BARIOTH COMBAT TIPS – Monster Guide MHW Iceborne

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“Everybody it is maddy here today. I don t know how else to tackle this this video other than getting right into the information. It appears that the corona virus substantially impacting the games industry and one of the games being impacted is one that s very relevant to my channel. That is the outer world now just last week.

I made a whole video talking about how obsidian sort of confused me with how they tackled the physical version of the outer worlds on switch. What they were doing was printing the case putting it on shelves. But inside that case would have been a game coat. So it was just a gigantic waste of plastic and production.

And it looked like obsidian combines with private division was cutting an unnecessary corner because they were selling it for 60. No problem the game exceeded expectations so at first it didn t make much sense now a couple of commenters noted. The switch tax. I think once again it s a 60 game it did really well for them they really weren t gonna lose out on reprinting cartridges.

Furthermore. It doesn t seem like obsidian was really hurting for cash where they did have to cut this corner because soon after the fact. There was a take to earnings report. Which stated that the outer worlds has sold over 2 million copies not too bad for a game.

That wasn t even triple a status that s a lot of money coming in so it just didn t add up why obsidian wasn t going to do cartridges for the switch. And now obsidians announced a delay to the switch version of the outer worlds. Which we re gonna get into. Now.

This is how i was introduced to this information and we ll talk about other supplemental pieces on how this virus is hurting the games industry. We re delaying outer worlds on nintendo s switch due to the corona virus impacting the virtuosa team working on the port to provide them enough time to finish. Development will be releasing the physical version on cartridge once we have a new launch date. We ll let you know private division.

Also submitted an update afterwards saying to clarify the team at virtuoso is ok. But their office has remained closed during this time. We re working with the team to determine an updated development timeline. And we ll share more regarding.

A new launch date shortly. So fortunately. The team is ok. It just seems like they re not able to get to work given the current scenario.

I think it was smart to provide this clarification because there is a lot of hysteria surrounding it and a lot of people immediately got concerned i would treat this as in definite delay. Because so long as the virus continues to go through china. I don t know if suddenly these people will be allowed to just go to work right so first and foremost. I think it goes without saying.

But my very best wishes are with anyone impacted by this virus. It s super. Unfortunate..


What s really happening here and hopefully we rise from this debacle. Much stronger for those who are unaware virtuous is one of the game development studios that assists on a lot of projects they work on ports or they re a supplemental team that helps on various larger projects. So they re more of like an assistant developer and they play a pretty vital role in some projects and i m sure as you can see on screen now we ve tinkered with in the past they were founded in singapore in 2004. They ve been around for a while and while it is fine and dandy that we are getting a cartridge for that a nintendo switch version of the outer worlds.

I don t really feel like anyone should be celebrating given the reason for the delay to allow this cartridge production to happen. It s just really unfortunate. How the whole situations panned out and you re starting to see how this virus is impacting. Other parts of the games industry such as nintendo.

Actually they just said that the corona virus is delaying the switch production for the newest animal crossing model. Which they had announced recently as well as the ring fit adventure game. Which is also excellent mine you definitely give it a look. What s going to sort of happen with this animal crossing model is for now until we find some type of solution here is it s gonna accidentally become a collector item because it s gonna be what i would say for a card game is short printed.

So the animal crossing model is limited ring fit adventure isn t being produced as much and obviously. Because a lot of electronics and just day to day items are produced over in china that does mean this can impact the next generation of consoles which i also wanted to get into because here s a very interesting quote from the jeffrey s group published this week. The video game sector is manufacturing or beginning to a once in several years product generation change for the 2020 holiday season aka. We are going from ps4 to ps 5 xbox one to series x if company shutdowns exceed a month or so game schedules will be delayed new those may likewise suffer supply issues from a prolonged disruption.

Ahead of their fall. 2020. Plans launches. So if this virus continues to grow continues to be a problem and continues to affect people who need to work on this stuff then it s possible that even the next generation gets moves back and i don t even say this because it s about games.

