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“Certain point in the campaign for anthem. You ll hit a roadblock the challenges of of the legionnaires in order to progress. You re gonna have to finish. These challenges sets of them total each having a pretty substantial amount of basic gameplay stuff that you have to complete before you can actually enter the tombs you re supposed to go to and finish.

The mission. The challenges presented are things like complete three missions collect 15 chests or get three multi kills. Basically. It s trying to get you to engage with the game i use your combo abilities play world missions stuff like that most of these are pretty simple objectives like the kill 50 enemies.

One or the previously mentioned complete three missions one. But some of them could be a real drag like the collect 15 chests one or wanted to ask you to revive three down javelins in this video. I ll offer my tips and tricks to limit the amount of time you spend on this quest. So you re not stuck puttering around the free roam mode.

Looking for something to do just to finish. This thing. This is my anthem mission guide let s get to it so. When you get this mission.

You might be somewhat confused at first because it s not a standard mission as they appear on the launch screen. It s a free roam objective so in order to get the ball rolling on this thing. You re gonna have to launch. It to free roam once you re actually in free roam.

Then open your map and location. The tombs should appear on it now. The first thing you re going to want to do is travel around and check each one of these tombs. When you interact with the door.

That s when the trial information comes up each tomb has a trial unique to it and it s possible if you finish doing random stuff around the map already that the trial is already finished when the game first came out a lot of people struggled with this one because the objectives started at square one when they started the mission out. But it s supposed to track your progress previously..

Now it should be tracking your ones progress correctly starting at level three. So. There s a suggestion. Don t do anything in free roam.

Until you re past level three. Which you know it s not that hard. But still i m gonna say it anyway anything before level three does not count for completion of this mission. It s a little awkward.

But it s fine. You probably won t have to run around and kill 50 enemies or whatever to finish trial. It should already be done now some of the other objectives of those might be a problem. Let s look about probably.

The two most annoying objectives on here collect. 15 chests and revive three javelins. The funny thing about these two is that their problems for opposite. Reasons collecting 15 chests can be a pain.

If you ve been playing the game. With a little group this whole time while reviving three javelins is annoying. If you re playing solo. If you re a team chess collection.

Only counts. If it s you who open a chest. If a teammate does it it doesn t count so that s pretty annoying in fact everything all of this checklist doesn t count if a teammate does it only if you do it. So.

If you ve beaten three legendary opponents with a team. It doesn t count you have to do it fifty melee defeats have to come from you and nine elite defeats..

As well if you hit a roadblock on some of these i suggest just going on to the open world and looking for world events by yourself just to make sure that you get credited for all the kills and collects he ll play the game on easy if you just want to make it go up faster. It doesn t really matter what difficulty is as long as you finish it now regarding chest. I ve put together a map showing the loot trail that people have been using to get a lot of chests open quickly and though the game made it so opening chest isn t gonna give you the best loot anymore. It s still a handy map.

If you just want to get chest open. I ll just linger on this for a second if you want to use it. If you re having trouble with the 10 collectables objective. Then just keep in mind that there are tons of notes in the environment just look for any camps or obvious enemy structures.

They tend to have multiple notes around. While you re doing that look for chests and enemies to eliminate basically with this you want to be trying to finish all your objectives at the same time when you can if you don t want to hunt around for chests you can always just look for world events. Usually you re gonna get a couple elites and legendary enemies that spawn when you start these up and if you complete them that s a guaranteed treasure chest. So that s my suggestion for the 15th chests objective do world events or just follow my treasure trail.

Map. Our works in this game. Is very simple. Chests spawn into the world every time you enter free roam.

The available. Chests are distributed between the four players in the instance so chest. Always appear in the same spots. They just might not load for you in the particular instance that you re in so just follow the markers.

If the chest isn t immediately. Obvious move on it probably didn t appear this time and you ll collect 15 in no time now the three revives is probably only a problem for mostly solo players or at least people who don t play on hard or in strongholds. If you want to complete this objective fast. It s not too painful just start up a stronghold on hard.

