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“Hello everyone brian and ps4 trophies. I m gonna show you the location of all all 12 stone circles. You ll earn the stargazer trophy for completing all the align stars now they re gonna look like just random rock formations that are out in various locations. However they re actually constellations then the shape of constellations rather so what we re gonna do is we re gonna go to see what here and this is probably the first one everyone s gonna reach and you want to approach it you ll discover it and you ll be given a class called by x.

Promise. Now the quest is actually kind of interesting. It has a good payoff at the end. I m not gonna spoil that but we re going to interact with the stars.

The stone circle here and we are going to complete the first constellation puzzle. So when you interact with it you ll be given a constellation you ll see the constellation there in the rock formation. Now what you need to do is match that constellation up in the sky. So you re gonna have to use your left stick to navigate around the sky and then you can rotate with your right stick.

And then find the constellation in this guy press. Your x button match it up. And you ve completed your first of 12 stone circles. So let s go to the isolated desert.

There s gonna be one here..

This is on the far northwest corner of it another line. The stars location zoom in here on the map. So again just go over an approach. It this one s actually high up on the cliffside.

You re gonna have to climb up here to get to the location once you get near a location it will appear on your map. But we got another this is the goatfish stone circle. I have no idea what a goatfish looks like but i feel like we re about to find out so there you go. There s the consolation now i ve edited this out because watching me spin around the nice guy for a minute is well not very exciting.

But there s its final resting place now. There is also another payout to this at the end once you ve completed this it helps you solve a mystery at the sphinx. I m not gonna spoil anything on that. But i do have a separate video on that as well now.

We re gonna go to the katara depression just north of the valley oasis. There s really not a whole lot in this territory. But there is a stone circle here so let s go ahead and align. These stars here alright.

So now that we ve aligned that we are gonna go to image known there s actually to align the stars locations here so we re gonna go and do this walk up to it now you may notice if you go to the sphinx..

If you go to the bottom of the sphinx. There s actually a map there a sand map. And there s rocks placed on there all those rocks on that map at the bottom of the swings all line up with the locations of the align. The stars stone circles.

Just a little tidbit. There must be of course that max it s not necessarily this scale. But it will help you find the locations. Otherwise you can just obviously watch this video you have no problem now.

We re gonna go to the second one an image nome. This is up on the northern edge of it it s a desert landscape. So it s not gonna be too difficult for you to to locate these. It s like a big gigantic question mark there so there we go.

It s a scorpion after all the serpent guess they call it now we re having number six. The ham gnome. This is actually right kind of in the middle of this island music. So if we some know that now that we found that we re actually gonna head back to the isolated desert.

We did one in the top northwest corner now are in the southern eastern edge of the map..

There s no rhyme or reason to the order of these of course beware. Some of these are in higher level zones. This might be something you want to save really towards the end of your your game. There s really no benefit to do it early.

It s like a big wishbone here. This one is a little hard to see in the sky alright so we re gonna head to phayam this area is probably my favorite area in the game the fiim and the fiim oasis combined. There s two of them in this location. A one on the eastern side.

And there s gonna be another one on the western side both along the lake are right off the lake rather why do people die we are not gods all right so as promised. We are staying in file. More heading over to the western edge here not too far from the hippopotamus lair and we re gonna walk through the mud here have to change our boots probably after we get out of here. This is the kind of looks like a lazy m.

A letter and this one s a little faint and this guy is well look up high for that one speaking of the hippos there s one alright so now we re gonna head to the white desert oasis. This is on the along the edge of the largest lake of two in this area. They go to work greeks and egyptians are so now we re gonna go to um gnome. There s actually two in this area first right off the fast travel point there music music.

So that eagle is just to the right of the big hippo..

If you re looking for it in the sky. So heading over to the east of that previous location not too far just a few hundred meters away. And this is gonna be the final one number 12. Now you will get the stargazer trophy after finding this one however you re actually not gonna be done with the quest so while you ll get the trophy.

You do suppose on a scale west go west let me take you to the back to the first one and see what so just go back to the stone circle. And see what and you will then complete the quest now i promise that there s a pretty good payoff. I hope that is the case all right so as soon as you stand up you re gonna get a quest update. And you re gonna get the stargazer trophy.

Again a head back to the stone circle. See once you complete the quest. I want to thank you guys for watching hit the like button of course subscribe music music. ” .


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This Game includes the following trophies

Earn Them All! (Platinum)
Earn every trophy.

I m a Legend (Bronze)
Be equipped with only Legendary equipment.

I m Done Learning (Silver)
Activate a Master ability.

Overheating (Bronze)
Witness raining bugs in the desert.

For Those About to Die (Silver)
Complete all arena events in the Krokodilopolis Arena.

Fatality! (Silver)
Finish an arena boss with an Overpower Attack.

Ben-Hur (Bronze)
Win the first Hippodrome tournament.

Road Rage (Bronze)
Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race.

The Harder They Fall (Silver)
Defeat the war elephants Qetesh u0026 Resheph.

Slasher (Bronze)
Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

The Arrow Whisperer (Silver)
Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow.

Words of Wisdom (Bronze)
Complete all hermit locations.

Circle of Life (Bronze)
Feed a predator with a corpse.

Shadow of Egypt (Silver)
Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.

I Know My Land (Bronze)
Defog the whole map.

Raider of the Lost Tomb (Bronze)
Complete a tomb.

I Can See My House From Here! (Bronze)
Reach the “Top of the World” in the Black Desert territory.

Set-up Date (Bronze)
Bring a tamed lion to a crocodile.

Reporter (Bronze)
Take 1 photo in 5 different territories.

Overdesign (Bronze)
Kill a poisoned level 35+ enemy with the torch in less than 30 seconds.

Archer of the Month (Silver)
Headshot kill an enemy with the bow while in the air.

BOOM! (Bronze)
Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars.

Rider s Licence (Bronze)
Use all types of vehicle at least once.

Old Habits (Silver)
Complete all locations.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Bronze)
Sell 100 trinkets at once.

You still need 8880… (Bronze)
Reach level 20.

Stargazer (Silver)
Complete all 12 Stone Circles.

Master Diver (Silver)
Complete 15 underwater locations.

Defy Authority (Bronze)
Defeat a Phylakes.

Handy Man (Bronze)
Craft 20 items.

Roooaaarrrrr! (Bronze)
Tame a lion.

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