Apex Legends Season 3 Dank Memes

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“Pack your bags. We re moving to a new arena. I m like whatever like like i m afraid of another planet music mozambique yeah mozambique mozambique yeah anyway i been saying all along when you do the change of scenery you re gonna need to find whoever took the tower down and buy them a drink. Why don t you just ask the new guy what into bad if a hacker knows everything about anything.

Hey buddy. I hear you the second smartest guy in the outlands come on what are you hiding something hold on hope you know how to count kid try and keep up man goodnight girl music yeah. But yeah and here comes 10 and 11 you re gonna kill me what is up guys family friendly socks for one here it s finally here amex license season 3. And let me tell you guys.

It is insane. We got a new hero. A new battle past a new map. There s so many memes to cover in this video that i wasn t even able to fit everything in but of course before the video starts and you want to see another apex.

Video this video has to have 42000. Likes because that s gangsta. But without any further ado. Let s look at this battle past fight.

The dominance at worlds edge with the season 3 battle past the power blast of course being 950 v bucks i mean apex legends coins. Yeah i don t see any relation between the two complete with new daily and weekly challenges no relation whatsoever. But seriously some of these skins are sick. We got lavagirl a nice boy whoa more personalized skydive emotes to let everyone know when you re dropping into the fight.

You can t forget this face ok a moding while gliding down now they re blatantly copping fortnight. But most importantly apex legends released a new map so i made a little trailer for you guys hand burglar. They say justice is a righteous act to those who deserve it. But where does justice fall music it give way to vengeance.

I guess we re so later oh. And i mentioned that there s actually a new hero. He s so edgy that he s actually facing in the opposite direction. While you re choosing a character compared to all the other heroes and it drives.

Me crazy. He s got like this little drone that he flies around to scan his opponents. He deserves his own video enough talk let s go into the gameplay crypto like it we don t got no monsters. No more man.

We re going in extra pair of eyes. We re going to flight mall. I spotted one you ve been spotted okay i spotted them now what fight. What s up mozambican.

Oh. I have to reload ah yes. I see him i see. Him.

Oh. My god bolting the piloted. Them one back. I didn t do anything i m so dead.

Oh. No i don t have a weapon mows them big baby. It s that thing get out of here. Get your sensor drone out of my face.

That s one. Oh god mozambique. Don t fish fish no oh god i never been for this like this it took a chip out of me. Oh.

My gosh. What s up what s it what are you 78 get out of here. How are you doing this fine..


Day. Fang. 69. Oh.

No oh okay come over here. I got a present for you yay twas. Yet got him live line. They got him get out of here.

Oh oh. No fire. Oh. My gosh.

How long does. The fire last. Why does it last so long double tap on this was that dude that is so epic. Why press twice when you can shoot once and it shoots twice for you huh.

I hear i see a tamizh 4958. 18. Oh. No he threw a gas chamber.

All the way over here. Oh she s got everyone okay well i did everything there oh that s a lot of damage well there definitely aren t gonna peek out again. We still have four squads left. Oh.

Wait you have any idea. Oh yes. That s one finish them off yeah. It s the final circle.

We re there yet come here let s go home. We got like three kills. But we did it come through that door what did i say yeah. How do you like me.

Now go ahead. Yeah. A grenade me all you want i can fight it s got purple armor dang cool we out of here get out of skadoodle i am now out of noodles. I don t know what i m saying the sullen air.

Oh my god look at him go. But it was he eliminated in there oh no he s still alive. Oh. I was like what 17.

How do you like me. Now. I gotta go up there be up and personal with my mozambique look this guy ready ready ready ready wait oh one shot 69 damaged okay watch this gangster style. I m going in oh that was a bad idea that was such a bad idea.

I thought it would have been cool. But it definitely wasn t cool mozambique action. Oh got to play it safe. We got to play.

It smart. Oh whee mozambique. Time hard oh is he here mozambique. Beats peacekeepers down here first ladies and gentlemen no i guess we re go for the train.

Everyone s going for the train. Oh god they pushed me off the train come ere boy tell me our girl do this yeah if path fighter look is going oh he s doing a jumping strategy oh how smart what s up boy is your size that s gonna save you now i don t think so it s a pathfinder. Oh come on wingman..