With some randoms and wait for people to die. Then revive them strongholds are tough and random groups are you know not always the best coordinated..

So you should find some easy revised pretty quickly if you do that but if you hate other players and never want to see one ever. There is another solution notice how it says revive a javelin not revive another player you can revive npcs and it still counts. So it s possible that you might have already finished this one. If you ve done a few of like the missions where you have to defend npcs.

But if you haven t then go hunt down to protect javelin protect corvis agent. Protect sentinels etc. Mission. The annoying thing is that you ll just have to fly around the map until you find one but thankfully they re not like super terribly uncommon so i was able to find two different ones pretty quickly so jump in find the npc you re you know supposed to protect and take out the first wave or trash mobs attacking because these guys are useless for our purposes.

So here s the thing if you re playing on normal. It takes a lot of hits to knock out nbc like a whole lot the weird thing about the npc s in this game. Is that they have super long shield bars. But really small life bars.

So if they re able to get the shield down. Then your job is pretty much done they only take a couple of hits from like their regular normal health to kill them so if you want these guys to die. You re gonna want to have some special enemies around take down their massive shield bars yeah this is what i m doing i m gonna staying behind an npc so enemies starting at me. But then the npc is the one getting shot it s stupid.

But it works it s situations like this where you ll notice how passive the enemies actually are which you know is usually not that much of a problem. But it definitely sucks when we want them to actually kill our buddies. So yeah just stand. There and let that poor sap get blasted when they die five them and then rinse repeat now seriously this strategy is only for the most laundry loners in the world.

But if that s you like me. Then there you go three fives done. I think those two objectives are the really the only ones that are giving people a lot of problems. It s certainly.

The ones. I see discussed the most online..

Maybe if you don t have a bill for comboing that combo challenge can be a problem. But just be sure to switch to some gear that gives you combo opportunities depending on your class. I m not gonna get into it too much because every class is completely different combo system just look into it and figure it out for yourself. It s not too difficult and most classes start with the ability to combo right from the beginning with their standard equipment.

So maybe just switch to those gears. And that you ll normally will do it for you oh. If you re confused what a multi kill is because there s one where you have to get like three multi kills. It s killing eight enemies in succession.

You ve got a ten second cooldown between each kill. So basically you just want to be aggressive and focus on easy enemies. And you ll get a multi kill easy. And there we go that s everything i gotta say about the trials of whatever whoever requests an anthem when i hit this thing the wind really drained from my sails.

I wasn t too happy. But now that i finished it i gotta say it s not that bad so hopefully. Some of these tips can help you out and make your time in bastion. A little bit easier thanks for watching everybody and take it easy music you you guys something that was just a really good source for legendary loot or you didn t really have to stress about it.

So that s my top 5. Legendary item farms in borderlands. 3. If you enjoyed this video.

Then please take a second to hit that like button and hit subscribe. If this is your first time here let me know in the comment section down below. What s your favorite farm in this game. Thank you guys for watching take care.

” ..

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COLLECT 15 CHESTS – complete WORLD EVENTS, which give you a free chest and follow the map provided in the video. If you found any chests previously in FREE ROAM, just exit free roam and start it up again and recollect the chest, there is no timer for chests to respawn, they simply appear when you enter the world map.

Now, sometimes they won t appear in a spot you found them previously, but that just means they didn t spawn in your instance. The available chests in the world are distributed between the 4 players in the instance, so some of them randomly won t appear for you. Basically, if you want to chest farm and one doesn t appear, just quick and restart freeroam and you ll probably see find it this time.

REPAIR JAVELINS: join a HARD STRONGHOLD mission, you ll easy get a chance to repair someone there. If you REALLY WANT TO SOLO, you can repair NPCS. That counts too, just find a ASSIST FREELANCER mission or ones like it, anything with an NPC will do, and stand around them to draw enemy fire. When they die, just revive them. Do that 3 times and you re good!

MULTIKILL: multi-kills are awarded for killing 8 enemies in quick succession. After killing 1 enemy, you have 10 seconds to kill another, and so on and so on, so just focus on killing weak enemies and you should be able to get multikills no problem!

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