I just say for the health of people hopefully. We do find a solution sooner. Rather than later. It s just kind of crazy.

I guess how it s having an impact that i think for a lot of people may be close to home right you you read the news. But you re like oh. It s over there who cares right and you know now you can kind of see it s starting to have a ripple effect and it s just really unfortunate like i said. I felt this was relevant to games.

I ve covered on my channel cuz. I ve talked about the outer worlds for over a year. So i felt i needed to make an update especially because just last week. I was bitching up a storm about the outer world switch version and i feel a little bad about it now given the circumstances.

But honestly how could we have really known what was going on behind closed doors. It s it s really sad once again my best wishes to the virtuous team and anyone else affected by this. But i just wanted to provide the update because i felt it was within the same storyline. We were just talking about last week.

So i ll leave it with you guys what do you think about this development. Let me know in the comments down below other than that follow me on twitter follow me on instagram stay sexy stay active. I love you all eise ways be flinch shot at in the early game..


You want to make sure to get that double flinch shot on him and you want to make sure that you take the most advantage of it that you can so soften him up loss platinum and then just go nuts on his head and start to try and break his his face as soon as possible. This is really gonna give you a big advantage. So think about it while splat second wall splat before he becomes agitated trap trap trap just like that you know it s gonna be a shock trap pitfall trap. Shock trap well actually no i d do it the other way.

I would do two pitfalls in one shop trap. Because the pitfalls. I believe they last slightly longer on the first so. All that information is really good is all about crowd controlling barians.

Very early on while you re trying to get the parts broken on them tip number five is also a crowd control tip. I m gonna recommend that you try to mount barry at least twice a lot of weapons are quite good at mounting. Especially the gray sword and the hammer are really good at this because they deal a lot of damage when you roll off of a ledge and attack you do tons of damage okay so i would go for at least two mounts throughout this fight. I m imagining you doing the story mode.

Fight write. The assignment quest. And if you can get two mounts on him. That s two more knock downs for a new player.

That s not gonna be the fastest way to fight them you ll notice speedrunners don t really worry about mounts as much. But for a new player that s it s like a safe haven. You know the moment you got it mounted. You re able to knock him down and get another free knockdown.

So now you got to wall splats. You got three traps that are catching him and having him stand in place. And you re talking about getting two mounts that will knock him down as well that s a lot of crowd control and all that crowd controls gonna make him so much easier in the early game for tip number six. I m going to tell you to not.

Forget your flash pods barry if the likes to use some pretty powerful attacks and he likes to fly when a monster has been flashed they tend to not ever use their flying attacks and they tend not to use their strongest attacks. So if you re at a point. Where you re out of mounts or it would be hard for you to get another mount you re out of traps. He s not ready to be wall splatted just shoot a flash pot at him and watch him kind of flop around for a while and not use any of his most dangerous moves you could use this as an opportunity to get in there and try to get some free hits on him during the chaos tip.

Number seven is going to be a tip for players who are playing two player or single player you get your pal coe right make sure your palico has the rattle bond ball. This is a weapon. A palika weapon that deals sleep damage to the monster. And it can give you a free sleep on barry earth in fact in one of my runs.

I got two free sleeps that means you can barrow bomb him as well okay. And another thing you know with the vigor wasp spray. If you have that on your palico. If you keep leveling that up your palco will be able to give you one free revive that s also a tip for your palico and additionally.

When you re at the canteen you can eat for feline moxie. You might need to use a for that but feline moxie will work just like the gut skill. So that if you have a certain amount of help left and the monster attacks you and takes the rest of that helped out you will actually survive with one hb rather than dying all those are good tips for your survivability..


But also for getting that wake of attacks with the sleep barrels right tip number eight is going to be about dodging barretts attacks. It s easiest to dodge attack is the hip check. This is where he kind of winds up and he just kind of slams his hips into you you can roll straight into that and you get a nice eye frame it doesn t the attack frame for that doesn t last. Very long so you can dodge right through it the other thing is when he jumps up in the air.

