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” s that my baby. Zach s got here playing batman arkham city and guess what what did you guess it did you guess that we re going to go find dead shot victim one more time because we are i have some good advice. It is the guys up on a highway. So yeah maybe he s here maybe he s up here is that where he is where is he it s in that pier.

Okay. I heard someone told. Me highway. Someone told.

Me broken highway. Oh. There is oh my god finally freakin finally. Knows it i found another deadshot victim finally.

I should scan this area for evidence. So. I just did. Where s where is he oh evidence scanner.

Oh. There s a bullet mark. There. We go scanning for evidence.

The bullet impacted here dead shot struck again someone else. I know you don t want to hear this. But the people in there are all bad guys right some of the prisoners in here are not your typical bad guys. Barbara.

There are a number of political prisoners people who crossed strange let s are you tied into the mayor somehow..

There s a pattern here. I just need to figure out what it is i ll run a trace on the latest victim. See how they re connected what about you i m going to check out the location. He fired from hell.

Yeah. Went through the water tower for real alright. Let s try it the bullet travel through the water tower. Oh.

That s where we are right help. What was he up on the dice subject to small means there. Oh god alright so it stops like right there now subject detected. No subject detected.

What hold up you just came from like right there are you kidding me what subject obscured okay. Okay. What no subject detected subject to small let s hop on the dice subject to small dose. I ve been detected well.

Where am. I going oh. My god what okay oh. It s vicki vale.

Thanks for the help back there are you sure you have no comment. Oh. What i am so confused again once again. I m confused.

What was man what the crap is with this how am i supposed to do this oh just so confusing..

So okay so he was like what hanging from the die. Oh man. So the thing about this is like sometimes i get to the point. Where i just don t know what to do next and uh man all right let s just uh anything for a second maybe.

There s like something here. Maybe. He was boosted up somehow. The helicopter subject to small subject.

Obstructed. Subject. Blah blah blah. Was that what s that no subject detected.

No subject detectives. Still no subject detected good lord. I don t understand this game. Sometimes.

Like is this just an approximate location or am. I just like so i don t get does anything right here is this dead shot left behind a tripod. Maybe. It holds a clue about where to find him.

Oh okay. Oh. What oh i get it okay. I m an idiot.

I guess..

What the most intuitive thing is that a fingerprint dead shot made a mistake. Okay definitely not part of the demo. Yeah. Well.

He doesn t know he made it he used a tripod to steady his shot the tripod has trace elements of a rust like metallic compound. Wherever he stored his weapon must be made of that compound ricky so what are you waiting for catalyze. The particles and isolate the area they came from true isn t my first day on the job. Although what else contain a small amount of a specific lead compound that was used in paints for a short period 20 years ago.

I ve isolated the possible locations. But there are too many to check deadshot s getting sloppy. If he makes another mistake like this. He s mine okay find further leads to continue the investigation.

Okay fine particles good gun origin fully processed and they re like a bunch of markers that show possible locations or is it just like way too many okay maybe. I was wait for me kill again. And then now i will go rescue. This riddler hostage.

Let s see this is current yeah right there right over there all right we got this one s the ones that one thing that convinced was a project 50 name music all right. But we re going over here any thugs. I need to be aware of we go in the right area riddler hostage right there all right let s do this whoa. Am.

I supposed to do here. The black canary. I m supposed to go up here maybe let s find out whoaa wait. What s that so what does this do hold on i just hit this what you missed oh god drop down get it get no.

No no no no no no no no no take your freaking time..

Oh. It s like i m just a glide down softly all right let s do that again. This is this an important part of me getting this let s try let s try that again let s go let s go let s go don t don t waste any time. Oh god waste.

Oh god okay redo all right maybe maybe that it was my best choice was to go over the roof. All right listen all right let s go go go go. Oh freak. Okay.

I ll just do it. Again. All. Right.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Missed it oh.

I didn t pick it up. But i just had to run over it okay i ll get it don t worry all right we got this we got this we got this don t worry guys all right here we go here we go gonna go pick it up the clip. No don t jump on come on uh oh it was okay all right let s do that one again. This is not really a puzzle as much as it is a physical feat alright alright pick it up got it yes does that do anything for me.

I thought. I was supposed to go here come on alright come back tomorrow we will track down the riddler hostage. I m zack scott subscribe. If you have not same zack time sam zack channel whatever goodbye ” .


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