Although we can use rest it has to hold iva light. So you cannot give you a test robery to run an all important resto chesto set. Which is why a lot of people would argue chances are better of light user due to getting access to natural cure. Resting up.

And simply switching out to rid herself of her asleep status weaver going to just want just cool dusk do got a compliment is named dusk moi dusk noir dusknoir dusk nora anyway it all from dusclops when traded holding a reaper cloth it shares the same typing and abilities as does flux. So we don t really need go into that however. Let s take a quick look at its based at its defenses aren t much higher than dusclops and admittedly. It is outshined by just plopped in the bulk department.

However it s not safe scrub can do everything decimal can does nor like many of the evolved counterpart of evil out users has a freedom to use which ever item it needs depending on what set you want to go for moreover dusknoir when it valves is capable of hitting hard with a hundred based special attack stat another mentioned earlier gets accessed in elemental punching. Use for a decent overall coverage. However. It s abysmal speed stat means the only way this guy can really do well is in a trick room.

But because it lacks the bulk a camera afford to waste a move salon trick room unlike dusclops. But if you can make it work more power to you anyway. Let s hop on showdown to discuss some potential sets. What i was thinking was give it brick break this one s pretty self explanatory.

It has a good amount of damage. It s able to hit normal type super effectively as well as covering its dark weakness earthquake for the best coverage thunder rice punch and shadow claw for stab what i was thinking was give this guy the edmund nature. Max attack and spread out the rest of the eevee s and hp and its defenses. If you really wanted to i d give it a life orb to inflict that extra bit of damage alternatively.

If you wanted more of a defensive set you can opt for the following trick room to sort out speed issue will o. wisp paint split and nightshade up for the bold nature. Max out to hp and defense willow. It s like i said previously it s to harm physical.

Attackers. Nightshade is just in case. It gets taunted and with this set. I d give it leftovers for a bit of cisterna going back to an offensive set.

I went up against someone he used a powerup punch combo get those attack boost. And then shadow sneak for a good priority to that move..

And again you cannot for the other elemental punching moves for the best coverage. But the priority with shadow sneak can really make the difference without wasting a move slot on trick room to be honest. I really struggled coming up with some viable just more sets and with the two i ve suggested they are arguably not the best so please by all means comment below. If you have any better recommendations overall looking at the two holistically.

We can see dusclops benefits better with the abilities it gets access to over dustin hua as in my opinion. They are very defensive abilities to possess i feel involving dusclops into just moi would be a better decision. If it gets access to a different ability like moxie making use of its offensive stats. A little bit better a little bit.

Like how people argue hunch grow it s better than murkrow competitively as its abilities really complement playstyle. But does grant doesn t on the other hand dusclops is really restricted in terms of what sort of defensive role. It can play. And it doesn t have the versatility like just mortars who can play both offensively and defensively.

So you can keep your opponent guessing. However if it were up to me. I choose eve like just clubs any day of the week its defenses are far away superior. It really benefits with either life thus a cross in my opinion is totally worth it although.

We can t do everything does small can it can really hold it s only battle and that in its heart is a good enough reason to run eve like those clubs what about you guys. Which do you prefer dusclops or dusknoir leave a comment below stating. Which one i ll get back to you soon as i can if this episode has whet your appetite for more similar videos click on the icard on the top right hand corner. Which will take you to an entire evolution solution.

Series playlist. But i ve also included the link to the playlist in the description for your convenience. So please enjoy as always if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up as that ll really really help me out as well as subscribing. So you never miss a video from me follow me on all my social media platforms.

But i m as omitsu until next time oh. ” ..

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Hi everyone, Ozzymitsu here. Today I want to compare Dusclops with Dusknoir as part of my Evolution Solution series. This one was a lot of fun to make, so I hope you guys enjoy it too.

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