Where s that accuracy. When i need it. Ah. Oh.

Let s see you always lo. I m dead. I m dead. I m dead probably i m dead yolo gamer swag yolo gamer swag.

I m pathfinder. I do cool stuff like that i do cool stuff ah cool stuff. No aim. Oh.

My gosh. I almost cried. There about my aim there for a second gonna not up. Oh.

My god if grenades are amazing i look we got a package thing right here hold. It. No you know you want to drop down. Boom.

Baby. Boom. Baby. Oh.

God come man. Where you go. Where you no we got indeed. But we re alive we re still alive.

Though no about to end all their careers. Hey no healing. No healing allowed. I m using your healer.

How do you feel oh. No we fit spotted shot come away. Where s your friends huh. Oh god fake it lifeline that s a lot of damn it that s a lot of damage.

I don t see anything oh you wish you hit those who shoot that s oh god brian oh what happens in my door. No no oh why you shooting at my friends pathfinder what s up mr cross mcmahon please have shotgun. Damn oh please oh no i don t eat chocolate mo ah ah ah this is shocking boom diaper got there right there what did. I say shotgun.

Oh. This is a shotgun by the way boom. 18. Damage by the way boom.

10 damage by the way hold it someone right here i got him. I m gonna go from behind. What s up dude are you today. Going in here.

I see him why are you running. 69 20. 40. 60 come on pete yeah.

Didn t even take any damage enemy. I m going in deal up i ll distract them gotta get one i didn t get him i see him i see him what s up boy 80 damage. How do you like me now how do you like me now if you want to get mozambique boy..


I m a professional mozambique player. Oh traps are you kidding me what do i look like amateur come on oh. My god he actually went off. But don t revive your teammate yeah.

Get your butt adi. Oh. My god that deaf cat on tour in gold yes. I got it gold.

I m an epic gamer master seek your passage. I m ahead in the mart. Oh. This guy s am hey music good o.

Three damaged boy. Oh. Shooty. Oh.

My god. He also has a big gun oh ah no device estimate damage. It s too much damage. You don t even have a weapon pathfinder hey come here don t even think about it don t even think about it ah enemy spotted.

Why are you drawing why are you running. I got seven bullets. I m not afraid to use them i m gonna fish them i m gonna come around keep him busy oh come here give me those toes. Always got a shield off the big charges.

Oh no come at me. I ve got a shot from behind. I m running in i ve been doing okay give the russian in i got one gonna finish him off in front of his teammate. They re all right.

They re. All set. Oh god oh. God oh.

No they re not all dead. Don t have any impede you down. What i see another no i got by bamboozled by sam not today. I hear you loud footsteps.

Grateful and anyone s for all star ah. He s upstairs. You are da light shield. Oh okay.

Well you diet. We got him let s go home fbi. Happy hanukkah. Enjoy these grenades while you re at it was one.

What s the life line. 28. Hold the lifelines healing right here right here no healing. Allowed one more.

I got let s go god team. Oh. Taking fire. Oh no real quick.

I d see one ah. No don t zap. Me oh no get me out of here..


No i almost missed the train come alive. Though i got nine nine nine. Where d it go they re all thank you thank you oh. It s anatomy.

With the pistol. I got one. P. 20.

Versus. B. 20. Ah.

Let s go. So. Easy. Man.

Hey. Ah. Through. Something.

This. Carbon. Is rolling right. No.

Shielding. Allowed. Oh. God.

It s gonna be skipper. Come at me. Oh. My god ah let s go me and you me.

And you we could dance. What s what one shot. In me. Oh.

Oh god there so people here. Oh come at me boy. But you can t those i m using this up is behind the barriers. Yates shield up you got him team effort.

Oh. My god oh god they have the high ground. Yeah. Ha.

See you ah my ancestors are already telling. Me. I m day. I m a bird.

Oh my god he came like a hawk. What are you doing don t you know that there s lava down there music. Oh no one more shot you re scared huh. He s our baby come on bloodhound you ain t nothing oh i m a beast.

I m going it let s go music music music. ” ..

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