He tends to overshoot you if you just run toward him all right so if barry jumps in the air. Just run straight for him. And his moves tend to shoot down at an angle. It just goes right over your head.

The thing is with barry o the. What i had the most trouble with when i fight him is kind of similar to tigrex. He throws his whole body at you that s what makes barry tricky. It s hard to dodge that s hard to get away from that in time and you just have to constantly be moving and may be ready to dive.

Evade. If you have to or just use. A regular fade and try to iframe through it that is i think a big part of the fight that a lot of new players will struggle with if you re not dealing enough damage. You re gonna have to do a lot of evading to avoid those moves.

But again those tricks should help you get out of that hip check and when he s flying in the air run under his legs. You should definitely never be being hit by his blizzard projectile that moves are very easy to dodge if you re still being hit by that it s cuz you re not strafing enough okay. So that s gonna conclude all of the tips. I have for fighting bear.

Yet let s go ahead and talk about some pretty reasonable builds that you can put together as a new player in order to easily defeat him and then i think. This is probably the other part of it the fight that players are finding challenging you re probably under equipped for this fight or your bill. Just doesn t make any sense. So you re not doing any damage when you re not doing any damage the fight lasts forever and eventually barry at the wins on screen.

I m gonna be showing you two very reasonable early game builds one for the gray sword and one for the hammer. I think those two weapons do really well against barry. A the if you re a brand brand new player. And you re not very familiar with any of the weapons.

Don t worry both the hammer and the great sword are fairly easy to learn don t have the most complicated movesets and most importantly of all when you ledge hot with these weapons. You re gonna be dealing a lot of mount damage. Especially the hammer. I ve got the flight decoration in that build you re gonna be dealing a lot of mount damage and getting easy mounts on this monster.

So every time you mount him you could play the mounting minigame and get another knockdown on them both of these weapons. Will do a pretty good job smacking them in the head. The hammer can give you chaos additionally. So you know it s a little more complicated than the great sword.

But on the other hand you do get the ko. So that s an extra knockdown or two in the fight and in this fight. Again..


We really value having good crowd control. So that s just another thing to think about you ll notice. We re using the defender weapons from the base game. Those are actually pretty good defender weapons.

Although they do a little less damage than the new ice born weapons in the early game. What s really powerful about them is you re getting the health regen. Augmentations and other augmentations that you might like for the gray sword. You can go double health to regen augmentation.

If you want for the hammer. I went with a slaw upgrade and this is because i ve put a level of vitality in there that s what gives me room for the flight decoration. Which is totally worth it you can see that the parts. I was using for these setups are the cool uyoku armor sets.

This is a really good armor set for building. Crip. Boost. And maybe a little bit of crit.

I you could try to get your weakness exploit in there however you can maybe you got to charm maybe you got the decorations. But there s there s all kinds of wiggle room. Here you ll notice how to get both health boost and divine blessing together. Which is a big deal as well those are extremely defensive skills and putting them together will make it so much harder for barrier to be able to defeat you so if you could just get help boost and divine blessing on your setups maybe eat for feline moxie.

When you enter the game. If you just send out an sos flare to get some help you probably won t die. And use up all your lives anyways. Maybe your teammates well who knows what teammates are crazy sometimes.

But yeah you have a very good chance of surviving this fight and really being able to do some really serious damage to variant with these setups and you don t have to use just the great sword of the hammer. You can use the idea of this armor set the general idea of it from a lot of weapons not all weapons obviously not the bow or the dual blades or maybe the bow guns. But many many melee weapons are going to be able to take advantage of this setup. Okay and that s going to conclude my combat guide for fighting beer.

If you found some useful information in here let me know and hopefully. The footage. I provided gave you a lot of terrific examples of exactly what i was talking about okay. Because that s really important i want you guys to be able to see what i m talking about but also kind of understand the ideas and this is what s going to give you the skills you need in order to defeat barian.

I m going to thank you all for watching. And i ll see you guys next time music music. ” ..


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To help players break past this difficult “wall” in Iceborne Story, here are the best tips for easily defeating Barioth


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