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“Everybody as you all know very well i am of course an extremely beautiful goddamn goddamn genius. But but it turns out there are a few questions that even in t answer. Which is why it s a good thing that my friends are even cooler than i am. And that s why i ve brought them here today.

Because a lot of you email. Me questions about the spank. Oh modeling. Industry and i just can t answer them.

Because i have no modeling experience so today with me i have princess. Kelly mae. And her fiance. Steven lewis.

Together they have a few decades of experience in the industry. And they re here today to help me answer all of your questions about spank. Oh modeling. So i have a list of questions that you guys sent in and i m very honored and grateful that a bunch of these questions are from my patreon supporters.

Thank you guys as you know i m so grateful you re the ones making videos like this possible. And if anyone wants to join the patreon fam. The links in the description first question. How did you guys get into spank remodeling.

And why so my why it started very very very long time ago. Far before i should have been looking at spanking porn. I got the internet and immediately started watching spanking porn. And so i grew up idolizing.

The samantha wood leaves. And erica scott s of the world and i used to think it would be so cool to be honest..

Spinkle modeling. Sad and to film videos and to do that and also i m a giant attention whore. So the idea of doing videos was very appealing to me and i got naked on the internet. Quite young i was 18 when i was doing my blog and i d been doing that for a couple of years and i d been thinking about videos.

But i had always been worried that someone else would own my content like own the video content and i brilliantly delusional ii thought that oh if i make my own videos then if i just want to take them off the internet. I can just do that and of course. That s not how it works the internet is forever. Which is why i ve now branched out and shot for other companies.

But i started doing my own production company. My partner at the time was also a producer and so we kind of would shoot together a lot. And yeah. So that sound that s how i got into it how about you steven.

I was in a pub and basically with a group of people it was a post spanking party and in the drink afterwards and i said we re talking about spanking so yeah i could do that i could do that and fortunate. I said it in the company of somebody who makes spanking films and four weeks later i m in a garage in hampshire dressed as a farmer hitting a young lady with a riding crop. The next question and a lot of people asked me this is what is a normal day on set. Like are your scenes.

Scripted or is there any improvisation and a really. Common question was are the reactions real or is it just good acting my reactions are real my hand usually. Hurts yeah i think it really depends what assets like so in terms of like scripted or not scripted. It s really changed over the years.

So old school videos that were hour long kind of film length videos used to be really heavily scripted. A lot of those were written by people who write spanking novels and the dialogue was really important and there was plot and important things you did to get to and kind of as that part of the industry and that part of you know spanking porn phased out you found yourself doing more clips and so basically nothing is scripted anymore um things are very loosely scripted so it can kind of range anywhere from you show up on a set and nobody has any idea what is happening and you make it up when you get there not the best or you show up in somebody knows we re doing this scene in this scene. But usually the extent of that would be okay. This is a detention scene they re in trouble because they skipped school.

We re gonna do a hand spanking otk followed by a cane bent over the desk and you go okay cool that s what we re doing but in terms of all of the dialogue. You re making it up for the reactions..

It depends so sometimes people get come. I hear a lot of complaints about bottoms. It s like oh. That s not really hard spanking and but they re like wailing about it and so there s usually two reasons for that sometimes if it s a girl like there will be models who aren t spanked owes.

They re not interested if they re not into spanking. So they ve never been spanked before and so it genuinely hurts and so you re going really lately on them because they really can t take it or you re going lately on somebody. Because it s the sixth scene you shot that day and you just spanked them with a hairbrush twenty minutes ago and so they re actually are sore. But there is a lot of you play it up it s like this thing s my normal reaction would be like and my camera reaction is up oh.

It s a bigger version. I but i know very few models who you know at the hardest levels aren t at least somewhat genuine. So as an outsider to the industry from my outside perspective. Some something that i really like an impression that i ve gotten in the last five years or so is that there seems to be a growing emphasis on ethics in porn production on paying models.

A fair rate on producing content that is responsible. Which i think is a wonderful thing. So i m curious in today s climate with it with a greater emphasis on ethics and and respect for the work that the artists provide. What is a fair rate for an early career spank.

Oh model and are the rates different for men and women yeah. So i actually asked a couple of friends of mine in the industry to kind of give me their thoughts on this as well because i wanted to make sure. I had a variety of perspective. And the answer is it varies.

A lot how much you can make and how much should you make i d say. The typical rate for an entry would be either a hundred dollars a scene or an hour for a bottom. That s for a normal scene. Heavy marking scenes and high intensity scenes.

Get paid more as do anything. That s sexually explicit..

Happy marking scenes in particular because if you re marked won t be able to shoot. Anymore so they need to compensate you for the fact that you wouldn t be able to do right like you some work time yeah you lose work if you re gonna like get welded. So those charged more and obviously if you re a name person. If you re you might be able to charge more.

But i d say that s about fair whether somebody pays via like per seen or per hour. Depends on the company so some always pay you per scene. I prefer to get paid per scene. But that s because i think of it as almost like my image being licensed and i like to think of the payment that i m receiving is per each thing whereas.

I know a lot of people way prefer to get paid by the hour cuz it s like an hourly wage you show up you get paid for the time that you re sitting around doing nothing cuz your time is valuable rage wages do differ for men and women and for tops and bottoms there are some companies like you said there s a big emphasis on ethical production. Which is great so there s been a push to paying all bottoms. The same rate man or woman. You know no matter who the bottom is but tops always get paid less as we should like and you know there historically male tops.

Don t get paid so that is a really big historical thing that we have to kind of as an industry work to change and have people have been working to change and to get rid of i mean that leads pretty well into my next question for both of you. Which is what advice would you guys offer to someone either a man or a woman who wants to break into the spank remodeling industry. It s a good question. I think you ve got to know why you re doing it i think it s very important.

It s not just don t be like me. And just sit in a pub. And say oh yeah. Man i could do that no problem at all dude.

I mean because that s not it s it s not as easy as you think. It is in a lot of cases. There s an awful lot of attention you ll get early on and this is probably more true in the uk saying. There s anyone i can really talk about initially it s because it s such a smaller indust some damage.

You know even just to colossus on that frontline with their shields up well everybody. Else is dumb and dps over the top just puts a smile on my face..

I like the potential hair last and definitely not least with the colossus. We have its ultimate ability the siege cannon. It s a siege cannon. It s a giant cannon.

The colossus pulls out swings. It over like it just starts laying out damage with this thing. We ve seen it against the swarm tyrant at which point it looked like it was doing very little damage. But it s also a giant boss.

A giant insect destroyed creature and it was doing some pretty serious chip damage to it so it s definitely a pretty powerful ultimate ability that was just all about laying down the firepower. If you will ladies and gentlemen that does it for the colossus. Let me know if you continue to be super. Excited for the thick one down in the comment section below and of course this week.

We ll be wrapping up the series by taking a look at the ranger. Which continues to be actually one of the most promising sort of starting characters. I think i ve ever seen in a game in a long time you know typically like the starting class is something that a lot of people kind of go away from or the class that s built to be more. The swiss army knife right the sort of jack of all trades.

I think a lot of people get burnt out on that character real quick or it s it s implied that that character is kind of forth a new player. But the ranger has some tech stuff going on that i think is gonna make it just as appealing as the rest of the roster and i m excited to talk about it so i ll see you in a couple days for that one thank you guys so much for watching. And as always remember to be awesome to one another because at the end of the day. It s all we got i will see you in the next one music music music.

” ..

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