Austringer God Roll and How to Get One FAST! Destiny 2

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” s going on i m uncas b. Gaming. And this video is all about what what it takes to get a nasty mean version of the off string and hand for yourself. This thing is basically is lunar from day one you can only get it through the menagerie gangmo.

If you need a quick bare bones god for that i got you right here of course. I got to give a big ol thank you to the subscribed crew. And if you re not but you like showing sweet dee to content go ahead press that red stop button and clickety clack that bill let s go music. So to get one you got to finish that quest long for your child as a populace after you do enough menagerie bounties and claiming of triumph.

You should have enough imperials. Don t like at least two slots on the chalice. If you unlock all three you ll be able to guarantee arranged masterwork. Which is exactly what you want for nastiness in the hand.


Cannon. Also make sure you unlock rune compatibility. One and two at the bottom of the chalice page. This should cost about four thousand imperials and will allow you to find and use green rooms.

Once you re all good here. And you want to climb for a monster roll have at least five green rooms of desire and red rooms to go with it if you have other green rooms. You re good to go. That s the three parts needed for range master.

Work is lunar. Oh. I mean austria so for the recipe just remember. Red green green and that hand cane is me it ll be hard to forget that so get through a round of the menagerie and if you re quick and you take advantage of the chests exploit by opening it run into a different area and coming back to the boss room to open the chest again and repeat do it fast and you can get five new off stringers giving you a good chance of getting a.


John wick roll. This cannon is just solid all around with 140 rpm. A healthier level round mag and it s an adaptive frame with a very predictable recoil pattern. It s that sort of best in class.

Almost all around so the right perks make this thing. A 1 liter of course go for perks that match your play style and your objective. General rules for monster hand cannon is more ranges always better so having small bore hammer forged rifling and corkscrew rifling as a barrel is good yes there are other barrels that offer bigger range gains. But they lower other stats.

Too like football. But losing ten points and stability ain t worth it to me. So personally i stay away from those give. And take perks in the second slot accurized rounds is king because the extra range.


But tactical and then the mags are pretty great for the extra rounds. If you prefer in the third slot outlaw is always a dope choice. But i m in love with i of the storm for real. I can t live without it on this gun extra accuracy and handling as health gets lower somebody give me.

A hell. Yeah. Your health is literally being lowered. 90.

At a time and your pvp matches. So being able to shrink your reticle and hit easier headshots because of it is pure genius in the last slot. My top picks. A rangefinder for more range of course and rampage for pve and extra damage in pvp and if you roll rampage with a larger mag perk and throw on a rampage spec mine oooh sweet little baby jesus you ve got a monster and don t count out demolitionists.


If you have a grenade center build. Oh and zen moment is also decent of course so in my humble opinion. The top dog role is hammer forged rifling accurized rounds. I have the storm and rampage.

Again just my opinion tell me down below. What your guys role is let s compare notes. I hear and that s that thank you for your valuable time. I really appreciate you please drop a like and sub for vids like this and feel free to watch more money vids.

I m out music you ” ..

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This is all about how to get an Austringer god roll and how to grind for it. Plus some opinions on what perks are the best, I love eye of the storm!

What s your GOD ROLL?

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