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” s creed origins is full of all kinds of mysterious terms to explore and artifacts artifacts to uncover as you journey across ancient egypt one of the many secrets to include twelve stone circles that are scattered across every region of the map to save spoilers. All will say as you want to collect all of these to do something specific in the world. So here s how to find all 12 of the stone circles and assassin s creed origins first off when you start out. And see what you want to start the quest by x promise.

Which is a level 5 quest that appears once you ve dived from your first sync point. In his hometown. Don t worry about not being level five. Yet you ll just uncover a stargazing puzzle.

A sweet story and the challenge to find 11 more on the map. Here s where you ll find each one in ancient egypt..

So. A moon is your first stone circle. That you get as part of starting by x promise. And you ll find that in c1.

You ll need to do this first and the rest. The stone circles will unlock don t go exploring without this apis is here in the isolated desert. Just south of the village of ramage wrath. So fast travel.

There head down and then stick around in the same region for the next one here s the goldfish stone circle is also in the isolated desert. So it s pretty remote so head..

Sir emmet rah and prepare for a long ride west you ll find the divine lion here in a min norm. So your closest fast travel point is the ruin ship to the south music. The great twin stone circle. Is in the white desert oasis.

So you ll have to raid southwest of you miriah and fire to get. There. Hathor is waiting in kakum norm fast travel. Wise.

Unless you ve unlocked the course. A sync point..

You ll want to cross the water east from the topless horace is a new ab norm and it s a journey southeast of krakow de la palace. The esaias stone circle is in the katara depression so it s a serious rate from anywhere if nothing else it ll make a scenic journey from c1 pisces is much easier and can be found in farm. So you ll want to cross the water at north east from philadelphia and uncover the question mark the scales. You ll find an abnormal saw head south of her ma palace to hunt.

It down music. You ll find circuit and ament norm. So head just slightly northwest of the temple of segments and yomu on lake. Mary otis.

Music and finally tower a is in firemen. So you went ahead waist and along the shore from saginaw peru nessus to find it music once you phoned them all head back to the same place as the first stone circle by can see where to complete your quest and earn your xp and i m not spoiling anything..

But you might want to go and check under the great sphinx in giza just to make sure nothing has changed. So that s the locations of all 12 of the stone circles in assassin s creed origins click on the boxes on the left for more content from us. And don t forget to click the big button in the middle to subscribe for more gaming. News reviews.

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Here s how to find all of the secret stone circles in Assassin s Creed Origins.
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