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“It is another wonderful day. If you re watching this video first off thank you you so much for the support not only you know to the channel. But the video especially so many new eyes have been on the channel. These last couple days.

I m glad you guys have enjoyed it all i ask is that if you re watching this right now. When you aren t subscribed to the channel. Please be sure to. Subscribe we are on the road to 2 million.

Subscribers over 30000. Plus. You guys in the last couple days. So send me screenshots to be subbing thank you for supporting not only me.

But obviously ariana our new song boyfriend and the whole team over there. What a crazy crazy week. It has been hope you enjoyed this video. And yeah let s get into it music applause applause music it s good to get scoot in here.

You guys. We had a story at the ariana meeting. We love ariana trust me we all do in this channel. We all do with this channel.

So i was going to all palooza not not like obviously as we said ariana was performing. But uh so i went there for we went there to celebrate nhs birthday have some fun and having fun saturday night. A red bull hooked it all up red bull..


You know made it all possible to the weekend with club. Saturday night is great sit ups. Like. 5 00 am chance.

A rapper was there. Which was dope then i wake up the next day with a like about like five hours later four and a half hours later to a facetime from a scooter and ariana s other like management. Alison and they were like hey ariana wants to see you i mean he s like i know you what you want to be able to see her what makes it happen so we had some plans around potentially doing like a lip sync video. But then there was just not enough time.

The weekend. Cuz obviously obviously. She has her headlining performance of one of the biggest festivals in the world. So i was preparing i got told to prepare for it you know so he was like let s make something happen.

I know you want to see her as always you know it d be great to get get you guys together. So i was like yes please so i was learning my verse that it did what i m working out that we were able to record it. But i i had no idea. But that whole time i was there and i want to see her it was reported.

So i got brought back there wound up bottle of you know chilling there talking with a few people you know enjoy my drink and then she came out from her trailer. And i got brought over and that s when she was like where s courage and then i was right there i just gotten in like two minutes ago and then next you know they re like they re also great seals. Like i look great and then uh next thing you know they re freaking. Why is there somebody tvs in here.

They go ahead and start to form like their prayer circle. You know all performers do like prayer circles before before the performance started form their prayer circle and literally if you look at the footage. We re releasing the full footage tomorrow..


It s like a minute in ten seconds. It s like a minute ten seconds in total all the footage if you look at it i m like i m like no you guys go ahead like i bet in this you know like i m like i m out. And this is such an insanely special moment you re one of the biggest festivals like i don t deserve to be in this and that s when you see her be like no no come joy come. Join jim puts out her hand and the next thing.

I m holding her hand and i m like oh my god i m gonna cry i m gonna scream you know any normal person would i was what s funny as you can hear me i had a i had a vodka soda in my hand and i was like wait i can t you know if you see i only wrap my arm around her like what one hand when i go to hug her it is because i was scared to spill my vodka soda on her nice outfit. I think that was the right thing to do right i was scared i just got a vodka soda. I didn t want to ruin it lastly need to still hug her with both hands and spilled my vodka soda dude. I would have never been able to live that down so then what we call it prayer circle.

Happens i get i talked to her mom for a few minutes. And she s just incredible. She is just absolutely incredible and we re all sicilian italians. So we have that connection you know chat betting sicilians out.

There went up a nap and then met her mom. Yeah. I talked to her mom production a few minutes was great and and next you know was time for to go to perform so we were going off the stage. It was great hug her goodbye.

Her mom goodbye and then and then went out to the front and screamed the whole time. And she performed for front of houses pretty dope was it s a little bit overwhelming. I mean going in there. She s with like her whole team with in her own like her compound.

They gave me like that like i said a little like a jackass you think i did a good job chat or what it felt way better this time like the first time. I met her i was genuinely speechless like i m never speechless in my life as you guys can imagine. I m never speechless in life like literally ever am..


I speechless first time. I met her when i turn around when she s happy on the shoulder like with scooter. I literally turn around was like oh. My god it is so nice to meet you and i literally forgot to say my name and this side was way better are we dating no we are not dating far from it.

But hey shop my shop you never know what could happen in this life. If you ever told me you ever told me that i would be at this point in life. But the things that have happened i would have smacked in the face and then to now be here you never know what could happen what am i gonna force anything that happens fantastic not a pitch yeah that was our vision behind it yeah originally the idea was gonna be like hey ariana. I put together this video.

But basically like it was almost like a dating profile. There s almost like a like here s why ike i made you this this is why should be you know your boyfriend sort of thing. And then i was gonna have like jordan the video or my buddy cole. Who basically was going to be the one teaching me how to be cool like that but then in the second verse.

I would only rap the first verse and in the second verse he would like steal. My thunder for me so like jordan be teach me how to be cool yet ti adam and then next thing you know uh my verse to like eden. He ll be making it all about himself and i would be a like pissed adam sort of thing. But then we came up with a better idea oh jack you re gonna watch this you re gonna watch that one part no you re gonna one part on luna.

I did have to seriously stop. Though she called you perfect laughter. I can t believe it i actually can t believe it i mean let s go. It s going crazy.

I actually can t believe it i mean we broke the internet. Yeah broke the internet called it do you like the videos guys one away check cnn. What do you mean get in where that s you where check see it unaware i don t know how to check cnn..


I laughter applause don t know about that oh. What we gonna do i don t know bro. I don t know yeah yeah we got to find h on a girlfriend. Somebody girlfriend that he can make a music video for now apparently don t tell me how swap and i work homie.

What is loose. It s too loose loose is her dog saying we like we should all go get dinner together how did the burger taste that was a three hour old chicken breakfast sandwich from chick fil a with an obscene amount of ketchup on it to make it disgusting looking laughter holy shit. Ninety eight thousand. Tweets it s the number 23 trend in the us.

Are you kidding me based on my sister. What do you think you re on stream right now am. I pooping my pants. Yeah.

Yeah. I am. If you go to our youtube channel and click. The community page.

She shared the video just like on twitter. Oh i neither can i i mean how stupid is that i don t think i have anything else in my life yeah we go actually on a date that s our peak yep thank you for the love guys on the video today i really can t begin to tell you how truly insane today. Has been i truly cannot believe the love on the channel. Thank you so grateful for all you guys support music music.

” ..

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